Structure and Materials


  1. Cyclic Pushover Behaviour on Industrialised Building System Lightweight Blockwork
  2. Non-Linear Analysis of Bolted Flush End-Plate Steel Beam-to-Column Connection
  3. Hydrodynamic Test on IBS Block Work Structure
  4. Non-Linear Analysis of Bolted Extended End-Plate Steel Beam-To Column Connection
  5. Performance of Novel Hybrid Damper for Structural Dynamic Response Reduction
  6. Modal Parameters of Concrete Beam under Varying Moist Curing Conditions
  7. Analysis of Hydrodynamic Forces on IBS Brickwork Structure
  8. Design and Reanalysis of Pile Cap under Eccentricity
  9. Experimental Study of IBS Precast Cruciform Column Under Monotonic Pushover Loads
  10. Cost Implementation on Earthquake Resistance Design for Building in Malaysia
  11. Effects of Confinement of Tubular Pipe to Bond Stress between Deformed Steel Bar and Grout
  12. Shear Resistance of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete of Trapezoidal Shear Key
  13. Strength Properties of Expanded Polystyrene Concrete and Cold Formed Steel Wall Frame Composite
  14. The Effects of Inclined Shear Reinforcement in Reinforced Concrete Beam
  15. Design and Reanalysis of Pile Cap with Five Piles under Eccentricity
  16. Computerised Design of Box-Girder Bridge Using Balanced Cantilever Method
  17. Modelling of Isogeometric Analysis for Plane Stress Problem Using Matlab GUI
  18. Comparison of Different Model Updating Algorithm to Detect Damage in Beam Structure Using Mode Shape Data
  19. Bond Strength between Steel Reinforcement and Grouted Splice Sleeve Connector
  20. Analysis and Design of Continuous Prestressed Concrete Bridge based on Construction Sequence
  21. Non-Linear Analysis of Bolted Extended End-Plate Steel Beam-To Column Connection Damage


  1. Bio-Inspired Composite Sandwich Beam Model Subjected to Low Velocity Impact
  2. Characteristics of Bonding of Kenaf Fibrous Concrete and Normal Concrete Interface
  3. Characterization of Graphene-Epoxy Grout for Infill Material in Pipeline Repair
  4. Compressive and Tensile Strength of Stainless Steel Cable Ties Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  5. Flexural Strength of Lightweight Foamed Concrete using cement to sand ratio 3-1 with Inclusion of Polypropylene Fibre
  6. Mechanical Properties of Kenaf Fibrous Mortar for Brickworks
  7. Properties of Blended Cement Concrete Containing Effective Microorganism
  8. Properties of Normal Cement Concrete Containing Effective Microorganism
  9. Properties of Self-Curing Concrete Containing Palm Oil Clinker and Sawdust
  10. The Compressive and Split Tensile Strength of Nylon Cable Tie Fibre-Reinforced Concrete
  11. The Effect of Various Sizes of Waste Tyre Rubber Shred on Concrete Strength