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101 A review on phase change material (PCM) for sustainable passive cooling in building envelopes Renewable And Sustainable Energy Reviews Akeiber H., Nejat P., Majid M.Z.A., Wahid M.A., Jomehzadeh F., Zeynali Famileh I., Calautit J.K., Hughes B.R., Zaki S.A. 13640321/NA 60 NA 1470-1497
102 Methods for adaptive behaviors satisfaction assessment with energy efficient building design Renewable And Sustainable Energy Reviews Shafaghat, Arezou; Keyvanfar, Ali; Majid, Muhd Zaimi Abd; Bin Lamit, Hasanuddin; Ahmad, Mohd Hamdan; Ferwati, Mohamed Salim; Ghoshal, Sib Krishna 13640321/NA 57 NA 250-259
103 Tests and methods of evaluating the self-healing efficiency of concrete: A review Construction And Building Materials Muhammad N.Z., Shafaghat A., Keyvanfar A., Majid M.Z.A., Ghoshal S.K., Mohammadyan Yasouj S.E., Ganiyu A.A., Samadi Kouchaksaraei M., Kamyab H., Taheri M.M., Rezazadeh Shirdar M., McCaffer R. 9500618/NA 112 NA 1123-1132
104 Effect of moisture damage on gap-graded asphalt mixture incorporating electric arc furnace steel slag and copper mine tailings Jurnal Teknologi Oluwasola E.A., Hainin M.R., Aziz M.M.A., Yero S.A. 1279696 78 42554 1-9
105 Effect of rainfall on traffic flow characteristics during night time Jurnal Teknologi Mukhlas N.A., Mashros N., Puan O.C., Hassan S.A., Hassan N.A., Abdullah R.A., Rahman R. 1279696 78 42553 1-7
106 Temperature rise of cold-formed steel built-up back-to-back column under standard fire Jurnal Teknologi Muftah F., Mohd Sani M.S.H., Mohammad S., Poi Ngian S., Md Tahir M. 1279696 78 42494 1-6
107 The Removal of Bisphenol A in Water Treatment Plant Using Ultrafiltration Membrane System Water Air And Soil Pollution Muhamad, MS; Salim, MR; Lau, WJ; Yusop, Z; Hadibarata, T 0049-6979 227 7 1-12
108 Feasibility of using bolted shear connector with cold-formed steel in composite construction Jurnal Teknologi Muhammad Lawan M., Md. Tahir M., Hosseinpour E. 1279696 78 42533 7-13
109 Operating speed of vehicles during rainfall at night: Case study in Pontian, Johor Jurnal Teknologi Hassan S.A., Wong L., Mashros N., Alhassan H.M., Abdul Sukor N.S., Rohani M., Minhans A. 1279696 78 42553 9-18
110 Investigation of coal bottom ash and fly ash in concrete as replacement for sand and cement Construction And Building Materials Rafieizonooz, M; Mirza, J; Salim, MR; Hussin, MW; Khankhaje, E 0950-0618 116 NA 15-24
111 Neuro-fuzzy systems approach to infill missing rainfall data for Klang River Catchment, Malaysia Jurnal Teknologi Nawaz N., Harun S., Othman R., Heryansyah A. 1279696 78 42533 15-21
112 Behavior of pre-cast U-Shaped Composite Beam integrating cold-formed steel with ferro-cement slab Thin-Walled Structures Alhajri, T. M.; Tahir, M. M.; Azimi, M.; Mirza, J.; Lawan, M. M.; Alenezi, K. K.; Ragaee, M. B. 0263-8231 102 NA 18-29
113 Laboratory investigation of drainage cell as transport layer in residual soils Jurnal Teknologi Haruna Yunusa G., Kassim A. 1279696 78 42533 23-29
114 Anti-short-circuit device: A new solution for short-circuiting in windcatcher and improvement of natural ventilation performance Building And Environment Nejat P., Calautit J.K., Majid M.Z.A., Hughes B.R., Jomehzadeh F. 3601323 105 NA 24-39
115 Nominal curvature design of circular HSC columns confined with post-tensioned steel straps Structures Ma C.K., Awang A.Z., Garcia R., Omar W., Pilakoutas K., Azimi M. 23520124 7 NA 25-32
116 Effect of sulphuric acid on concrete with iron ore tailings Jurnal Teknologi Umara Shettima A., Hussin M.W., Ahmad Y., Yau M. 1279696 78 42533 31-36
117 Deciphering transmissivity and hydraulic conductivity of the aquifer by vertical electrical sounding (VES) experiments in Northwest Bangladesh Applied Water Science Sattar, Golam Shabbir; Keramat, Mumnunul; Shahid, Shamsuddin 2190-5487 6 1 35-45
118 Rainfall runoff modeling by multilayer perceptron neural network for LUI river catchment Jurnal Teknologi Nawaz N., Harun S., Othman R., Heryansyah A. 1279696 78 42533 37-42
119 Streamflow prediction in ungauged catchments in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia using multivariate statistical techniques Jurnal Teknologi Abdul Razaq S., Tarmizi I., Heryansyah A., Lawan U.F., Alamgir M., Hadi Pour S. 1279696 78 42533 43-49
120 Strength measurement and textural characteristics of tropical residual soil stabilised with liquid polymer Measurement: Journal Of The International Measurement Confederation Latifi N., Rashid A.S.A., Siddiqua S., Majid M.Z.A. 2632241 91 NA 46-54
121 Sharing of gis spatial data intransportation engineering Jurnal Teknologi Mohd Yunus M.Z. 1279696 78 42553 49-58
122 Predictors and their domain for statistical downscaling of climate in Bangladesh Jurnal Teknologi Alamgir M., Hadi Pour S., Mohsenipour M., Mehedi Hasan M., Ismail T. 1279696 78 42533 51-56
123 Arid hydrological modeling at Wadi Alaqiq, Madinah, Saudi Arabia Jurnal Teknologi Rahman N.A., Taher S., Alahamdi F., Nasir K.A.M. 1279696 78 7 51-58
124 Extraction techniques and industrial applications of jatropha curcas Jurnal Teknologi Ahmad, K.A., Abdullah, M.E., Hassan, N.A., Ambak, K.B., Musbah, A., Usman, N., Bakar, S.K.B.A. 01279696 78 7-3 53-60
125 Historical trends and future projection of climate at Dhaka city of Bangladesh Jurnal Teknologi Ahmed Shourav M.S., Mohsenipour M., Alamgir M., Hadi Pour S., Ismail T. 1279696 78 42533 69-75
126 Geological study and mining plan importance for mitigating alkali silica reaction in aggregate quarry operation Jurnal Teknologi Murlidhar, B.R., Mohamad, E.T., Alel, M.N.A.B., Armaghani, D.J. 01279696 78 7-3 71-79
127 Evaluation of iron ore tailings as replacement for fine aggregate in concrete Construction And Building Materials Shettima, AU; Hussin, MW; Ahmad, Y; Mirza, J 0950-0618 120 NA 72-79
128 Chloride penetration of RHA concrete under marine environment Proceedings Of The Institution Of Civil Engineers-Maritime Engineering Jayanti, Dewi Sri; Mirza, Jahangir; Jaya, Ramadhansyah Putra; Abu Bakar, Badorul Hisham; Hassan, Norhidayah Abdul; Hainin, Mohd Rosli 1741-7597 169 2 76-85
129 Experimental study on the shear behaviour of precast concrete hollow core slabs with concrete topping Engineering Structures Ibrahim, I.S., Elliott, K.S., Abdullah, R., Kueh, A.B.H., Sarbini, N.N. 01410296 125 NA 80-90
130 Ground investigation using 2D resistivity imaging for road construction Jurnal Teknologi Awang H., Abdullah R.A., Samad S.A. 1279696 78 42554 81-85
131 Drift demands of low-ductile moment resistance frames (MRF) under far field earthquake excitations Jurnal Teknologi Vafaei M., Alih S.C., Abdul Rahman Q. 1279696 78 6 82-92
132 An overview of moisture damage performance tests on asphalt mixtures Jurnal Teknologi Mohd Jakarni F., Rosli M.F., Md Yusoff N.I., Aziz M.M.A., Muniandy R., Hassim S. 1279696 78 42553 91-98
133 Effect of weathering on disintegration and shear strength reduction of clay shale Jurnal Teknologi Alatas I.M., Kamaruddin S.A., Nazir R., Irsyam M. 1279696 78 42554 93-99
134 Short term durability of steel-strap confined concrete Jurnal Teknologi Lee H.-P., Awang A.Z., Omar W. 1279696 78 7 99-106
135 Engineering properties of high volume biomass waste mortar Jurnal Teknologi Muttashar H.L., Hussin M.W., Mirza J., Hasanah N., Huseien G.F. 1279696 78 8 101-108
136 Temperature effects on the strengh properties of microbially stabilized residual soil Jurnal Teknologi Uma M., Kassim K.A., ChIET K.T.P. 1279696 78 42554 101-104
137 Bearing capacity of soft clay installed with singular and group of encased bottom ash columns Jurnal Teknologi Marto A., Rosly N.A., Tan C.S., Kasim F., Yunus N.Z.M., Moradi R. 1279696 78 42554 105-110
138 Evaluating potential of diatomite as anti clogging agent for porous asphalt mixture Jurnal Teknologi Mohamed Abdullah N.A., Abdul Hassan N., Mohd Shukry N.A., Mahmud M.Z.H., Putrajaya R., Hainin M.R., Md. Yusoff N.I. 1279696 78 42553 105-111
139 Experimental evaluation of antistripping additives on porous asphalt mixtures Jurnal Teknologi Mohd Shukry, N.A., Abdul Hassan, N., Hainin, M.R., Abdullah, M.E., Mohamed Abdullah, N.A., Mahmud, M.Z.H., Putrajaya, R., Mashros, N. 01279696 78 7-2 113-119
140 Rheological properties of styrene butadiene rubber modified bitumen binder Jurnal Teknologi Yaacob H., Ali Mughal M., Jaya R.P., Hainin M.R., Jayanti D.S., Che Wan C.N. 1279696 78 42553 121-126
141 The effect of coconut shell on engineering properties of porous asphalt mixture Jurnal Teknologi Norhafizah M., Ramadhansyah P.J., Siti Nur Amiera J., Nurfatin Aqeela M., Norhidayah A.H., Hainin M.R., Che Norazman C.W. 1279696 78 42553 127-132
142 Empirical strength envelope for shale Jurnal Teknologi Yusof N.M., Amin M.F.M., Abdullah R.A. 1279696 78 42554 129-137
143 Development and validation of a selective, sensitive and stability indicating UPLC-MS/MS method for rapid, simultaneous determination of six process related impurities in darunavir drug substance Journal Of Pharmaceutical And Biomedical Analysis A. V.B.R., Yusop Z., Jaafar J., Aris A.B., Majid Z.A., Umar K., Talib J. 7317085 128 NA 141-148
144 Fluvial processes in compound straight channels: A laboratory investigation Jurnal Teknologi Jumain M., Ibrahim Z., Ismail Z., Makhtar M.R., Rahman M.S.A., Miran N.S., Khairi S.S.M. 1279696 78 7 141-148
145 Nutrient removal of grey water from wet market using sequencing batch reactor | Penyingkiran nutrien air basuhan dari pasar basah mengguna reaktor kelompok urutan Malaysian Journal Of Analytical Sciences Danial, O., Salim, M.R., Salmiati 13942506 20 1 142-148
146 Green concrete production incorporating waste carpet fiber and palm oil fuel ash Journal Of Cleaner Production Awal, A.S.M.A., Mohammadhosseini, H. 09596526 137 NA 157-166
147 Prediction of the uniaxial compressive strength of sandstone using various modeling techniques International Journal Of Rock Mechanics And Mining Sciences Armaghani, Danial Jahed; Amin, Mohd For Mohd; Yagiz, Saffet; Faradonbeh, Roohollah Shirani; Abdullah, Rini Asnida 1365-1609 85 NA 174-186
148 AN EVALUATION OF BLUE WATER PREDICTION IN SOUTHERN PART OF IRAN USING THE SOIL AND WATER ASSESSMENT TOOL (SWAT) Environmental Engineering And Management Journal Jajarmizadeh, Milad; Harun, Sobri; Abdullah, Rozi; Salarpour, Mohsen 1582-9596 15 1 175-188
149 Optimum concentration of Bacillus megaterium for strengthening structural concrete Construction And Building Materials Andalib, R; Abd Majid, MZ; Hussin, MW; Ponraj, M; Keyvanfar, A; Mirza, J; Lee, HS 0950-0618 118 NA 180-193
150 Effect of antioxidant characteristic from waste cooking oil in modified asphalt binder Key Engineering Materials Azahar W.N.A.W., Bujang M., Jaya R.P., Hainin M.R., Ngadi N., Abdullah M.M.A.B. 10139826 700 NA 197-206
151 Chemical identification of waste cooking oil as additive in Bitumen Key Engineering Materials Azahar W.N.A.W., Bujang M., Jaya R.P., Hainin M.R., Ngadi N., Mohamad M. 10139826 700 NA 207-215
152 Performance of waste cooking oil in asphalt binder modification Key Engineering Materials Azahar W.N.A.W., Bujang M., Jaya R.P., Hainin M.R., Ngadi N., Abdullah M.M.A.B. 10139826 700 NA 216-226
153 The influence of coconut shell as coarse aggregates in asphalt mixture Key Engineering Materials Jeffry S.N.A., Jaya R.P., Manap N., Miron N.A., Hassan N.A. 10139826 700 NA 227-237
154 The performance of styrene butadiene rubber on the engineering properties of asphaltic concrete AC14 Key Engineering Materials Jayanti D.S., Jaya R.P., Sharif S.A.M., Hassan N.A., Jeffry S.N.A., Wan C.N.C. 10139826 700 NA 238-246
155 Genetic programming and gene expression programming for flyrock assessment due to mine blasting International Journal Of Rock Mechanics And Mining Sciences Faradonbeh, R.S., Armaghani, D.J., Monjezi, M., Mohamad, E.T. 13651609 88 NA 254-264
156 Ammonium-Nitrogen Recovery from Wastewater by Struvite Crystallization Technology Separation And Purification Reviews Darwish, Mohamad; Aris, Azmi; Puteh, Mohd Hafiz; Abideen, Muzaffar Zainal; Othman, Mohd Nor 1542-2119 45 4 261-274
157 Density profile of hot mix asphalt layer during compaction with various types of rollers and lift thickness Construction And Building Materials Hainin M.R., Oluwasola E.A., Brown E.R. 9500618 121 NA 265-277
158 Bearing capacity of thin-walled shallow foundations: an experimental and artificial intelligence-based study Journal Of Zhejiang University-Science A Rezaei, Hossein; Nazir, Ramli; Momeni, Ehsan 1673-565X 17 4 273-285
159 GIS integration of hydrogeological and geoelectrical data for groundwater potential modeling in the western part of greater Kushtia district of Bangladesh Water Resources Nozibul Haque M., Shahid S., Keramat M., Mohsenipour M. 978078 43 2 283-291
160 Evaluation of a two-sided windcatcher integrated with wing wall (as a new design) and comparison with a conventional windcatcher Energy And Buildings Nejat P., Calautit J.K., Majid M.Z.A., Hughes B.R., Zeynali I., Jomehzadeh F. 3787788 126 NA 287-300
161 Comparative evaluation of dense-graded and gap-graded asphalt mix incorporating electric arc furnace steel slag and copper mine tailings Journal Of Cleaner Production Oluwasola, Ebenezer Akin; Hainin, Mohd Rosli; Aziz, Md. Maniruzzaman A. 0959-6526 122 NA 315-325
162 High temperature characteristics of warm mix asphalt mixtures with nanoclay and chemical warm mix asphalt modified binders Journal Of Cleaner Production Abdullah, Mohd Ezree; Zamhari, Kemas Ahmad; Hainin, Mohd Rosli; Oluwasola, Ebenezer Akin; Yusoff, Nur Izzi Md.; Hassan, Norhidayah Abdul 0959-6526 122 NA 326-334
163 Comparative performance of channel and angle shear connectors in high strength concrete composites: An experimental study Construction And Building Materials Shariati M., Ramli Sulong N.H., Shariati A., Kueh A.B.H. 9500618 120 NA 382-392
164 THE GREEN CONSTRUCTION SITE INDEX (GCSI): A QUANTITATIVE TOOL USED TO ASSESS AN ONGOING PROJECT TO MEET THE GREEN CONSTRUCTION CONCEPT International Journal Of Technology Firmawan, Ferry; Othman, Fadil; Yahya, Khairulzan; Haron, Zaiton 2086-9614 7 4 530-543
165 Experimental investigation on the effect of natural tropical weather on interfacial bonding performance of CFRP-concrete bonding system Journal Of Engineering Science And Technology Mohd Hashim, M.H., Mohd Sam, A.R., Hussin, M.W. 18234690 11 4 584-604
166 Behaviour and design of cold-formed steel C-sections with cover plates under bending International Journal Of Steel Structures Faridmehr, I; Osman, MH; Tahir, MM; Azimi, M; Gholami, M 1598-2351 16 2 587-600
167 Ligninolytic fungus Polyporus sp S133 mediated metabolic degradation of fluorene Brazilian Journal Of Microbiology Lazim, ZM; Hadibarata, T 1517-8382 47 3 610-616
168 Experimental study of masonry infill reinforced concrete frames with and without corner openings Structural Engineering And Mechanics Khoshnoud, HR; Marsono, K 1225-4568 57 4 641-656
169 Evaluation of new spiral shear reinforcement pattern for reinforced concrete joints subjected to cyclic loading Advances In Structural Engineering Azimi, Mohammadamin; Bagherpourhamedani, Asma; Tahir, Mahmood Md.; Sam, Abdul Rahman Bin Mohd; Ma, Chau-Khun 1369-4332 19 5 730-745
170 Evaluation of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) as a potential raw material source for briquette production Energy Rezania S., Md Din M.F., Kamaruddin S.F., Taib S.M., Singh L., Yong E.L., Dahalan F.A. 3605442 111 NA 768-773
171 In situ synthesis of hydroxyapatite-grafted titanium nanotube composite Journal Of Experimental Nanoscience Shirdar M.R., Taheri M.M., Sudin I., Shafaghat A., Keyvanfar A., Abd. Majid M.Z. 17458080 11 10 816-822
172 Criteria of Acceptance for Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation Test for Tropical Cohesive Soil Geotechnical And Geological Engineering Kassim K.A., Rashid A.S.A., Kueh A.B.H., Yah C.S., Siang L.C. 9603182 34 4 931-947
173 The influence of rain intensity on raindrop diameter and the kinetics of tropical rainfall: case study of Skudai, Malaysia Hydrological Sciences Journal-Journal Des Sciences Hydrologiques Yakubu, Mahadi Lawan; Yusop, Zulkifli; Fulazzaky, Mohamad Ali 0262-6667 61 5 944-951
174 Performance of steel beams strengthened with pultruded CFRP plate under various exposures Steel And Composite Structures Gholami, M; Sam, ARM; Marsono, AK; Tahir, MM; Faridmehr, I 1229-9367 20 5 999-1022
175 Life-span prediction of abandoned reinforced concrete residential buildings Construction And Building Materials Ismail, Mohammad; Yew, Chan Kee; Muhammad, Bala 0950-0618 112 NA 1059-1065
176 Effect of Web Holes and Bearing Stiffeners on Flexural-Shear Interaction Strength of Steel Cold-Formed C-Channel Sections Latin American Journal Of Solids And Structures Faridmehr, I; Osman, MH; Tahir, MM; Razavykia, A; Nejad, AF 1679-7825 13 6 1152-1166
177 Numerical Study on the Structural Performance of Steel Beams with Slant End-plate Connections Latin American Journal Of Solids And Structures Zahmatkesh, F; Osman, MH; Talebi, E; Kueh, ABH; Tahir, MM 1679-7825 13 7 1360-1387
178 Prediction of ground vibration due to quarry blasting based on gene expression programming: a new model for peak particle velocity prediction International Journal Of Environmental Science And Technology Faradonbeh, R. Shirani; Armaghani, D. Jahed; Majid, M. Z. Abd; Tahir, M. Md; Murlidhar, B. Ramesh; Monjezi, M.; Wong, H. M. 1735-1472 13 6 1453-1464
179 Physical and Rheological Characteristics of Polymer Modified Bitumen with Nanosilica Particles Arabian Journal For Science And Engineering Alhamali, DI; Wu, JT; Liu, Q; Hassan, NA; Yusoff, NIM; Ali, SIA 2193-567X 41 4 1521-1530
180 Shear strength and compressibility behaviour of lime-treated organic clay Ksce Journal Of Civil Engineering Yunus N.Z.M., Wanatowski D., Hassan N.A., Marto A. 12267988 20 5 1721-1727
181 Analysis of reinforced concrete shear walls with single band of octagonal openings Ksce Journal Of Civil Engineering Marsono A.K., Hatami S. 12267988 20 5 1887-1894
182 Removal of bisphenol A by adsorption mechanism using PES-SiO2 composite membranes Environmental Technology Muhamad, Mimi Suliza; Salim, Mohd Razman; Lau, Woei Jye; Hadibarata, Tony; Yusop, Zulkifli 0959-3330 37 15 1959-1969
183 Classification system for semi-rigid beam-to-column connections Latin American Journal Of Solids And Structures Faridmehr I., Tahir M.M., Lahmer T. 16797817 13 11 2152-2175
184 Simultaneous determination of three organophosphorus pesticides in different food commodities by gas chromatography with mass spectrometry Journal Of Separation Science Reddy, AVB; Yusop, Z; Jaafar, J; Bin Aris, A; Majid, ZA; Umar, K; Talib, J 1615-9306 39 12 2276-2283
185 Prediction of Surface Flow by Forcing of Climate Forecast System Reanalysis Data Water Resources Management Jajarmizadeh, Milad; Sidek, Lariyah Mohd; Mirzai, Majid; Alaghmand, Sina; Harun, Sobri; Majid, Mohammad Rafee 0920-4741 30 8 2627-2640
186 Stability of triaxially woven fabric composites employing geometrically nonlinear plate model with volume segmentation ABD constitution Journal Of Composite Materials Rasin N., Kueh A.B.H., Mahat M.N.H., Yassin A.Y.M. 219983 50 19 2719-2735
187 GIS-Based assessment of mangrove response to shoreline change along the Coast of Kukup Island, Johor ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Yunus M.Z.M., Omar C.M., Ismail Z. 18196608 11 6 3747-3754
188 Experimental Investigations on Behaviour of Strip Footing Placed on Chemically Stabilised Backfills and Flexible Retaining Walls Arabian Journal For Science And Engineering Latifi, N., Marto, A., Eisazadeh, A. 13198025 41 10 4115-4126
189 A review on selection of tunneling method and parameters effecting ground settlements Electronic Journal Of Geotechnical Engineering Arshad, Abdullah R.A. 10893032 21 14 4459-4475
190 Image analysis of non-aqueous phase liquid migration in aggregated kaolin ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Ngien S.K., Chin P.Q., Hasan M., Ali M.I., Mohd Tadza M.Y., Abd. Rahman N. 18196608 11 10 6393-6398
191 Tree induced suction on slope stabilization analysis ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Ishak M.F., Ali N., Kassim A. 18196608 11 11 7204-7208
192 Use of coconut shell from agriculture waste as fine aggregate in asphaltic concrete ARPN Journal Of Engineering And Applied Sciences Ramadhansyah P.J., Nurfatin Aqeela M., Siti Nur Amiera J., Norhafizah M., Norhidayah A.H., Dewi S.J. 18196608 11 12 7457-7462
193 A review on bisphenol A occurrences, health effects and treatment process via membrane technology for drinking water Environmental Science And Pollution Research Muhamad, MS; Salim, MR; Lau, WJ; Yusop, Z 0944-1344 23 12 11549-11567
194 Xanthan gum biopolymer: an eco-friendly additive for stabilization of tropical organic peat Environmental Earth Sciences Latifi, Nima; Horpibulsuk, Suksun; Meehan, Christopher L.; Abd Majid, Muhd Zaimi; Rashid, Ahmad Safuan A. 1866-6280 75 9 1-10
195 Changing Characteristics of the Water Consumption Structure in Nanjing City, Southern China Water Wu, H; Wang, XJ; Shahid, S; Ye, M  2073-4441 8 8 1-14
196 Effects of Mediators for Ligninolytic Enzyme Production and Kinetic Studies on Degradation of Pentachlorobenzene by Trametes versicolor U80 Water, Air, And Soil Pollution Sari, A.A., Yasin, H., Tachibana, S., Hadibarata, T. 00496979 227 9 1-10
197 A short review on usib rubber as modification of bitumr Jurnal Teknologi Altieb Z.A., Aziz M.M.A., Kassim K.A.B., Jibrin H.B. 1279696 78 42554 29-36
198 A review on crack relief layer in airport runway Jurnal Teknologi Ahmad Zaini A., Aziz M.M.A., Kassim K.A., Mustafa K.H. 1279696 78 42553 41-48
199 A review on crack relief layer (CRL) in roads and highways Jurnal Teknologi Mustafa K.H., Aziz M.M.A., Hainin M.R., Zaini A.A., Warid M.N.M. 1279696 78 42554 45-52
200 Street geometry factors influence urban microclimate in tropical coastal cities: A review Environmental And Climate Technologies Shafaghat A., Manteghi G., Keyvanfar A., Bin Lamit H., Saito K., Ossen D.R. 16915208 17 1 61-75