Journals 2018

1A cradle-to-gate based life cycle impact assessment comparing the KBFw EFB hybrid reinforced poly hydroxybutyrate biocomposite and common petroleum-based composites as building materialsEnvironmental Impact Assessment ReviewKhoshnava S.M., Rostami R., Ismail M., Rahmat A.R.70NA0195-9255
2A passive metallic damper with replaceable steel bar components for earthquake protection of structuresENGINEERING STRUCTURESAghlara, R; Tahir, MM159NA0141-0296
3A review of rainwater harvesting in Malaysia: Prospects and challengesWater (Switzerland)Lani N.H.M., Yusop Z., Syafiuddin A.1042073-4441
4A review on pavement porous concrete using recycled waste materialsSMART STRUCTURES AND SYSTEMSToghroli, A; Shariati, M; Sajedi, F; Ibrahim, Z; Koting, S; Mohamad, ET; Khorami, M2241738-1584
5A state-of-the-art review on cold-formed steel roof truss systemInternational Journal of Civil Engineering and TechnologySani M.S.H.M., Muftah F., Tan C.S.990976-6308
6Absolute homogeneity assessment of precipitation time series in an arid region of PakistanAtmosferaAhmed K., Shahid S., Ismail T., Nawaz N., Wang X.-J.3130187-6236
7Adequacy of first mode shape differences for damage identification of cantilever structures using neural networksNEURAL COMPUTING & APPLICATIONSVafaei, M; Alih, SC3080941-0643
8Adsorption of Procion Red MX-5B and Crystal Violet Dyes from Aqueous Solution onto Corncob Activated CarbonJOURNAL OF THE CHINESE CHEMICAL SOCIETYNazifa, TH; Habba, N; Salmiati,; Aris, A; Hadibarata, T6520009-4536
9Adsorptive Treatment of Landfill Leachate using Activated Carbon Modified with Three Different MethodsKSCE JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERINGErabee, IK; Ahsan, A; Jose, B; Aziz, MMA; Ng, AWM; Idrus, S; Daud, NNN2241226-7988
10Airblast prediction through a hybrid genetic algorithm-ANN modelNeural Computing and ApplicationsJahed Armaghani D., Hasanipanah M., Mahdiyar A., Abd Majid M.Z., Bakhshandeh Amnieh H., Tahir M.M.D.2990941-0643
11Alkaline treatments on EFB fibre: The effect on mechanical-physical properties and fibre-cement hydration rateMalaysian Construction Research JournalSoh N.M.Z.N., Akasah Z.A., Dullah H., Aziz A.A., Aminudin E.42 Special Issue1985-3807
12An outlook on strategic framework development needs of roles and involvement of joint property management in high rise green buildings in MalaysiaChemical Engineering TransactionsAbas D.N., Zakaria R., Aminuddin E., Abdullah R., Khan J.S., Sahamir S.R.63NA2283-9216
13Application and Design of Transition Piled Embankment with Surcharged Prefabricated Vertical Drain Intersection over Soft GroundArabian Journal for Science and EngineeringNazir R., Moayedi H., Subramaniam P., Gue S.-S.4341319-8025
14Application of ANFIS technique on performance of C and L shaped angle shear connectorsSMART STRUCTURES AND SYSTEMSSedghi, Y; Zandi, Y; Shariati, M; Ahmadi, E; Azar, VM; Toghroli, A; Safa, M; Mohamad, ET; Khorami, M; Wakil, K2231738-1584
15Application of demolished concrete material (DCM) in civil engineering structures - A reviewInternational Journal of Civil Engineering and TechnologyAl-Bared M.A.M., Ayub A., Mohd Yunus N.Z., Hamonangan Harahap I.S., Marto A.9110976-6308
16Application of HEC-RAS and Arc GIS for floodplain mapping in Segamat town, MalaysiaInternational Journal of GEOMATERomali N.S., Yusop Z., Ismail A.Z.14432186-2982
17Application of support vector machine with firefly algorithm for investigation of the factors affecting the shear strength of angle shear connectorsSMART STRUCTURES AND SYSTEMSChahnasir, ES; Zandi, Y; Shariati, M; Dehghani, E; Toghroli, A; Mohamed, ET; Shariati, A; Safa, M; Wakil, K; Khorami, M2241738-1584
18Application of the kinetic and isotherm models for better understanding of the behaviors of silver nanoparticles adsorption onto different adsorbentsJournal of Environmental ManagementSyafiuddin A., Salmiati S., Jonbi J., Fulazzaky M.A.218NA0301-4797
19Application of wind as a renewable energy source for passive cooling through windcatchers integrated with wing wallsEnergiesNejat P., Jomehzadeh F., Hussen H.M., Calautit J.K., Abd Majid M.Z.11101996-1073
21Assessment framework for pavement material and technology elements in green highway indexJournal of Cleaner ProductionBujang M., Hainin M.R., Abd Majid M.Z., Idham Mohd Satar M.K., Azahar W.N.A.W.174NA0959-6526
22Assessment of drought risk index using drought hazard and vulnerability indicesARABIAN JOURNAL OF GEOSCIENCESNasrollahi, M; Khosravi, H; Moghaddamnia, A; Malekian, A; Shahid, S11201866-7511
23Balancing of life cycle carbon and cost appraisal on alternative wall and roof design verification for residential buildingCONSTRUCTION INNOVATION-ENGLANDBalasbaneh, AT; Bin Marsono, AK; Kermanshahi, EK1831471-4175
24Bearing capacity of soft soil model treated with end-bearing bottom ash columnsEnvironmental Earth SciencesMoradi R., Marto A., Rashid A.S.A., Moradi M.M., Ganiyu A.A., Horpibulsuk S.7731866-6280
25Behaviour of soft soil improved by floating soil-cement columnsInternational Journal of Physical Modelling in GeotechnicsRashid A.S.A., Sr., Kueh A.B.H., Mohamad H.1821346-213X
26Bio-inspired vs. conventional sandwich beams: A low-velocity repeated impact behavior explorationConstruction and Building MaterialsAbo Sabah S.H., Kueh A.B.H., Al-Fasih M.Y.169NA0950-0618
27Cautionary note on the use of genetic programming in statistical downscalingINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGYSachindra, DA; Ahmed, K; Shahid, S; Perera, BJC3880899-8418
28Changing Pattern of Droughts during Cropping Seasons of BangladeshWATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENTMohsenipour, M; Shahid, S; Chung, ES; Wang, XJ3250920-4741
29Comparative study between linear-interpolation and stress-block methods of composite design using Cold-Formed Steel sectionInternational Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE)Lawan M.M., Shek P.N., Tahir M.M.732227-524X
30Complementary data-intelligence model for river flow simulationJournal of HydrologyYaseen Z.M., Awadh S.M., Sharafati A., Shahid S.567NA0022-1694
31Compressive and flexural strength of polyvinyl alcohol-modified pavement concrete using recycled concrete aggregatesJournal of Materials in Civil EngineeringYaowarat T., Horpibulsuk S., Arulrajah A., Mirzababaei M., Rashid A.A.3040899-1561
32Compressive strength of lightweight foamed concrete with charcoal as a sand replacementIndian Journal of Engineering and Materials SciencesLee Y.H., Lim M.H., Lee Y.L., Lee Y.Y., Tan C.S., Mohammad S., Ma C.K.2510971-4588
33Conceptualising 4CS in construction project team integrationMalaysian Construction Research JournalTey K.H., Chai C.S., Olanrewaju A.L., Aminah M.Y.2411985-3807
34Damage assessment of medium -rise reinforced concrete buildings in peninsular Malaysia subjected to ranau earthquakeInternational Journal of Civil Engineering and TechnologyIsmail R., Ibrahim A., Adnan A.970976-6308
35Derivation of Complete Stress-Strain Curve for SSTT-Confined High-Strength Concrete in CompressionJOURNAL OF TESTING AND EVALUATIONLee, HP; Awang, AZ; Omar, W; Tiong, PLY4610090-3973
36Design of steel-strapped, high-strength concrete columns subject to unequal end momentsProceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Structures and BuildingsKhun M.C., Sulaiman M.F., Awang A.Z., Garcia R., Omar W., Pilakoutas K., Huei L.Y., Mohammad S.17140965-0911
37Determination of mechanical properties natural rubber compounds using double shear test piecesInternational Journal of Civil Engineering and TechnologyIsmail R., Ibrahim A., Rusop M., Adnan A.980976-6308
38Determination of Significant Wave Height Offshore of the Federal Territory of Labuan (Malaysia) Using Generalized Pareto Distribution MethodJOURNAL OF COASTAL RESEARCHFar, SS; Abd Wahab, AK; Bin Harun, S3440749-0208
39Development of climate-based index for hydrologic hazard susceptibilitySustainability (Switzerland)Nashwan M.S., Shahid S., Chung E.-S., Ahmed K., Song Y.H.1072071-1050
40Distribution of shear force in perforated shear connectorsSTEEL AND COMPOSITE STRUCTURESWei, X; Shariati, M; Zandi, Y; Pei, SL; Jin, ZB; Gharachurlu, S; Abdullahi, MM; Tahir, MM; Khorami, M2731229-9367
41Domestic water demand forecasting in the Yellow River basin under changing environmentINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATE CHANGE STRATEGIES AND MANAGEMENTWang, XJ; Zhang, JY; Shahid, S; Yu, L; Xie, C; Wang, BX; Zhang, X1031756-8692
42Drought analysis and water resource availability using standardised precipitation evapotranspiration indexATMOSPHERIC RESEARCHHui-Mean, F; Yusop, Z; Yusof, F201NA0169-8095
43Durability performance of concrete incorporating waste metalized plastic fibres and palm oil fuel ashConstruction and Building MaterialsMohammadhosseini H., Tahir M.M.180NA0950-0618
44Eccentricity-based design procedure of confined columns under compression and in-plane bending momentMeasurement: Journal of the International Measurement ConfederationMa C.-K., Awang A.Z., Omar W.129NA0263-2241
45Effect of binder to fine aggregate content on performance of sustainable alkali activated mortars incorporating solid waste materialsChemical Engineering TransactionsHuseien G.F., Ismail M., Tahir M., Mirza J., Hussein A., Khalid N.H., Sarbini N.N.63NA2283-9216
46Effect of Geological Structure on Flyrock Prediction in Construction BlastingGEOTECHNICAL AND GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERINGMohamad, ET; Yi, CS; Murlidhar, BR; Saad, R3640960-3182
47Effect of pre-tensioned level on axial stress-strain behaviour of confined concrete: A reviewInternational Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE)Chin C.-L., Ma C.-K., Tan J.-Y., Awang A.Z., Omar W.732227-524X
48Effectiveness of natural coagulant in coagulation process: A reviewInternational Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE)Amran A.H., Zaidi N.S., Muda K., Loan L.W.732227-524X
49Effects of Elevated Temperatures on Residual Properties of Concrete Reinforced with Waste Polypropylene Carpet FibresArabian Journal for Science and EngineeringMohammadhosseini H., Lim N.H.A.S., Sam A.R.M., Samadi M.4341319-8025
50Effects of nanocharcoal coconut-shell ash on the physical and rheological properties of bitumenCONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALSJeffry, SNA; Jaya, RP; Hassan, NA; Yaacob, H; Mirza, J; Drahman, SH158NA0950-0618
51Effects of POFA replaced with FA on durability properties of GBFS included alkali activated mortarsConstruction and Building MaterialsHuseien G.F., Tahir M.M., Mirza J., Ismail M., Shah K.W., Asaad M.A.175NA0950-0618
52Effects of titanate coupling agent on engineering properties of asphalt binders and mixtures incorporating LLDPE-CaCO3 pelletApplied Sciences (Switzerland)Hasan M.R.M., You Z., Satar M.K.I.M., Warid M.N.M., Kamaruddin N.H.M., Ge D., Zhang R.872076-3417
53Effects of Topographic Heterogeneity on Coarse Resolution Grid-Based Runoff Simulation-Assessment for Three River Basins in Peninsular MalaysiaENVIRONMENTAL MODELING & ASSESSMENTWong, CL; Yusop, Z; Venneker, R; Uhlenbrook, S2331420-2026
54Efficient cumulative breakage distribution and breakage rate computation with minimal experiment intervention incorporating optimal time determination for fine grinding simulationPowder TechnologyDrahman S.H., Kueh A.B.H., Zainal Abidin A.R., Nikmatin S.329NA0032-5910
55Elaeis guineensis leaves extracts as eco-friendly corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in hydrochloric acidJurnal TeknologiAsaad M.A., Ismail M., Khalid N.H.A., Huseien G.F., Raja P.B.8060127-9696
56Empirical models of kinetic rate for river treatment analysis of cellulosic materialsJournal of Water Process EngineeringLow W.-P., Din M.F.M., Chang F.-L., Moideen S.N.F.B., Lee Y.Y.23NA2214-7144
57Enhanced corrosion resistance of reinforced concrete: Role of emerging eco-friendly Elaeis guineensis/silver nanoparticles inhibitorConstruction and Building MaterialsAsaad M.A., Ismail M., Tahir M.M., Huseien G.F., Raja P.B., Asmara Y.P.188NA0950-0618
58Enhanced performance for aggressive environments of green concrete composites reinforced with waste carpet fibers and palm oil fuel ashJOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTIONMohammadhosseini, H; Tahir, MM; Sam, ARM; Lim, NHAS; Samadi, M185NA0959-6526
59Environmentally sustainable applications of agro-based spent mushroom substrate (SMS): an overviewJOURNAL OF MATERIAL CYCLES AND WASTE MANAGEMENTHanafi, FHM; Rezania, S; Taib, SM; Din, MFM; Yamauchi, M; Sakamoto, M; Hara, H; Park, J; Ebrahimi, SS2031438-4957
60Establishing a new model for estimation of the control delay at priority junctions in MalaysiaCOGENT ENGINEERINGSahraei, MA; Puan, OC; Hosseini, SMP; Almasi, MH512331-1916
61Establishment of windstorm-producing thunderstorms hazard threshold in peninsular MalaysiaJournal of Engineering and Applied SciencesBachok M.F., Shamsudin S., Abidin R.Z., Jeevaragagam P., Harun S.13171816-949X
62Estimation of hydrological changes in a tropical watershed using multi-temporal land-use and dynamic modellingJurnal TeknologiBello A.-A.D., Haniffah M.R.M., Hashim N.B., Anuar K.M.8030127-9696
63Ethanol Production from Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) Using Various Types of Enhancers Based on the Consumable SugarsWASTE AND BIOMASS VALORIZATIONRezania, S; Din, MFM; Taib, SM; Mohamad, SE; Dahalan, FA; Kamyab, H; Darajeh, N; Ebrahimi, SS961819-6608
64Evaluating the Critical Success Factors of Industrialised Building System Implementation in Nigeria: The Stakeholders' PerceptionINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUILT ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABILITYOjoko, EO; Osman, MH; Rahman, ABA; Bakhary, N521511-1369
65Evaluation of Tensile Strength of Brazilian Test under Solid and Ring Disks using Finite Element AnalysisSAINS MALAYSIANAAbdullah, RA; Tsutsumi, T4740126-6039
66Experimental and intelligent techniques to estimate bearing capacity of cohesive soft soils reinforced with soil-cement columnsMeasurement: Journal of the International Measurement ConfederationBunawan A.R., Momeni E., Armaghani D.J., Nissa binti Mat Said K., Rashid A.S.A.124NA0263-2241
67Experimental investigation on box-up cold-formed steel columns in fireInternational Journal of GEOMATEMuftah F., Sani M.S.H.M., Osman A.R., Mohammad S., Ngian S.P.14442186-2982
68Experimental investigations on monotonic and cyclic behavior of steel pallet rack connectionsENGINEERING FAILURE ANALYSISShariati, M; Tahir, MM; Wee, TC; Shah, SNR; Jalali, A; Abdullahi, MM; Khorami, M85NA1350-6307
69Experimental study of geotechnical characteristics of crushed glass mixed with Kaolinite soilInternational Journal of GEOMATEAmiri S.T., Nazir R., Dehghanbanadaki A.14452186-2982
70Experimental study of Pipe-Fuse Damper for passive energy dissipation in structuresJournal of Constructional Steel ResearchAghlara R., Tahir M.M., Adnan A.B.148NA0143-974X
71Experimental study on a new damping device for mitigation of structural vibrations under harmonic excitationEARTHQUAKES AND STRUCTURESAlih, SC; Vafaei, M; Ismail, N; Pabarja, A1462092-7614
72Experimental study on mechanical properties of elastomer containing carbon nanotubesJournal of Engineering Science and TechnologyIsmail R., Ibrahim A., Hamid H., Rusop M., Adnan A.1331823-4690
74Experimental study on TLDs equipped with an upper mounted baffleSmart Structures and SystemsShad H., Bin Adnan A., Vafaei M., Behbahani H.P., Oladimeji A.M.2111738-1584
75Feasibility of ICA in approximating ground vibration resulting from mine blastingNeural Computing and ApplicationsArmaghani D.J., Hasanipanah M., Amnieh H.B., Mohamad E.T.2990941-0643
76Feasibility of using ISO shipping container to build low cost house in MalaysiaInternational Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE)Wong E.K.H., Tan C.S., Ling P.C.H.72.29 Special Issue 292227-524X
77Finite element procedures development for nonlinear steel frame analysis with quasi-static semi-rigid connectionMalaysian Construction Research JournalMohammad S., Rahman A.B.A., Tan C.S., Ma C.K., Lee Y.Y., Lee Y.H.42 Special Issue1985-3807
79Flexural Behaviour of Reinforced Lightweight Foamed Mortar Beams and SlabsKSCE JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERINGLee, YL; Lim, JH; Lim, SK; Tan, CS2281226-7988
80Flood risk assessment: A review of flood damage estimation model for MalaysiaJurnal TeknologiRomali N.S., Yusop Z., Sulaiman M., Ismail Z.8030127-9696
81Flood susceptibility assessment in Kelantan river basin using copulaInternational Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE)Nashwan M.S., Ismail T., Ahmed K.722227-524X
82Forecasting industrial water demand in Huaihe River Basin due to environmental changesMitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global ChangeWang X.-J., Zhang J.-Y., Shahid S., Bi S.-H., Elmahdi A., Liao C.-H., Li Y.-D.2341381-2386
83Green driver: Driving behaviors revisited on safetyArchives of TransportMuslim N.H.B., Shafaghat A., Keyvanfar A., Ismail M.4630866-9546
84Ground motion prediction equations for distant subduction interface earthquakes based on empirical data in the Malay Peninsula and JapanSoil Dynamics and Earthquake EngineeringVaez Shoushtari A., Adnan A.B., Zare M.109NA0267-7261
85Groundwater-dependent irrigation costs and benefits for adaptation to global changeMitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global ChangeSalem G.S.A., Kazama S., Shahid S., Dey N.C.2361381-2386
86Heated laterite as a low-cost adsorbent for arsenic removal from aqueous solutionMALAYSIAN JOURNAL OF FUNDAMENTAL AND APPLIED SCIENCESSaadon, SA; Yunus, SM; Yusoff, ARM; Yusop, Z; Azman, S; Uy, D; Syafiuddin, A1412289-5981
87Hydrological dynamics of tropical streams on a gradient of land-use disturbance and recovery: A multi-catchment experimentJournal of HydrologyNainar A., Tanaka N., Bidin K., Annammala K.V., Ewers R.M., Reynolds G., Walsh R.P.D.566NA0022-1694
88I-beam to square hollow column blind bolted moment connection: Experimental and numerical studyJournal of Constructional Steel ResearchTahir M.M., Mohammadhosseini H., Ngian S.P., Effendi M.K.148NA0143-974X
89Identifying and assessing the critical factors for effective implementation of safety programs in construction projectsSafety ScienceBavafa A., Mahdiyar A., Marsono A.K.106NA0925-7535
90Impact of curing temperatures and alkaline activators on compressive strength and porosity of ternary blended geopolymer mortarsCase Studies in Construction MaterialsKubba Z., Fahim Huseien G., Sam A.R.M., Shah K.W., Asaad M.A., Ismail M., Tahir M.M., Mirza J.9NA2214-5095
91Impacts of climate change on groundwater level and irrigation cost in a groundwater dependent irrigated regionAgricultural Water ManagementSalem G.S.A., Kazama S., Shahid S., Dey N.C.208NA0378-3774
92Impacts of climate variability and change on seasonal drought characteristics of PakistanATMOSPHERIC RESEARCHAhmed, K; Shahid, S; Nawaz, N214NA0169-8095
93Improved corrosion resistance of mild steel against acid activation: Impact of novel Elaeis guineensis and silver nanoparticlesJOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL AND ENGINEERING CHEMISTRYAsaad, MA; Sarbini, NN; Sulaiman, A; Ismail, M; Huseien, GF; Majid, ZA; Raja, PB63NA1226-086X
94Improvement of Sungai Sebulung water quality using Effective MicroorganismInternational Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE)Firdaus A., Azman S.732227-524X
95Improving the Muskingum flood routing method using a hybrid of particle swarm optimization and bat algorithmWater (Switzerland)Ehteram M., Othman F.B., Yaseen Z.M., Afan H.A., Allawi M.F., Malek M.B.A., Ahmed A.N., Shahid S., Singh V.P., El-Shafie A.1062076-3417
96Incorporating the local faults effects in development of seismic ground-motion hazard mapping for the Peninsular Malaysia regionJournal of Asian Earth SciencesVaez Shoushtari A., Adnan A.B., Zare M.163NA1367-9120
97Influence of ground coal bottom ash with different grinding time as cement replacement material on the strength of concreteMalaysian Construction Research JournalBurhanudin M.K., Ibrahim M.H.W., Sani M.S.H.M., Juki M.I., Jamaluddin N., Jaya R.P., Shahidan S., Basirun N.F., Bosro M.Z.M.42 Special Issue1985-3807
98Integration of Geospatial Method and Hydrodynamic Modelling to Study the Impact of Sea Level Rise on the Coastal AreaJURNAL KEJURUTERAANMohd, FA; Maulud, KNA; Karim, OA; Ibrahim, MA; Benson, YA; Abd Wahab, AK3010128-0198
99Intelligent modelling of sandstone deformation behaviour using fuzzy logic and neural network systemsBulletin of Engineering Geology and the EnvironmentBejarbaneh B.Y., Bejarbaneh E.Y., Amin M.F.M., Fahimifar A., Jahed Armaghani D., Majid M.Z.A.7711435-9529
100Investigation of aqueous and non-aqueous phase liquid migration in double-porosity soil using digital image analysisChemical Engineering TransactionsFoong L.K., Rahman N.A., Nazir R., Sa'ari R., Mustaffar M.63NA2283-9216
101Kenaf Fibrous Concrete: Mechanical properties with different fiber volume fractionInternational Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information TechnologyAzzmi N.M., Yatim J.M.842088-5334
102Laboratory Investigation of LNAPL Migration in Double-Porosity Soil Under Fractured Condition Using Digital Image AnalysisTransport in Porous MediaRahman N.A., Foong L.K., Lewis R.W., Nazir R.12530169-3913
103Lateral deflection of piles in a multilayer soil medium. Case study: The Terengganu seaside platformMeasurement: Journal of the International Measurement ConfederationMoayedi H., Nazir R., Mosallanezhad M., Noor R.B.M., Khalilpour M.123NA0263-2241
104Local conditions wind multiplier map as supporting tool in windstorm hazard assessment for Malaysian districts (Study Case: Kuantan, Pahang)ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied SciencesBachok M.F., Khalid K., Shamsudin S., Abidin R.Z., Jeevaragagam P., Harun S.13141819-6608
105Malaysian Experiences of Peat Stabilization, State of the ArtGeotechnical and Geological EngineeringMoayedi H., Nazir R.3610960-3182
106Mass transfer kinetics of biosorption of nitrogenous matter from palm oil mill effluent by aerobic granules in sequencing batch reactorENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGYFulazzaky, MA; Nuid, M; Aris, A; Muda, K39170959-3330
107Mathematical Model for Steady State Subsea Cable Laying ProblemMATEMATIKAAbidin, ARZ; Mustafa, S; Aziz, ZA; Ismail, K3420127-8274
108Measurement of strain on concrete using an ordinary digital cameraMeasurement: Journal of the International Measurement ConfederationAghlara R., Tahir M.M.126NA0263-2241
109Mechanical performance of asphalt mixture containing nano-charcoal coconut shell ashConstruction and Building MaterialsJeffry S.N.A., Jaya R.P., Abdul Hassan N., Yaacob H., Satar M.K.I.M.173NA0950-0618
110Mechanical Properties Characterization and Finite Element Analysis of Epoxy Grouts in Repairing Damaged PipelineJOURNAL OF PRESSURE VESSEL TECHNOLOGY-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASMESing, LK; Yahaya, N; Valipour, A; Zardasti, L; Azraai, SNA; Noor, NM14060094-9930
111Mechanical Properties of Graphene-Modified Epoxy Grout for Pipeline Composite RepairINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INTEGRATED ENGINEERINGZainal, N; Arifin, HH; Zardasti, L; Yahaya, N; Sing, LK; Noor, NM1042229-838X
112Methodology on empirical study in determining critical energy efficiency factors for building structural componentsInternational Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information TechnologyBalubaid S., Zin R.M., Mydin S.H.832088-5334
113Microplastics pollution in different aquatic environments and biota: A review of recent studiesMarine Pollution BulletinRezania S., Park J., Md Din M.F., Mat Taib S., Talaiekhozani A., Kumar Yadav K., Kamyab H.133NA0025-326X
114Microstructure and Strength Properties of Mortar Containing Waste Ceramic NanoparticlesARABIAN JOURNAL FOR SCIENCE AND ENGINEERINGLim, NHAS; Mohammadhosseini, H; Tahir, MM; Samadi, M; Sam, ARM43102193-567X
115Microstructures and physical properties of waste garnets as a promising construction materialsCase Studies in Construction MaterialsMuttashar H.L., Ali N.B., Mohd Ariffin M.A., Hussin M.W.8NA2214-5095
116Model output statistics downscaling using support vector machine for the projection of spatial and temporal changes in rainfall of BangladeshAtmospheric ResearchPour S.H., Shahid S., Chung E.-S., Wang X.-J.213NA0169-8095
117Modeling domestic water demand in Huaihe River Basin of China under climate change and population dynamicsEnvironment, Development and SustainabilityWang X.-J., Zhang J.-Y., Shahid S., Xie W., Du C.-Y., Shang X.-C., Zhang X.2021387-585X
118Multi-criteria decision analysis for evaluating sustainable lifts design of public hospital buildingsChemical Engineering TransactionsSahamir S.R., Zakaria R., Rooshdi R.R.R.M., Adenan M.A., Shamsuddin S.M., Abidin N.I., Ismail N.A.A., Aminudin E.63NA2283-9216
119New residential construction building and composite post and beam structure toward global warming mitigationENVIRONMENTAL PROGRESS & SUSTAINABLE ENERGYBalasbaneh, AT; Bin Marsono, AK3741944-7442
120Non-probabilistic wavelet method to consider uncertainties in structural damage detectionJournal of Sound and VibrationAbdulkareem M., Bakhary N., Vafaei M., Noor N.M., Padil K.H.433NA0022-460X
121Novel Weed-Extracted Silver Nanoparticles and Their Antibacterial Appraisal against a Rare Bacterium from River and Sewage Treatment PlanNANOMATERIALSSyafiuddin, A; Salmiati; Hadibarata, T; Kueh, ABH; Salim, MR812079-4991
122Numerical modeling for crack self-healing concrete by microbial calcium carbonateConstruction and Building MaterialsAlgaifi H.A., Bakar S.A., Sam A.R.M., Abidin A.R.Z., Shahir S., AL-Towayti W.A.H.189NA0950-0618
123Optimization of aluminium recovery from water treatment sludge using Response Surface MethodologyJournal of Environmental ManagementOoi T.Y., Yong E.L., Din M.F.M., Rezania S., Aminudin E., Chelliapan S., Abdul Rahman A., Park J.228NA0301-4797
124Optimizing of near infrared region reflectance of mix-waste tile aggregate as coating material for cool pavement with surface temperature measurementEnergy and BuildingsAnting N., Din M.F.M., Iwao K., Ponraj M., Siang A.J.L.M., Yong L.Y., Prasetijo J.158NA0378-7788
125Parametric assessment of pre-monsoon agricultural water scarcity in BangladeshSustainability (Switzerland)Ahammed S.J., Chung E.-S., Shahid S.1032071-1050
126Performance Assessment of Cassava Peel Starch and Alum as Dual Coagulant for Turbidity Removal in Dam WaterINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INTEGRATED ENGINEERINGAsharuddin, SM; Othman, N; Zin, NSM; Tajarudin, HA; Din, MFM; Kumar, V1042229-838X
127Performance of sawdust concrete at elevated temperatureJurnal TeknologiMemon R.P., Achekzai L., Mohd. Sam A.R., Abdul Awal A.S.M., Memon U.8010127-9696
128Performance of small and large scales rainwater harvesting systems in commercial buildings under different reliability and future water tariff scenariosScience of the Total EnvironmentLani N.H.M., Syafiuddin A., Yusop Z., Adam U.B., Amin M.Z.B.M.636NA0048-9697
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