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201 Accident due to pavement condition – A review Jurnal Teknologi Nair Baskara S., Yaacob H., Hainin M.R., Hassan S.A. 1279696 78 42553 75-82
202 Comprehensive review on phytotechnology: Heavy metals removal by diverse aquatic plants species from wastewater Journal Of Hazardous Materials Rezania S., Taib S.M., Md Din M.F., Dahalan F.A., Kamyab H. 3043894 318 NA 587-599
203 Reviews on Corrosion Inhibitors: A Short View Chemical Engineering Communications Raja, PB; Ismail, M; Ghoreishiamiri, S; Mirza, J; Ismail, MC; Kakooei, S; Rahim, AA 0098-6445 203 9 1145-1156
204 3D numerical modelling of shallow tunnel in weathered granite incorporating multi-stage excavation and pre-support Jurnal Teknologi Yahya, S.M., Abdullah, R.A., Mohamad Ismail, M.A., Mohamad, H., Hezmi, M.A., Jusoh, S.N.  01279696 78 8-6 39-44
205 Analysis of suction distribution response to rainfall event and tree canopy Jurnal Teknologi Fakhrurazziishak, M., Ali, N., Kassim, A.  01279696 78 8-5 83-87
206 Assessment of seismic design response factors of air traffic control towers Bulletin Of Earthquake Engineering Vafaei, M., Alih, S.C.  1570761X 14 12 3441-3461
207 Challenges in design and construction of deep excavation for KVMRT in Kuala Lumpur limestone formation Jurnal Teknologi Tan, Y.-C., Chow, C.-M., Koo, K.-S., Nazir, R.  01279696 78 8-5 97-107
208 Chemical modification of waste cooking oil to improve the physical and rheological properties of asphalt binder Construction And Building Materials Azahar, W.N.A.W., Jaya, R.P., Hainin, M.R., Bujang, M., Ngadi, N. 09500618 126 NA 218-226
209 Clamping and interlocking effects on ibs block house system in comparison with conventional house system Jurnal Teknologi Shu Chi, L., Marsono, A.K., Md. Tap, M. 01279696 78 11 93-102
210 Determination of liquid limit of a low swelling clay using different cone angles Applied Clay Science Nasroulla, NA; Rashid, ASA; Kalatehjari, R; Kassim, KA; Noor, NM; Horpibulsuk, S 0169-1317 132 NA 748-752
211 Development of slope monitoring device using accelerometer Jurnal Teknologi Bunawan, A.R., Mahin, M.A.H., Hezmi, M.A., Kassim, A., Rashid, A.S.A. 01279696 78 8-5 59-65
212 Distribution of maximum principal stress under distributed load from loading plate in specimen for Brazilian test Jurnal Teknologi Tsutsumi, T., Kukino, S., Abdullah, R.A., Mohd Amin, M.F. 01279696 78 8-6 81-86
213 Drivers’ adaptive travel behaviors towards green transportation development: A critical review Archives Of Transport Shafaghat, A., Keyvanfar, A., Muslim, N.H.B. 08669546 38 2 49-70
214 Effect of geological structure and blasting practice in fly rock accident at Johor, Malaysia Jurnal Teknologi Mohamad, E.T., Murlidhar, B.R., Armaghani, D.J., Saad, R., Yi, C.S. 01279696 78 8-6 15-21
215 Effect of open-graded coarse aggregate on concrete paving blocks properties for pavement ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Nur Hidayah, A.H., Nor, H.M., Ramadhansyah, P.J. 18196608 11 20 11836-11839
216 Effect of organic loading rate on hydrogen (H2) and methane (CH4) production in two-stage fermentation under thermophilic conditions using palm oil mill effluent (POME) Energy For Sustainable Development Krishnan, S., Singh, L., Sakinah, M., Thakur, S., Wahid, Z.A., Sohaili, J. 09730826 34 NA 130-138
217 Efficiency of TLDs with bottom-mounted baffles in suppression of structural responses when subjected to harmonic excitations Structural Engineering And Mechanics Shad, H., Adnan, A., Behbahani, H.P., Vafaei, M. 12254568 60 1 131-148
218 Energy analysis of wall materials using building information modeling (BIM) of public buildings in the tropical climate countries Jurnal Teknologi Sadeghifam, A.N., Marsono, A.K., Kiani, I., Isikdag, U., Bavafa, A.A., Tabatabaee, S. 01279696 78 10 35-41
219 Evaluation of performance characteristics of stone mastic asphalt incorporating industrial waste Journal Of Materials In Civil Engineering Oluwasola, E.A., Hainin, M.R. 08991561 28 12 1-8
220 Evaluation of Subsurface Lithologic Units for Groundwater Exploration in the Barind Tract of Bangladesh Geotechnical And Geological Engineering Hasan, MAFMR; Keramat, MM; Shahid, S; Yasmin, R; Mohsenipour, M; Sattar, GS 0960-3182 34 5 1395-1411
221 Event-based rainfall-runoff modeling using adaptive network-based fuzzy inference system Jurnal Teknologi Nawaz, N., Harun, S., Talei, A., Chang, T.K. 1279696 78 9-4 41-46
222 Experimental results on the shear behaviour of steel fibre self-compacting concrete (SFSCC) beams Jurnal Teknologi Lamide, J.A., Mohamed, R.N., Abd Rahman, A.B. 01279696 78 11 103-111
223 Experiments on the dynamics of density currents Jurnal Teknologi Nasrollahpour, R., Jamal, M.H., Ismail, Z., Rusli, N.M. 01279696 78 9-4 71-76
224 Flood flow characteristics and bed load transport in non-vegetated compound straight channels Jurnal Teknologi Jumain, M., Ibrahim, Z., Ismail, Z., Samsudin, M.F., Anuar, M.Z.T., Harun, S., Makhtar, M.R., Rahman, M.S.A. 01279696 78 9-4 1-8
225 Flood hydraulics due to emergent vegetation along a riparian zone in meandering channels Jurnal Teknologi Ibrahim, Z., Ismail, Z., Harun, S., Shiono, K., Zuki, N.M., Makhtar, M.R., Jumain, M., Abd. Rahman, M.S., Jamal, M.H. 01279696 78 9-4 99-107
226 Geophysics applications in engineering and environmental issues Jurnal Teknologi Saad, R., Mohamad, E.T. 01279696 78 8-6 67-72
227 Hydrodynamic cavitation using double orifice- plates for the generation of hydroxyl radicals Jurnal Teknologi Jusoh, M.N.H., Aris, A., Talib, J. 01279696 78 11 41-47
228 Hydrological modelling of ungauged arid volcanic environments at upper Bathan catchment, Madinah, Saudi Arabia Jurnal Teknologi Alahmadi, F., Abd Rahman, N., Yusop, Z. 01279696 78 9-4 9-14
229 Impact assessment of land cover changes on the runoff changes on the extreme flood events in the Kelantan River basin Arabian Journal Of Geosciences Saadatkhah, N., Tehrani, M.H., Mansor, S., Khuzaimah, Z., Kassim, A., Saadatkhah, R. 18667511 9 17 1-17
230 Influence of different curing temperatures and alkali activators on properties of GBFS geopolymer mortars containing fly ash and palm-oil fuel ash Construction And Building Materials Huseien, G.F., Mirza, J., Ismail, M., Hussin, M.W. 09500618 125 NA 1229-1240
231 Influence of high temperature on the performance of aerobic granular sludge in biological treatment of wastewater Journal Of Environmental Management Ab Halim, M.H., Nor Anuar, A., Abdul Jamal, N.S., Azmi, S.I., Ujang, Z., Bob, M.M. 03014797 184 NA 271-280
232 Integration of SPT (N-value), mackintosh probe (M-value) and resistivity values for soft soil assessment Jurnal Teknologi Tarmizi, Saad, R., Mohd Muztaza, N., Ismail, N.A., Saidin, M.M., Mohamad, E.T. 01279696 78 8-6 87-92
233 Investigation on the mechanics of precast segment tunnel lining Jurnal Teknologi Jusoh, S.N., Mohamad, H., Marto, A., Alias, N.E., Hezmi, M.A., Abdullah, R.A., Mohd. Yunus, N.Z. 01279696 78 8-6 61-66
234 Isolation and screening of microalgae from agro-industrial wastewater (POME) for biomass and biodiesel sources Desalination And Water Treatment Kamyab, H., Md Din, M.F., Ponraj, M., Keyvanfar, A., Rezania, S., Taib, S.M., Abd Majid, M.Z. 19443994 57 60 29118-29125
235 Malaysian bridges and the influence of sumatran earthquake in bridge design Malaysian Construction Research Journal Ramli, M.Z., Adnan, A. 19853807 18 1 123-134
236 Mean, median or something else ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Ling, L., Yusop, Z. 18196608 11 16 9706-9711
237 Mechanical and shrinkage properties of hybrid steel and polypropylene fibre reinforced concrete composite Jurnal Teknologi Wan Jusoh, W.A., Ibrahim, I.S., Mohd Sam, A.R., Sarbini, N.N. 01279696 78 9 95-103
238 Model test on the axial capacity of displacement ribbed piles Jurnal Teknologi Ganiyu, A.A., Rashid, A.S.A., Osman, M.H. 01279696 78 8-5 39-45
239 Operational efficiency and up-coning problem of scavenger wells in lower Indus Basin of Pakistan Desalination And Water Treatment Zardari, N.H., Shirazi, S.M., Farahen, N., Irena, N. 19443994 57 60 29178-29191
240 Optimum lipid production using agro-industrial wastewater treated microalgae as biofuel substrate Clean Technologies And Environmental Policy Kamyab, H., Din, M.F.M., Hosseini, S.E., Ghoshal, S.K., Ashokkumar, V., Keyvanfar, A., Shafaghat, A., Lee, C.T., Bavafa, A., Majid, M.Z.A. 1618954X 18 8 2513-2523
241 Photoreduction of Pb(II) ions from aqueous solution by titania polyvinylalcohol-alginate beads Journal Of The Taiwan Institute Of Chemical Engineers Majidnia, Z; Fulazzaky, MA 1876-1070 66 NA 88-96
242 Potential use coconut milk as alternative to alkali solution for geopolymer production Jurnal Teknologi Huseien, G.F., Mirza, J., Ismail, M., Hussin, M.W., Ariffin, M.A.M. 01279696 78 11 133-139
243 Prediction of groundwater flowing well zone at An-Najif Province, central Iraq using evidential belief functions model and GIS Environmental Monitoring And Assessment Al-Abadi, AM; Pradhan, B; Shahid, S 0167-6369 188 10 1-20
244 Properties of coal bottom ash from power plants in Malaysia and its suitability as geotechnical engineering material Jurnal Teknologi Marto, A., Tan, C.S. 01279696 78 8-5 1-10
245 Properties of sustainable lightweight pervious concrete containing oil palm kernel shell as coarse aggregate Construction And Building Materials Khankhaje, E., Salim, M.R., Mirza, J., Hussin, M.W., Rafieizonooz, M. 09500618 126 NA 1054-1065
246 Rainfall analysis of the Kelantan big yellow flood 2014 Jurnal Teknologi Alias, N.E., Mohamad, H., Chin, W.Y., Yusop, Z. 01279696 78 9-4 83-90
247 Recent progress on Fe-based nanoparticles: Synthesis, properties, characterization and environmental applications Journal Of Environmental Chemical Engineering Reddy, A.V.B., Yusop, Z., Jaafar, J., Reddy, Y.V.M., Aris, A.B., Majid, Z.A., Talib, J., Madhavi, G. 22133437 4 3 3537-3553
248 Reduction and biofixation of carbon dioxide in palm oil mill effluent using developed microbial granules containing photosynthetic pigments Bioresource Technology Najib, M.Z.M., Salmiati, Ujang, Z., Salim, M.R., Ibrahim, Z., Muda, K. 09608524 221 NA 157-164
249 Removal of scale deposition on pipe walls by using magnetic field treatment and the effects of magnetic strength Journal Of Cleaner Production Sohaili, J., Shi, H.S., Lavania-Baloo, Zardari, N.H., Ahmad, N., Muniyandi, S.K. 0959-6526 139 NA 1393-1399
250 Response of suction distribution due to variations of permeability in residual soil slope Jurnal Teknologi Talib, Z.A., Kassim, A., Yunusa, G.H., Rashid, A.S.A. 01279696 78 8-5 109-115
251 Rheological properties of nanoclay as new nanotechnology of apshalt concrete: Review ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Nurulain, C.M., Ramadhansyah, P.J., Norhidayah, A.H. 18196608 11 20 11852-11854
252 Rock bearing resistance of bored piles socketed into rock Jurnal Teknologi Sharudin, E.S., Mohd Yunus, N.Z., Marto, A., Jusoh, S.N., Ahmad, K., Kasim, F., Abdullah, R.A., Hezmi, M.A. 01279696 78 8-6 45-51
253 Shear Capacity of C-Shaped and L-Shaped Angle Shear Connectors Plos One Tahmasbi, F; Maleki, S; Shariati, M; Sulong, NHR; Tahir, MM 1932-6203 11 8 1-19
254 Soil water characteristic curves (swccs) of mining sand Electronic Journal Of Geotechnical Engineering Azmi, M., Yusoff, S.A.M., Ramli, M.H., Hezmi, M.A. 10893032 21 22 6987-6997
255 Spatial evaluation of speed-flow-geometry relationship on two-lane rural highways ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Ibrahim, M.N., Puan, O.C., Mustaffar, M. 18196608 11 20 11877-11883
256 Strength prediction of rotary brace damper using MLR and MARS Structural Engineering And Mechanics Mansouri, I; Safa, M; Ibrahim, Z; Kisi, O; Tahir, MM; Baharom, S; Azimi, M 1225-4568 60 3 471-488
257 Structural Performance Evaluation of a Precast PSC Curved Girder Bridge Constructed Using Multi-Tasking Formwork International Journal Of Concrete Structures And Materials Kim, S.-J., Kim, J.-H.J., Yi, S.-T., Md Noor, N.B., Kim, S.-C. 22341315 10 NA 1-1
258 Thermal properties of Malaysian cohesive soils Jurnal Teknologi Amaludin, A., Marto, A., Satar, M.H.M., Amaludin, H., Dullah, S. 01279696 78 8-5 53-58
259 Transfer function models for statistical downscaling of monthly precipitation Jurnal Teknologi Hadipour, S., Harun, S., Arefnia, A., Alamgir, M.  01279696 78 9-4 55-62
260 Undrained shear strength of soft clay mixed with different percentages of lime and silica fume Jurnal Teknologi Hasan, M., Alrubaye, A.J., Seng, L.K., Ideris, M.S., Marto, A. 01279696 78 8-5 23-30
261 A review of microstructure properties of porous concrete pavement incorporating nano silica ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Yusak, M.I.M., Jaya, R.P., Hainin, M.R., Ibrahim, M.H.W. 18196608 11 20 11832-11835
262 Alternative binders for flexible pavement ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Maniruzzaman, M.A.A., Rahman, M.T., Rosli Haininl, M., Abu, W.A.W.B. 18196608 11 20 11868-11871
263 Effects of air voids content on the performance of porous asphalt mixtures ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Hassan, N.A., Mahmud, M.Z.H., Adi, N., Rahmat, N., Hainin, M.R., Jaya, R.P. 18196608 11 20 11884-11887
264 Evaluation of bond strength between fire-damaged normal concrete substance and ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete as a repair material World Journal Of Engineering Baharuddin, N.K., Nazri, F.M., Jaya, R.P., Bakar, B.H.A. 17085284 13 5 461-466
265 Biological process of soil improvement in civil engineering: A review Journal Of Rock Mechanics And Geotechnical Engineering Umar, M., Kassim, K.A., Ping ChIET, K.T. 16747755 8 5 767-774
266 Characteristics of boulders formed in tropical weathered granite: A review Jurnal Teknologi Md Dan, M.F., Mohamad, E.T., Komoo, I. 01279696 78 8-6 23-30
267 Utilisation of transparent synthetic soil surrogates in geotechnical physical models: A review Journal Of Rock Mechanics And Geotechnical Engineering Ganiyu, A.A., Rashid, A.S.A., Osman, M.H. 16747755 8 4 568-576
268 A new hybrid fuzzy cybernetic analytic network process model to identify shared risks in PPP projects International Journal Of Strategic Property Management Valipour, A., Yahaya, N., Md Noor, N., Mardani, A., Antuchevičienė, J.  1648715X 20 4 409-426
269 Application of radial basis function neural networks for modeling rainfall-runoff processes: A case study of Semenyih River catchment, Malaysia Chiang Mai Journal Of Science Nawaz, N., Harun, S., Othman, R., Heryansyah, A. 01252526 43 6Special Issue 2 1358-1367
270 Application of ultraviolet radiation to control microbiologically influenced corrosion: A case study on soil sample from mangrove Journal Of Engineering Science And Technology Ali, M.K.F.B.M., Noor, N.M., Yahaya, N., Bakar, A.A., Abdullah, A., Masuri, M.A., Ismail, M. 00375497 11 12 1695-1704
271 Behaviour of over-reinforced high-strength concrete beams confined with post-tensioned steel straps – an experimental investigation Structural Concrete Ma, C.-K., Awang, A.Z., Garcia, R., Omar, W., Pilakoutas, K. 14644177 17 5 768-777
272 Corrosion of x-70 carbon steel pipeline subject to sulfate reducing bacteria ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Mohd Ali, M.K.F., Yahaya, N., Bakar, A.A, Ismail, M., Zardasti, L., Noor, N.M. 18196608 11 21 12643-12652
273 Development of new attenuation equation for subduction mechanisms in Malaysia water Arabian Journal Of Geosciences Nazir, R., Moayedi, H., Noor, R.B.M., Ghareh, S. 18667511 9 20 1-6
274 Flexural capacity enhancement of rectangular high-strength concrete columns confined with post-tensioned steel straps: experimental investigation and analytical modelling Structural Concrete Ma, C.-K., Awang, A.Z., Omar, W., Liang, M., Jaw, S.-W., Azimi, M. 14644177 17 4 668-676
275 Nomograph of self-compacting concrete mix design incorporating coal bottom ash as partial replacement of fine aggregates Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Hamzah, A.F., Ibrahim, M.H.W., Jamaluddin, N., Jaya, R.P., Arshad, M.F., Zainal Abidin, N.E., Manan, E.A., Omar, N.A. 1816949X 11 7 1671-1675
276 Rainfall characteristics and regionalization in peninsular malaysia based on a high resolution gridded data set Water (Switzerland) Wong, C.L., Liew, J., Yusop, Z., Ismail, T., Venneker, R., Uhlenbrook, S. 20734441 8 11 1-6
277 Runoff trend and potentiality in Melaka Tengah catchment of Malaysia using SCS-CN and statistical technique Journal Of Environmental Engineering And Landscape Management Shirazi, S.M., Adham, I., Othman, F., Zardari, N.H., Ismail, Z. 16486897 24 4 245-257
2 78 Waqf For Financial Sustainability Of Higher Education In Malaysia: Issues And Challenges WORLD APPLIED SCIENCE JOURNAL Aminah Md Yusof, Julaida Johan, Ismail  Omar 18184952 34 9 1167-1172