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1 A combination of the ICA-ANN model to predict air-overpressure resulting from blasting Engineering With Computers Jahed Armaghani D., Hasanipanah M., Tonnizam Mohamad E. 1770667/NA 32 1 155-171
2 A GIS-based integration of catastrophe theory and analytical hierarchy process for mapping flood susceptibility: a case study of Teeb area, Southern Iraq Environmental Earth Sciences Al-Abadi A.M., Shahid S., Al-Ali A.K. 18666280/ 75 8  
3 A review of chemical and physical properties of coconut shell in asphalt mixture Jurnal Teknologi Ting T.L., Jaya R.P., Hassan N.A., Yaacob H., Jayanti D.S., Ariffin M.A.M. 1279696/NA 78 4 85-89
4 A review on application of waste cooking oil as rejuvenator in porous asphalt mixture Jurnal Teknologi Azahar W.N.A.W., Bujang M., Jaya R.P., Hainin M.R., Ngadi N., Abdullah M.E., Mohamed A.A. 1279696/NA 78 4 105-109
5 Accelerated weathering properties of compatibilized composites made from recycled HDPE and nonmetallic printed circuit board waste Journal Of Applied Polymer Science Muniyandi, Shantha Kumari; Sohaili, Johan; Hassan, Azman 0021-8995/NA 133 11 1-12
6 Adaptation to climate change impacts on water demand Mitigation And Adaptation Strategies For Global Change Wang, Xiao-jun; Zhang, Jian-yun; Shahid, Shamsuddin; Guan, En-hong; Wu, Yong-xiang; Gao, Juan; He, Rui-min 1381-2386/NA 21 1 81-99
7 Analysis of car following headway along multilane highway Jurnal Teknologi Sanik M.E., Prasetijo J., Nor A.H.M., Hamid N.B., Yusof I., Jaya R.P. 1279696/NA 78 4 59-64
8 Application of several non-linear prediction tools for estimating uniaxial compressive strength of granitic rocks and comparison of their performances Engineering With Computers Armaghani, Danial Jahed; Mohamad, Edy Tonnizam; Hajihassani, Mohsen; Yagiz, Saffet; Motaghedi, Hossein 0177-0667/NA 32 2 189-206
9 Assessing the treatment of acetaminophen-contaminated brewery wastewater by an anaerobic packed-bed reactor Journal Of Environmental Management Abdullah N., Fulazzaky M.A., Yong E.L., Yuzir A., Sallis P. 3014797/NA 168 NA 273-279
10 Attenuation function relationship of subduction mechanism and far field earthquake ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Mohd Noor R., Ahmad S.W., Adnan A., Nazir R. 18196608/NA 11 4 2597-2601
11 Automated tool for predicting duration of construction activities in tropical countries Ksce Journal Of Civil Engineering Golizadeh, Hamed; Sadeghifam, Aidin Nobahar; Aadal, Hamid; Abd Majid, Muhd Zaimi 1226-7988/NA 20 1 12-22
12 Behaviour of expanded piles under upward loading due to radial preloading in soft clay Arabian Journal Of Geosciences Alimohammadi, Payman; Kassim, Khairul Anuar; Nazir, Ramli 1866-7511/NA 9 2  
13 Biodegradation Pathway of Acid Red 27 by White-Rot Fungus Armillaria sp F022 and Phytotoxicity Evaluation Clean-Soil Air Water Adnan, Liyana Amalina; Hadibarata, Tony; Sathishkumar, Palanivel; Yusoff, Abdull Rahim Mohd 1863-0650/ 44 3 239-246
14 Biotransformation studies of cresol red by Absidia spinosa M15 Journal Of Environmental Management Kristanti, Risky Ayu; Zubir, Meor Mohd Fikri Ahmad; Hadibarata, Tony 0301-4797/NA 172 NA 107-111
15 Bolted shear connectors performance in self-compacting concrete integrated with cold-formed steel section Latin American Journal Of Solids And Structures Lawan M.M., Tahir M.M., Mirza J. 16797817/NA 13 4 731-749
16 Characterisation and modelling of pedestrian flows in hospital and academic environments Jurnal Teknologi Alhassan H.M., Mashros N. 1279696/NA 78 4 49-57
17 Characterization of seasonal droughts in Balochistan Province, Pakistan Stochastic Environmental Research And Risk Assessment Ahmed, Kamal; Shahid, Shamsuddin; bin Harun, Sobri; Wang, Xiao-jun 14363240/NA 30 2 747-762
18 Characterization of the performance of aluminum oxide nanoparticles modified asphalt binder Jurnal Teknologi Albrka Ali S.I., Ismail A., Yusoff N.I.M., Hassan N.A., Ibrahim A.N.H. 1279696/NA 78 4 91-96
19 Climate change and road safety: A review to assess impacts in Malaysia Jurnal Teknologi Shahid S., Minhans A. 1279696/NA 78 4 1-8
20 Climate variability and changes in the major cities of Bangladesh: observations, possible impacts and adaptation Regional Environmental Change Shahid, Shamsuddin; Wang, Xiao-Jun; Bin Harun, Sobri; Shamsudin, Supiah Binti; Ismail, Tarmizi; Minhans, Anil 1436-3798/NA 16 2 459-471
21 Combination of FeGAC/H2O2 advanced oxidation process and sequencing batch reactor for treatment pesticide wastewater Environmental Earth Sciences Affam, Augustine Chioma; Chaudhuri, Malay; Kutty, Shamsul Rahman M.; Muda, Khalida 18666280/NA 75 4 1-9
22 Cyclic and Explosive Evaluation of New Proposed Steel Joint Advances In Civil Engineering Faridmehr, Iman; Ahmad, Yusof; Tahir, Mahmood Md.; Osman, Mohd Hanim 1687-8086/NA 2016 NA 1-11
23 Cyclic behaviour of Johor sand International Journal Of Geomate Marto A., Tan C.S., Makhtar A.M., Jusoh S.N. 21862982/NA 10 3 1891-1898
24 Degradation of chlorpyrifos, cypermethrin and chlorothalonil pesticides in aqueous solution by FeGAC/H2O2 process Desalination And Water Treatment Affam, Augustine Chioma; Chaudhuri, Malay; Kutty, Shamsul Rahman M.; Muda, Khalida 1944-3994/NA 57 11 5146-5154
25 Design of a variable stiffness bracing system: Mathematical modeling, fabrication, and dynamic analysis Soil Dynamics And Earthquake Engineering Fateh, Amir; Hejazi, Farzad; Jaafar, Mohd Saleh; Abd Karim, Izian; Bin Adnan, Azlan 0267-7261/NA 80 NA 87-101
26 Determination of groove and mechanical properties of underside shaped concrete paver Jurnal Teknologi Mohamed A., Khalid N.H.A., Md Nor H., Hainin M.R., Jaya R.P., Sam A.R.M., Ismail C.R. 1279696/NA 78 4 79-83
27 Development of a thermal model for a hybrid photovoltaic module and phase change materials storage integrated in buildings Solar Energy Kibria M.A., Saidur R., Al-Sulaiman F.A., Aziz M.M.A. 0038092X/NA 124 NA 114-123
28 Development of bioreactor systems for decolorization of Reactive Green 19 using white rot fungus Desalination And Water Treatment Sari, Ajeng Arum; Tachibana, Sanro; Muryanto; Hadibarata, Tony 1944-3994/NA 57 15 7029-7039
29 Effect of magnesium chloride solution on the physico-chemical characteristics of tropical peat Environmental Earth Sciences Latifi, Nima; Rashid, Ahmad Safuan A.; Marto, Aminaton; Tahir, Mahmood Md 18666280/NA 75 3 1-9
30 Effect of vinyl acetate effluent in reducing heat of hydration of concrete Ksce Journal Of Civil Engineering Ismail, Mohammad; Noruzman, Ainul Haezah; Bhutta, Muhammad Aamer Rafique; Yusuf, Taliat Ola; Ogiri, Ibrahim Hassan 1226-7988/NA 20 1 145-151
31 Effectiveness of Eichhornia crassipes in nutrient removal from domestic wastewater based on its optimal growth rate Desalination And Water Treatment Rezania, Shahabaldin; Ponraj, Mohanadoss; Din, Mohd Fadhil Md; Chelliapan, Shreeshivadasan; Sairan, Fadzlin Md 1944-3994/NA 57 1 360-365
32 Effectiveness of Water Quality Index for Monitoring Malaysian River Water Quality Polish Journal Of Environmental Studies Naubi, Irena; Zardari, Noorul Hassan; Shirazi, Sharif Moniruzzaman; Ibrahim, Nurul Farahen Binti; Baloo, Lavania 1230-1485/NA 25 1 231-239
33 Effects of moisture content on the strength of tropically weathered granite from Malaysia Bulletin Of Engineering Geology And The Environment Mohamad, Edy Tonnizam; Latifi, Nima; Arefnia, Ali; Isa, Mohamed Fauzi 14359529/NA 75 1 369-390
34 Effects of pH value and temperature on the initiation, promotion, inhibition and direct reaction rate constants of natural organic matter in ozonation RSC Advances Yong, Ee Ling; Lin, Yi-Pin 2046-2069/NA 6 22 18587-18595
35 Effects of spiral confinement to the bond behavior of deformed reinforcement bars subjected to axial tension Engineering Structures Hosseini, Seyed Jamal Aldin; Rahman, Ahmad Baharuddin Abd. 0141-0296/NA 112 NA 1-13
36 Engineering properties of asphalt binders containing nanoclay and chemical warm-mix asphalt additives Construction And Building Materials Abdullah M.E., Zamhari K.A., Hainin M.R., Oluwasola E.A., Hassan N.A., Yusoff N.I.M. 9500618/NA 112 NA 232-240
37 Environmental-conscious factors affecting street microclimate and individuals’ respiratory health in tropical coastal cities Sustainable Cities And SocIETy Shafaghat A., Keyvanfar A., Manteghi G., Lamit H.B. 22106707/NA 21 NA 35-50
38 Estimation of air-overpressure produced by blasting operation through a neuro-genetic technique Environmental Earth Sciences Mohamad, Edy Tonnizam; Armaghani, Danial Jahed; Hasanipanah, Mandi; Murlidhar, Bhatawdekar Ramesh; Alel, Mohd Nur Asmawisham 18666280/NA 75 2 1-15
39 Evaluating the cooling rate of hot mix asphalt in tropical climate Jurnal Teknologi Hashim W., Hainin M.R., Ismail N.N., Yusoff N.I.M., Abdullah M.E., Hassan N.A. 1279696/NA 78 4 97-104
40 Evaluation and prediction of flyrock resulting from blasting operations using empirical and computational methods Engineering With Computers Jahed Armaghani D., Tonnizam Mohamad E., Hajihassani M., Alavi Nezhad Khalil Abad S.V., Marto A., Moghaddam M.R. 1770667/NA 32 1 109-121
41 Evaluation of reference evapotranspiration models and determination of crop coefficient for Momordica charantia and Capsicum annuum Agricultural Water Management Muniandy J.M., Yusop Z., Askari M. 3783774/NA 169 NA 77-89
42 Evaluation of stormwater runoff quality during monsoon and inter-monsoon seasons at tropical urban catchments International Journal Of River Basin Management Chow M.F., Yusop Z., Teo F.Y. 15715124/NA 14 1 75-82
43 Experimental investigation of tsunami waterborne debris impact on structures International Journal Of Geomate Farahmandpour O., Marsono A.K., Tap M.M., Bakar S.A., Forouzani P. 21862982/NA 10 4 2030-2035
44 Experimental investigations on ultimate bearing capacity of peat stabilized by a group of soil–cement column: a comparative study Acta Geotechnica Dehghanbanadaki A., Ahmad K., Ali N. 18611125/NA 11 2 295-307
45 Exploratory study on airbag suitability for low engine capacity motorcycles Jurnal Teknologi Ariffin A.H., Solah M.S., Hamzah A., Isa M.H.M., Jawi Z.M., Yusoff N.I.M., Hainin M.R. 1279696/NA 78 4 65-69
46 Feasibility study on palm oil processing wastes towards achieving zero discharge ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Liew W.L., Kassim M.A., Muda K., Loh S.K. 18196608/NA 11 4 2400-2405
47 Flexural ductility design of confined high-strength concrete columns: Theoretical modelling Measurement Ma, Chau-Khun; Awang, Abdullah Zawawi; Omar, Wahid 0263-2241/NA 78 NA 42-48
48 Formaldehyde removal mechanisms in a biotrickling filter reactor Ecological Engineering Fulazzaky, Mohamad Ali; Talaiekhozani, Amirreza; Abd Majid, Muhd Zaimi 0925-8574/ 90 NA 77-81
49 GIS technology as a tools to predict landslide ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Mohd. Yunus M.Z., Ahmad F.S. 18196608/NA 11 4 2581-2586
50 Impact of climate change on regional irrigation water demand in Baojixia irrigation district of China Mitigation And Adaptation Strategies For Global Change Wang, Xiao-jun; Zhang, Jian-yun; Ali, Mahtab; Shahid, Shamsuddin; He, Rui-min; Xia, Xing-hui; Jiang, Zhuo 1381-2386/NA 21 2 233-247
51 Inferential statistics assessment of urban rainfall-runoff models ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Ling L., Yusop Z. 18196608/NA 11 4 2564-2569
52 Integration of phytogreen for heavy metal removal from wastewater Journal Of Cleaner Production Syukor, A. R. Abdul; Sulaiman, S.; Siddique, Md. Nurul Islam; Zularisam, A. W.; Said, M. I. M. 0959-6526/NA 112 NA 3124-3131
53 Investigation of through beam connection to concrete filled circular steel tube (CFCST) column Journal Of Constructional Steel Research Khanouki M.M.A., Ramli Sulong N.H., Shariati M., Tahir M.M. 0143974X/NA 121 NA 144-162
54 Laboratory evaluation on the characteristics and pollutant emissions of nanoclay and chemical warm mix asphalt modified binders Construction And Building Materials Abdullah M.E., Hainin M.R., Yusoff N.I.Md., Zamhari K.A., Hassan N. 9500618/NA 113 NA 488-497
55 Lateral movement of vehicles under weak-lane discipline heterogeneous traffic Jurnal Teknologi Mahapatra G., Maurya A.K., Minhans A. 1279696/NA 78 4 27-35
56 Long term investigation on sulphate resistance of aerated concrete containing palm oil fuel ash ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Yahaya F.M., Muthusamy K., Hussin M.W. 18196608/NA 11 4 2406-2411
57 Mathematical model of organic substrate degradation in solid waste windrow composting Bioprocess And Biosystems Engineering Seng, Bunrith; Kristanti, Risky Ayu; Hadibarata, Tony; Hirayama, Kimiaki; Katayama-Hirayama, Keiko; Kaneko, Hidehiro 16157591/NA 39 1 81-94
58 Mechanical properties and thermal resistance of high volume fly ash concrete for energy efficiency in building construction Key Engineering Materials Balakrishnan B., Abdul Awal A.S.M. 10139826/NA 678 NA 99-108
59 Nutrient removal of grey water from wet market using sequencing batch reactor [Penyingkiran nutrien air basuhan dari pasar basah mengguna reaktor kelompok urutan] Malaysian Journal Of Analytical Sciences Danial O., Salim M.R., Salmiati 13942506/NA 20 1 142-148
60 On blended cement and geopolymer concretes containing palm oil fuel ash Materials & Design Khankhaje, Elnaz; Hussin, Mohd Warid; Mirza, Jahangir; Rafieizonooz, Mandi; Salim, Mohd Razman; Siong, Ho Chin; Warid, Muhammad Naqiuddin Mohd 0261-3069/NA 89 NA 385-398
61 On the selection of ground-motion attenuation relations for seismic hazard assessment of the Peninsular Malaysia region due to distant Sumatran subduction intraslab earthquakes Soil Dynamics And Earthquake Engineering Shoushtari, Abdollah Vaez; Bin Adnan, Azlan; Zare, Mehdi 0267-7261/NA 82 NA 123-137
62 Optimization of operating parameters for aggregation under magnetic field by response surface methodology ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Zaidi N.S., Muda K., Sohaili J., Toemen S., Yusof N.Z. 18196608/NA 11 4 2419-2425
63 Overview of empirical equation prediction for ultimate axial load of precast lightweight foamed concrete sandwich panel (PLFP) ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Goh W.I., Mohamad N., Abdullah R., Samad A.A.A. 18196608/NA 11 4 2366-2371
64 Palm oil fuel ash as potential green micro-filler in polymer concrete Construction And Building Materials Khalid, Nur Hafizah A.; Hussin, Mohd W.; Mirza, Jahangir; Ariffin, Nur Farhayu; Ismail, Mohamed A.; Lee, Han-Seung; Mohamed, Azman; Jaya, Ramadhansyah Putra 0950-0618/NA 102 NA  
65 Performance evaluation of POME treatment plants ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Muda K., Liew W.L., Kassim M.A., Loh S.K. 18196608/NA 11 4 2153-2159
66 Performance of steel slag and steel sludge in concrete Construction And Building Materials Roslan, Nurul Hidayah; Ismail, Mohammad; Abdul-Majid, Zaiton; Ghoreishiamiri, Seyedmojtaba; Muhammad, Bala 0950-0618/NA 104 NA 16-24
67 Performance of two new empirical equations compared to polynomial, exponential, power and logarithmic function for modelling low flow and high flow discharges ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Askari L.L.M., Yusop Z. 18196608/NA 11 4 2372-2379
68 Photocatalytic degradation of spilled oil in sea water using maghemite nanoparticles Desalination And Water Treatment Roushenas, P.; Yusop, Z.; Majidnia, Z.; Nasrollahpour, R. 1944-3994/NA 57 13 5837-5841
69 Physicochemical behavior of tropical laterite soil stabilized with non-traditional additive Acta Geotechnica Latifi, Nima; Marto, Aminaton; Eisazadeh, Amin 18611125/NA 11 2 433-443
70 Plant-driven removal of heavy metals from soil: uptake, translocation, tolerance mechanism, challenges, and future perspectives Environmental Monitoring And Assessment Thakur, Sveta; Singh, Lakhveer; Ab Wahid, Zularisam; Siddiqui, Muhammad Faisal; Atnaw, Samson Mekbib; Din, Mohd Fadhil Md 0167-6369/ 188 4 1-11
71 Potential alkali silica reactivity of various rock types in an aggregate granite quarry Measurement: Journal Of The International Measurement Confederation Murlidhar B.R., Mohamad E.T., Armaghani D.J. 0263-2241/NA 81 NA 221-231
72 Potential of the White-Rot Fungus Pleurotus pulmonarius F043 for Degradation and Transformation of Fluoranthene Pedosphere Wirasnita, Riry; Hadibarata, Tony 10020160/NA 26 1 49-54
73 Prediction of the strength and elasticity modulus of granite through an expert artificial neural network Arabian Journal Of Geosciences Armaghani, Danial Jahed; Mohamad, Edy Tonnizam; Momeni, Ehsan; Monjezi, Masoud; Narayanasamy, Mogana Sundaram 18667511/NA 9 1 1-16
74 Regional modeling of rainfall-induced landslides using TRIGRS model by incorporating plant cover effects: case study in Hulu Kelang, Malaysia Environmental Earth Sciences Saadatkhah, Nader; Mansor, Shattri; Kassim, Azman; Lee, Lee Min; Saadatkhah, Reza; Sobhanmanesh, Ali 1866-6280/NA 75 5 1-20
75 Removal of Remazol Brilliant Blue R from Aqueous Solution by Adsorption Using Pineapple Leaf Powder and Lime Peel Powder Water Air And Soil Pollution Rahmat, Normaizatul Akmar; Ali, Aili Aqilah; Salmiati; Hussain, Nafsiah; Muhamad, Mimi Suliza; Kristanti, Risky Ayu; Hadibarata, Tony 0049-6979/NA 227 4 1-11
76 Removal rate of organic matter using natural cellulose via adsorption isotherm and kinetic studies Water Environment Research Fadhil, Mohd; Ponraj, Mohanadoss; Low, Wen-Pei; Fulazzaky, Mohamad Ali; Iwao, Kenzo; Songip, Ahmad Rahman; Chelliapan, Shreeshivadasan; Ismail, Zulhilmi; Jamal, Mohamad Hidayat 10614303/NA 88 2 118-130
77 Review of traffic data collection methods for drivers’ car – following behaviour under various weather conditions Jurnal Teknologi Shariff M., Puan O.C., Mashros N. 1279696/NA 78 4 37-47
78 Rhizofiltration for the enhancement of biofuel production ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Hassan M.A.H.M., Muda K., Toemen S., Yusof N.Z., Anuar A.N., Elias S.H., Othman M.N., Mohd Said M.I., Mohamad M., Affam A.C. 18196608/NA 11 4 2426-2433
79 Rising Groundwater Levels Problem in Urban Areas: A Case Study from the Central Area of Madinah City, Saudi Arabia Arabian Journal For Science And Engineering Bob M., Rahman N., Elamin A., Taher S. 13198025/ 41 4 1461-1472
80 Rock strength assessment based on regression tree technique Engineering With Computers Liang, Maybelle; Mohamad, Edy Tonnizam; Faradonbeh, Roohollah Shirani; Armaghani, Danial Jahed; Ghoraba, Saber 0177-0667/NA 32 2 343-354
81 Seismic performance of a wall-frame air traffic control tower Earthquakes And Structures Moravej, Hossein; Vafaei, Mohammadreza; Abu Bakar, Suhaimi 2092-7614/ 10 2 463-482
82 Some aspects of physical and mechanical properties of sawdust concrete International Journal Of Geomate Abdul Awal A.S.M., Mariyana A.A.K., Hossain M.Z. 21862982/NA 10 3 1918-1923
83 Strip footing settlement on sandy soil due to eccentricty load International Journal Of Geomate Braim K.S., Ahmad S.N.A.S., Rashid A.S.A., Mohamad H. 21862982/NA 11 5 2741-2746
84 Structural seismic performance of reinforced concrete block system for two storeys safe house Jurnal Teknologi Yip C.-C., Marsono A.K. 1279696/NA 78 2 83-97
85 Supporting data for identification of biosurfactant-producing bacteria isolated from agro-food industrial effluent Data In Brief Fulazzaky M.A., Abdullah S., Salim M.R. 23523409/ 7 NA 834-838
86 Tensile capacity of grouted splice sleeves Engineering Structures Ling, Jen Hua; Abd Rahman, Ahmad Baharuddin; Ibrahim, Izni Syahrizal; Hamid, Zuhairi Abdul 0141-0296/NA 111 NA 285-296
87 The effect of preservation maintenance activities in asphalt concrete pavement sustainability Jurnal Teknologi Babashamsi P., Yusoff N.I.M., Hainin M.R. 1279696/NA 78 4 117-124
88 The efficient role of aquatic plant (water hyacinth) in treating domestic wastewater in continuous system International Journal Of Phytoremediation Rezania S., Din M.F.M., Taib S.M., Dahalan F.A., Songip A.R., Singh L., Kamyab H. 15226514/ 18 7 679-685
89 The influence of rainfall intensity on soil loss mass from cellular confined slopes Measurement Nazir, Ramli; Ghareh, Soheil; Mosallanezhad, Mansour; Moayedi, Hossein 0263-2241/NA 81 NA 13-25
90 The monitoring and cementation behavior of electrokinetic stabilisation technique on batu pahat marine clay International Journal Of Geomate Tajudin S.A.A., Nordin N.S., Marto A., Madun A., Abidin M.H.Z., Jefferson I., Azmi M.A.M.M. 21862982/NA 11 4 2581-2588
91 The potential of waste cooking oil as bio-asphalt for alternative binder – An overview Jurnal Teknologi Azahar W.N.A.W., Bujang M., Jaya R.P., Hainin M.R., Mohamed A., Ngadi N., Jayanti D.S. 1279696/NA 78 4 111-116
92 The relationship between heavy metals and biomass properties in polymictic lake Sains Malaysiana Baharim N.B., Yusop Z., Yusoff I., Tahir W.Z.W.M., Askari M., Othman Z., Abidin M.R.Z. 1266039/NA 45 1 43-53
93 The Relationship between Heavy Metals and Trophic Properties in Sembrong Lake, Johor Sains Malaysiana Baharim, Nor Bakhiah; Yusop, Zulkifli; Yusoff, Ismail; Tahir, Wan Zakaria Wan Muhd; Askari, Muhamad; Othman, Zainudin; Abidin, Mohamed Roseli Zainal 0126-6039/ 45 1 43-53
94 The use of BLRP model for disaggregating daily rainfall affected by monsoon in Peninsular Malaysia Sains Malaysiana Harisaweni, Zulkifli Yusop; Yusof, Fadhilah 0126-6039/ 45 1 87-97
95 Time-dependent physicochemical characteristics of Malaysian residual soil stabilized with magnesium chloride solution Arabian Journal Of Geosciences Latift, Nima; Rashid, Ahmad Safuan A.; Ecemis, Nurhan; Tahir, Mahmood Md; Marto, Aminaton 18667511/NA 9 1 1-12
96 Treatability of Methylene Blue Solution by Adsorption Process Using Neobalanocarpus hepmii and Capsicum annuum Water, Air, And Soil Pollution Kristanti R.A., Kamisan M.K.A., Hadibarata T. 496979/ 227 5  
97 Tropical stormwater nutrient degradation using nano-TiO2 in photocatalytic reactor detention pond Water Science And Technology Rad S., Shamsudin S., Taha M.R., Shahid S. 2731223/NA 73 2 405-413
98 Using life cycle assessment for estimating environmental impacts and eco-costs from the metal waste in the construction industry Management Of Environmental Quality Yahya K., Boussabaine H., Alzaed A.N. 14777835/NA 27 2 227-244
99 Volumetric properties and leaching effect of asphalt mixes with electric arc furnace steel slag and copper mine tailings Sains Malaysiana Oluwasola, Ebenezer Akin; Hainin, Mohd Rosli; Aziz, Md. Maniruzzaman A.; Warid, M. Naqiuddin M. 0126-6039/ 45 2 279-287
100 Wasted cockle shell (Anadara granosa) as a natural adsorbent for treating polluted river water in the fabricated column model (FCM) Desalination And Water Treatment Moideen S.N.F., Md Din M.F., Ponraj M., Mohd Yusof M.B., Ismail Z., Songip A.R., Chelliapan S. 19443994/ 57 35 16395-16403