Journals 2017

1A comparative bond study of deformed steel bar in different concrete grades and concrete fiberJournal of Engineering and Applied SciencesZaini-Rijal Z., Rahman A.B.A.12121816949X
2A fabrication of a low-cost zeolite based ceramic membrane via phase inversion and sintering technique [Fabrikasi membran seramik kos rendah berasaskan zeolit melalui kaedah penyongsangan fasa dan sinteran]Malaysian Journal of Analytical SciencesAdam M.R., Othman M.H.D., Puteh M.H., Pauzan M.A.B., Rahman M.A., Jaafar J.21213942506
3A GIS-Based Integrated Fuzzy Logic and Analytic Hierarchy Process Model for Assessing Water-Harvesting Zones in Northeastern Maysan Governorate, IraqArabian Journal for Science and EngineeringAl-Abadi A.M., Shahid S., Ghalib H.B., Handhal A.M.4261319-8025
4A hybrid artificial bee colony algorithm-artificial neural network for forecasting the blast-produced ground vibrationENGINEERING WITH COMPUTERSTaheri, K; Hasanipanah, M; Golzar, SB; Abd Majid, MZ3330177-0667
5A meshfree unit-cell method for effective planar analysis of cellular beamsComputers and StructuresZainal Abidin A.R., Izzuddin B.A., Lancaster F.182NA00457949
6A Monte Carlo technique in safety assessment of slope under seismic conditionENGINEERING WITH COMPUTERSMahdiyar, A; Hasanipanah, M; Armaghani, DJ; Gordan, B; Abdullah, A; Arab, H; Abd Majid, MZ3340177-0667
7A multi-year study of professional skills development among first year chemical engineering studentsChemical Engineering TransactionsSadikin A.N., Yusof K.M., Aziz A.A., Hassim M.H., Yamani Z.Y., Mustaffa A.A., Hamid M.K.A.5622839216
8A new developed approach for the prediction of ground vibration using a hybrid PSO-optimized ANFIS-based modelEnvironmental Earth SciencesShahnazar A., Nikafshan Rad H., Hasanipanah M., Tahir M.M., Jahed Armaghani D., Ghoroqi M.761518666280
9A purely green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Carica papaya, Manihot esculenta, and Morinda citrifolia: synthesis and antibacterial evaluationsBIOPROCESS AND BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERINGSyafiuddin, A; Salmiati; Hadibarata, T; Salim, MR; Kueh, ABH; Sari, AA4091615-7591
10A Review of Silver Nanoparticles: Research Trends, Global Consumption, Synthesis, Properties, and Future ChallengesJOURNAL OF THE CHINESE CHEMICAL SOCIETYSyafiuddin, A; Salmiati; Salim, MR; Kueh, ABH; Hadibarata, T; Nur, H6470009-4536
11A review of using porous asphalt pavement as an alternative to conventional pavement in stormwater treatmentWorld Journal of EngineeringAhmad K.A., Abdullah M.E., Hassan N.A., Daura H.A., Ambak K.14517085284
12A Review on Bond and Anchorage of Confined High-strength ConcreteStructuresSulaiman M.F., Ma C.-K., Apandi N.M., Chin S., Awang A.Z., Mansur S.A., Omar W.11NA23520124
13A review on windcatcher for passive cooling and natural ventilation in buildings, Part 1: Indoor air quality and thermal comfort assessmentRenewable and Sustainable Energy ReviewsJomehzadeh F., Nejat P., Calautit J.K., Yusof M.B.M., Zaki S.A., Hughes B.R., Yazid M.N.A.W.M.70NA1364-0321
14A simple voltammetric determination of metsulfuron-methyl in water samples using differential pulse cathodic stripping voltammetryJournal of Pesticide ScienceThanalechumi P., Mohd Yusoff A.R., Yusop Z.4221348589X
15A simple, selective, and sensitive gas chromatography–mass spectrometry method for the analysis of five process-related impurities in atenolol bulk drug and capsule formulationsJournal of Separation ScienceReddy A.V.B., Yusop Z., Jaafar J., Bin Aris A., Abdul Majid Z.401516159306
16A study on rotational behaviour of a new industrialised building system connectionSTEEL AND COMPOSITE STRUCTURESMoghadasi, M; Marsono, AK; Mohammadyan-Yasouj, SE2521229-9367
17A water balance approach for assessing the potential source of water in Dohuk Dam for agricultural, domestic and tourism purposesWater PolicyFulazzaky M.A., Heryansyah A., Solaiman M.H., Yusop Z.19213667017
18Acid resistance of palm oil fuel ash and metakaolin ternary blend cement mortarSustainable Environment ResearchUsman J., Sam A.M.27424682039
19Adaptability of rainfall simulators as a research tool on urban sealed surfaces–a reviewHydrological Sciences JournalYakubu M.L., Yusop Z.6262626667
20Addressing the pedestrian issues in Malaysia: En route towards walking culture and sustainable cityJournal of Engineering and Applied SciencesSukor N.S.A., Hatta N.M., Hassan S.A.1271816949X
21An excavatability classification system for surface excavation in sedimentary rocksBulletin of Engineering Geology and the EnvironmentLiang M., Mohamad E.T., Komoo I., Ma C.-K.7611435-9529
22An Experimental Study of Welded Bar Sleeve Wall Panel Connection under Tensile, Shear, and Flexural LoadsINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONCRETE STRUCTURES AND MATERIALSLing, JH; Abd Rahman, AB; Ibrahim, IS; Hamid, ZA1131976-0485
23An optimized ANN model based on genetic algorithm for predicting ripping productionNEURAL COMPUTING & APPLICATIONSMohamad, ET; Faradonbeh, RS; Armaghani, DJ; Monjezi, M; Abd Majid, MZ28NA0941-0643
24Analytical tension stiffening model for concrete beam reinforced with inoxydable steelInternational Journal of Applied Engineering ResearchAlih S.C., Khelil A., Vafaei M., Halim N.H.F.A.12159734562
25Application of industrialized building system: A case study in Kano State, NigeriaInternational Journal of GEOMATEZakari I., Awal A.S.M.A., Zakaria R., Abdullah A.H., Hossain M.Z.13392186-2982
26Application of PSO to develop a powerful equation for prediction of flyrock due to blastingNeural Computing and ApplicationsHasanipanah M., Jahed Armaghani D., Bakhshandeh Amnieh H., Majid M.Z.A., Tahir M.M.D.28NA0941-0643
27Bearing capacity charts of soft soil reinforced by deep mixingProceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Ground ImprovementRashid A.S.A., Black J.A., Kueh A.B.H., Mohamad H., Noor N.M.170117550750
28Bearing capacity of sandy soil treated by Kenaf fibre geotextileEnvironmental Earth SciencesRashid A.S.A., Shirazi M.G., Mohamad H., Sahdi F.761218666280
29Behavior of palm oil fuel ash and metakaolin ternary blend cement mortar at elevated temperaturesJournal of Materials in Civil EngineeringUsman J., Sam A.R.M., Hussin M.W.2920899-1561
30Benthic macroinvertebrate composition and water quality status in Sungai Johor, Johor, MalaysiaChemical Engineering TransactionsYusop Z., Kadir A.A., Noor Z.Z.56NA22839216
31Building information modeling in construction conflict managementINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING BUSINESS MANAGEMENTCharehzehi, A; Chai, C; Yusof, AM; Chong, HY; Loo, SC9NA1847-9790
32Capacity of lightly reinforced bridge deck cantilever overhang subjected to static loadingAdvanced Science LettersAbubakar N., Abdullah R.B., Kueh A.B.H., Yassin M.S.23919366612
33Carbon dioxide capture using a superhydrophobic ceramic hollow fibre membrane for gas-liquid contacting processJOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTIONAbdulhameed, MA; Othman, MHD; Ismail, AF; Matsuura, T; Harun, Z; Rahman, MA; Puteh, MH; Jaafar, J; Rezaei, M; Hubadillah, SK1400959-6526
34Changes in precipitation extremes over the Kelantan River Basin, MalaysiaInternational Journal of ClimatologyTan M.L., Ibrahim A.L., Cracknell A.P., Yusop Z.37100899-8418
35Characterization of Titanium Dioxide Doped with Nitrogen and Sulfur and its Photocatalytic Appraisal for Degradation of Phenol and Methylene BlueJOURNAL OF THE CHINESE CHEMICAL SOCIETYSyafiuddin, A; Hadibarata, T; Zona, NF; Salmiati64110009-4536
36Classification and regression tree technique in estimating peak particle velocity caused by blastingEngineering with ComputersKhandelwal M., Armaghani D.J., Faradonbeh R.S., Yellishetty M., Majid M.Z.A., Monjezi M.3310177-0667
37Climate change impacts under CMIP5 RCP scenarios on water resources of the Kelantan River Basin, MalaysiaAtmospheric ResearchTan M.L., Ibrahim A.L., Yusop Z., Chua V.P., Chan N.W.189NA0169-8095
38Closure to Discussion on “Repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures using confinement: A review” by Chau-Khun Ma, Nazirah Mohd Apandi, Sofrie Chin Siew Yung, Ng Jen hau, Lo Wen Haur, Abdullah Zawawi Awang, Wahid Omar [Construction and Building Materials 133 (2017) 502–515]Construction and Building MaterialsMa C.-K., Apandi N.M., Sofrie C.S.Y., Hau N.J., Haur L.W., Awang A.Z., Omar W.142NA0950-0618
39Comparative low-velocity impact behavior of bio-inspired and conventional sandwich composite beamsComposites Science and TechnologyAbo Sabah S.H., Kueh A.B.H., Al-Fasih M.Y.149NA0266-3538
40Comparing the effects of oil palm kernel shell and cockle shell on properties of pervious concrete pavementInternational Journal of Pavement Research and TechnologyKhankhaje E., Rafieizonooz M., Salim M.R., Mirza J., Salmiati, Hussin M.W.10519966814
41Computational prediction on structural behaviour of precast lightweight panel under axial loadJournal of Engineering and Applied SciencesInn G.W., Mohamad N., Lee Y.C., Abdullah R., Samad A.A.A.12Specialissue31816949X
42Control of microbiologically influenced corrosion using ultraviolet radiationSains MalaysianaBakar A.A., Mohd Ali M.K.F., Noor N.M.D., Yahaya N., Ismail M., Rashid A.S.A.4680126-6039
43Correlation between microbial community structure and performances of membrane bioreactor for treatment of palm oil mill effluentCHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNALNeoh, CH; Yung, PY; Noor, ZZ; Razak, MH; Aris, A; Din, MFM; Ibrahim, Z3081385-8947
44DEMATEL-ANP Risk Assessment in Oil and Gas Construction ProjectsSUSTAINABILITYDehdasht, G; Zin, RM; Ferwati, MS; Abdullahi, MM; Keyvanfar, A; McCaffer, R982071-1050
45Determination of Soil Specific Gravity by Using Partially Vacuum and Shaking MethodsJournal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series ARashid A.S.A., Kalatehjari R., Hashim N.A., Yunus N.M., Noor N.M.981-222502149
46Determination of stormwater first flush treatment strategies at tropical urban catchmentsDESALINATION AND WATER TREATMENTFai, CM; Yusop, Z79NA1944-3994
47Developed microbial granules containing photosynthetic pigments for carbon dioxide reduction in palm oil mill effluentINTERNATIONAL BIODETERIORATION & BIODEGRADATIONNajib, MZM; Salmiati; Ujang, Z; Salim, MR; Ibrahim, Z116NA0964-8305
48Developing a hybrid PSO–ANN model for estimating the ultimate bearing capacity of rock-socketed pilesNeural Computing and ApplicationsJahed Armaghani D., Shoib R.S.N.S.B.R., Faizi K., Rashid A.S.A.2820941-0643
49Development of an optimal reservoir pumping operation for adaptation to climate changeKSCE Journal of Civil EngineeringIsmail T., Harun S., Zainudin Z.M., Shahid S., Fadzil A.B., Sheikh U.U.2111226-7988
50Development of biogranules in a pilot-scale sequential batch reactor treating actual textile wastewaterJurnal TeknologiKrishnen R., Aris A., Muda K., Hashim N., Ibrahim Z., Salim M.R.7960127-9696
51Development of hybrid intelligent models for predicting TBM penetration rate in hard rock conditionTunnelling and Underground Space TechnologyArmaghani D.J., Mohamad E.T., Narayanasamy M.S., Narita N., Yagiz S.63NA8867798
52Development of sustainable masonry units from flood mud soil: Strength and morphology investigationsConstruction and Building MaterialsRashid A.S.A., Shahrin M.I., Horpibulsuk S., Hezmi M.A., Yunus N.Z.M., Borhamdin S.131NA0950-0618
53Dielectric properties of sodium hydroxide-impregnated and activated cempedak peel samples at microwave frequenciesChemical Engineering TransactionsAlias N., Kamaruddin M.J., Zaini M.A.A.5622839216
54Distributional changes in rainfall and river flow in Sarawak, MalaysiaASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCESSa'adi, Z; Shahid, S; Ismail, T; Chung, ES; Wang, XJ5341976-7633
55Drag coefficient for amphibious houseUrban Water JournalNekooie M.A., Mohamad M.I., Ismail Z.14101573062X
56Durability performance of green concrete composites containing waste carpet fibers and palm oil fuel ashJournal of Cleaner ProductionMohammadhosseini H., Yatim J.M., Sam A.R.M., Awal A.S.M.A.144NA0959-6526
57Dynamic simulation of unrestrained interlocking Tuned Liquid Damper blocksConstruction and Building MaterialsOng P.P., Adnan A., Kwok K.C.S., Ma C.-K., Tiong P.L.Y., Pesaran Behbahani H.144NA0950-0618
58Effect of organic loading rate (OLR) on the performance of modified anaerobic baffled reactor (MABR) supported by slanted bafflesDESALINATION AND WATER TREATMENTAris, MAM; Chelliapan, S; Din, MFM; Anuar, AN; Shahperi, R; Selvam, SB; Abdullah, N; Yuzir, A791944-3994
59Effect of substrate surface roughness on the flexural performance of concrete slabs strengthened with a steel-fiber-reinforced concrete layerPCI JournalMansour F.R., Bakar S.A., Vafaei M., Alih S.C.6218879672
60Effective design and planning specification of low impact development practices using Water Management Analysis Module (WMAM): Case of MalaysiaWater (Switzerland)Ahmed K., Chung E.-S., Song J.-Y., Shahid S.9320734441
61Effects of coarse palm oil clinker on properties of self-compacting lightweight concreteJurnal TeknologiFeen O.S., Mohamed R.N., Mohamed A., Khalid N.H.A.7960127-9696
62Effects of mixture design variables on rubber–bitumen interaction: properties of dry mixed rubberized asphalt mixtureMaterials and Structures/Materiaux et ConstructionsFarouk A.I.B., Hassan N.A., Mahmud M.Z.H., Mirza J., Jaya R.P., Hainin M.R., Yaacob H., Yusoff N.I.M.50113595997
63Effects of soil properties on the corrosion progress of X70-carbon steel in tropical regionShips and Offshore StructuresLim K.S., Yahaya N., Md Noor N., Mior Mohd Tahir S.N.F., Paik J.K., Mohd M.12717445302
64Effects of TLCD with maneuverable flaps on vibration control of a SDOF structureMeccanicaBehbahani H.P., bin Adnan A., Vafaei M., Pheng O.P., Shad H.526256455
65Employability skills policy in HEIs: Are Malaysian graduates from a public technical and engineering-based university contented?Man in IndiaTahir L.M., Yusof S.M., Ghafar M.N.A., Omar W., Samah N.A., Mohamad S., Abdul Rahman S.A.P.9719251569
66Energy efficiency initiatives in a campus buildingChemical Engineering TransactionsAbidin N.I.A., Zakaria R., Pauzi N.N.M., Alqaifi G.N., Sahamir S.R., Shamsudin S.M.56NA22839216
67Evaluating hydrothermal synthesis of fluorapatite nanorods: pH and temperatureJournal of Experimental NanoscienceTaheri M.M., Shirdar M.R., Keyvanfar A., Shafaghat A.12117458080
68Evaluating the compression index of fibrous peat treated with different bindersBULLETIN OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENTDehghanbanadaki, A; Arefnia, A; Keshtkarbanaeemoghadam, A; Ahmad, K; Motamedi, S; Hashim, R7621435-9529
69Evaluation of Lemna minor and Chlamydomonas to treat palm oil mill effluent and fertilizer productionJournal of Water Process EngineeringKamyab H., Chelliapan S., Din M.F.M., Shahbazian-Yassar R., Rezania S., Khademi T., Kumar A., Azimi M.1722147144
70Evaluation of Lipid Content in Microalgae Biomass Using Palm Oil Mill Effluent (Pome)JOMKamyab H., Chelliapan S., Shahbazian-Yassar R., Din M.F.M., Khademi T., Kumar A., Rezania S.6981047-4838
71Evaluation of Maintained Load Test (MLT) and Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) in Measuring Bearing Capacity of Driven Reinforced Concrete PilesSOIL MECHANICS AND FOUNDATION ENGINEERINGMoayedi, H; Mosallanezhad, M; Nazir, R5430038-0741
72Evaluation of the performance of gridded precipitation products over Balochistan Province, PakistanDESALINATION AND WATER TREATMENTAhmed, K; Shahid, S; Ali, RO; Bin Harun, S; Wang, XJ79NA1944-3994
73Evaluation of the seismic performance of special moment frames using incremental nonlinear dynamic analysisSTRUCTURAL ENGINEERING AND MECHANICSKhorami, M; Khorami, M; Motahar, H; Alvansazyazdi, M; Shariati, M; Jalali, A; Tahir, MM6321225-4568
74Experimental and numerical validation of flexural behaviour of multi-scale prefabricated Industrialised Building System (IBS) sub-frameJurnal TeknologiWong J.-Y., Marsono A.K., Yip C.-C.7950127-9696
75Experimental evaluation of thermal performance of cool pavement material using waste tiles in tropical climateEnergy and BuildingsAnting N., Md. Din M.F., Iwao K., Ponraj M., Jungan K., Yong L.Y., Siang A.J.L.M.142NA3787788
76Experimental study on unsaturated Double-Porosity soil phenomena under vibration effectJurnal TeknologiFoong L.K., Rahman N.A., Nazir R.7940127-9696
77Exterior noise due to interaction of tyre-thermoplastic transverse rumble stripsArchives of AcousticsHaron Z., Othman M.H., Hee L.M., Yahya K., Hainin M.R., Darus N., Leong M.S.4230137-5075
78Fabrication and characterization of affordable hydrophobic ceramic hollow fibre membrane for contacting processesJOURNAL OF ADVANCED CERAMICSAbdulhameed, MA; Othman, MHD; Al Joda, HNA; Ismail, AF; Matsuura, T; Harun, Z; Rahman, MA; Puteh, MH; Jaafar, J642226-4108
79Fabrication, characterization and application of laccase–nylon 6,6/Fe3+ composite nanofibrous membrane for 3,3?-dimethoxybenzidine detoxificationBioprocess and Biosystems EngineeringJasni M.J.F., Sathishkumar P., Sornambikai S., Yusoff A.R.M., Ameen F., Buang N.A., Kadir M.R.A., Yusop Z.4021615-7591
80Field performance of transition rigid piled embankment with surcharged vertical drain over soft groundInternational Journal of GEOMATENazir R., Moayedi H., Subramaniam P., Gue S.-S.13352186-2982
81Flexural strengthening of timber beams using carbon fibre reinforced polymerInternational Journal of Applied Engineering ResearchYusof A., Rahman A.B.1239734562
82Flowing well potential zoning at Iraqi southern and western deserts using frequency ratio and geographic information systemInternational Journal of Environmental Science and TechnologyAl-Abadi, A.M., Ghlaib, H.B., Shahid, S.17351472NA
83Function development for appraising brittleness of intact rocks using genetic programming and non-linear multiple regression modelsEngineering with ComputersKhandelwal M., Shirani Faradonbeh R., Monjezi M., Armaghani D.J., Majid M.Z.B.A., Yagiz S.3310177-0667
84Ground improvement using SPVD and RPEARABIAN JOURNAL OF GEOSCIENCESNazir, R; Moayedi, H; Subramaniam, P; Ghareh, S10231866-7511
85Ground Penetrating Radar's (GPR) imaging and applications to pavement structural assessment: A case of MalaysiaArchives of TransportMuslim N.H., Mohamed M.I., Amin Z.M., Shafaghat A., Ismail M., Keyvanfar A.4228669546
86Groundwater dynamics and balance in the western part of greater Kushtia district of BangladeshKSCE Journal of Civil EngineeringHaque M.N., Keramat M., Shahid S., Mohsenipour M., Wang X.-J.2151226-7988
87High concentration arsenic removal from aqueous solution using nano-iron ion enrich material (NIIEM) super adsorbentChemical Engineering JournalAsmel N.K., Yusoff A.R.M., Sivarama Krishna L., Majid Z.A., Salmiati S.3171385-8947
88Hybrid soliwave technique for mitigating sulfate-reducing bacteria in controlling biocorrosion: a case study on crude oil sampleENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGYAli, MKFB; Abu Bakar, A; Noor, NM; Yahaya, N; Ismail, M; Rashid, AS38190959-3330
89Hybrid SWARA-COPRAS method for risk assessment in deep foundation excavation project: an Iranian case studyJournal of Civil Engineering and ManagementValipour A., Yahaya N., Md Noor N., Antuchevi?ien? J., Tamošaitien? J.23413923730
90Identification of vulnerable areas to floods in Kelantan River sub-basins by using flood vulnerability indexInternational Journal of GEOMATEIbrahim N.F., Zardari N.H., Shirazi S.M., Haniffah M.R.B.M., Talib S.M., Yusop Z., Yusoff S.M.A.B.M.12292186-2982
91Impact of temperature changes on groundwater levels and irrigation costs in a groundwater-dependent agricultural region in Northwest BangladeshHydrological Research LettersSalem G.S.A., Kazama S., Shahid S., Dey N.C.11118823416
92Impact of urbanization on the sediment yield in tropical watershed using temporal land-use changes and a GIS-based modelJournal of Water and Land DevelopmentBello A.-A.D., Hashim N.B., Haniffah R.M.34114297426
93Impacts and adaptation to climate change in Malaysian real estateInternational Journal of Climate Change Strategies and ManagementShahid S., Pour S.H., Wang X., Shourav S.A., Minhans A., Ismail T.B.9117568692
94Impacts of climate variability and changes on domestic water use in the Yellow River Basin of ChinaMitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global ChangeWang X.-J., Zhang J.-Y., Shamsuddin S., Oyang R.-L., Guan T.-S., Xue J.-G., Zhang X.22413812386
95Improvement of problematic soils with biopolymer-an environmentally friendly soil stabilizerJournal of Materials in Civil EngineeringLatifi N., Horpibulsuk S., Meehan C.L., Abd Majid M.Z., Tahir M.M., Mohamad E.T.2920899-1561
96Influence of tows waviness and anisotropy on effective Mode I fracture toughness of triaxially woven fabric compositesENGINEERING FRACTURE MECHANICSAl-Fasih, MY; Kueh, ABH; Sabah, SHA; Yahya, MY182NA0013-7944
97In-plane sway behaviour of slender cold-formed steel bolted framesThin-Walled StructuresLee Y.H., Tan C.S., Mohammad S.114NA2638231
98Intelligent bridge seismic monitoring system based on Neuro Genetic hybridTelkomnika (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control)Suryanita, R., Mardiyono, Adnan, A. 1541693-6930
99Interference and inefficiency of water wells: a constrain of water conservation in BangladeshISH Journal of Hydraulic EngineeringSattar G.S., Mohsenipour M., Alam A., Shahid S.2329715010
101Investigating the applicability of upstream detection strategy at pedestrian signalised crossings [Menyiasat Kebolehgunaan Strategi Pengesan Awal Di Lintasan Berlampu Isyarat Pejalan Kaki]Promet - Traffic - TrafficoHassan S.A., Hounsell N., Shrestha B.P.2953535320
102Investigation of green assessment criteria & sub-criteria for public hospital building development in MalaysiaChemical Engineering TransactionsSahamir S.R., Zakaria R., Alqaifi G., Abidin N.I., Rooshdi R.R.R.M.56NA22839216
103Items reliability, validity, and factor structure of a survey instrument for measuring strategic planning awareness: Evidence from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)Man in IndiaSamah N.A., Tahir L.M., Adnan N.F., Ghafar M.N.A., Panatik S.A., Omar W., Mohammad S., Yusof S.M., Latif A.A., Daud K.9719251569
104Kinetics and mass transfer studies on the biosorption of organic matter from palm oil mill effluent by aerobic granules before and after the addition of Serratia marcescens SA30 in a sequencing batch reactorProcess Safety and Environmental ProtectionFulazzaky M.A., Nuid M., Aris A., Muda K.107NA0957-5820
105Lead induced oxidative stress and alteration in the activities of antioxidative enzymes in rice shootsBiologia PlantarumThakur S., Singh L., Zularisam A.W., Sakinah M., Din M.F.M.6130006-3133
106Long-term trends in daily temperature extremes in IraqAtmospheric ResearchSalman S.A., Shahid S., Ismail T., Chung E.-S., Al-Abadi A.M.198NA0169-8095
107Manufacture of low-cost activated carbon using sago palm bark and date pits by physiochemical activationBioResourcesErabee I.K., Ahsan A., Nik Daud N.N., Idrus S., Shams S., Md Din M.F., Rezania S.1211930-2126
108Measuring the strength of concrete using three different drilling test parametersInternational Journal of Civil Engineering and TechnologyHussain W.A.M., Hanim Osman M.8119766308
109Mechanical and thermal properties of sawdust concreteJurnal TeknologiMemon R.P., Mohd. Sam A.R., Abdul Awal A.S.M., Achekzai L.7960127-9696
110Mechanical behaviour of support system for cold-formed steel channel stub columnAdvanced Science LettersSani M.S.H.M., Muftah F., Ismail M.I., Tan C.S.23519366612
111Mechanical performance of asphaltic concrete incorporating untreated and treated waste cooking oilConstruction and Building MaterialsAzahar W.N.A.W., Jaya R.P., Hainin M.R., Bujang M., Ngadi N.150NA0950-0618
112Mechanical properties of recycled glass fibre reinforced nanoclay/unsaturated polyester compositesINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED AND APPLIED SCIENCESHanan, UA; Abu Hassan, S; Wahit, MU; Yusof, R; Omar, B; Jamal, SK432313-626X
113Mechanical properties of self-compacting geopolymer concrete containing spent garnet as replacement for fine aggregateJurnal TeknologiMuttashar H.L., Hussin M.W., Ariffin M.A.M., Mirza J., Hasanah N., Shettima A.U.7930127-9696
114Meshless point interpolation formulation of kinematic wave equation for flood routingJournal of Engineering and Applied SciencesHirol H., Noor M.A.M., Kasiman E.H., Hong A.K.B., Yusop Z., Yassin A.Y.M.12201816949X
115Microstructural investigation on air void properties of porous asphalt using virtual cut sectionConstruction and Building MaterialsMahmud M.Z.H., Hassan N.A., Hainin M.R., Ismail C.R.155NA0950-0618
116Microstructure and residual properties of green concrete composites incorporating waste carpet fibers and palm oil fuel ash at elevated temperaturesJournal of Cleaner ProductionMohammadhosseini H., Yatim J.M.144NA0959-6526
117Mitigation of time series approach on climate change adaptation on rainfall of Wadi Al-Aqiq, Madinah, Saudi ArabiaJurnal TeknologiRahman N.A., Yusop Z., ?en Z., Taher S., Kane I.L.7950127-9696
118Modeling irrigation water demand in a tropical paddy cultivated area in the context of climate changeJournal of Water Resources Planning and ManagementTukimat N.N.A., Harun S., Shahid S.14377339496
119Modeling of external metal loss for corroded buried pipelineJournal of Pressure Vessel Technology, Transactions of the ASMEOthman S.R., Yahaya N., Noor N.M., Sing L.K., Zardasti L., Rashid A.S.A.1393949930
120Modified approach for transverse reinforcement design of bridge deck slab on prestressed concrete T-beam girdersInternational Journal of Civil Engineering and TechnologyAbubakar N., Abdullah R., Hong A.K.B., Yassin M.S.889766308
121Numerical analysis of tilted angle shear connectors in steel-concrete composite systemsSTEEL AND COMPOSITE STRUCTURESKhorramian, K; Maleki, S; Shariati, M; Jalali, A; Tahir, MM2311229-9367
123Optimal Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis of SWAT for an Arid ClimateAIR SOIL AND WATER RESEARCHJajarmizadeh, M; Sidek, LM; Harun, S; Salarpour, M10NA1178-6221
124Optimum Abstraction of Groundwater for Sustaining Groundwater Level and Reducing Irrigation CostWater Resources ManagementSalem G.S.A., Kazama S., Komori D., Shahid S., Dey N.C.3169204741
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