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1. A comparative review of the making of urban transport policies in metropolitan areas in Southeast Asia Jurnal Teknologi Mueth, M., Minhans, A. 1279696 70 4 Scopus 0.000
2. A conceptual model of agreement options for value-based group decision on value management Jurnal Teknologi Utomo, C., Zin, R.M., Zakaria, R., Rahmawati, Y. 1279696 70 7 Scopus 0.000
3. A mathematical formulation to estimate the fundamental period of high-rise buildings including flexural-shear behavior and structural interaction Journal of Solid Mechanics Noroozinejad Farsangi, E., Melatdoust, H., Bin Adnan, A. 20083505 6 2 Scopus 0.000
4. A neuro-wavelet technique for seismic damage identification of cantilever structures Structure and Infrastructure Engineering Vafaei, M., Adnan, A.B., Abd. Rahman, A.B. 15732479 10 12 Scopus 0.000
5. A New multiconstraint method for determining the optimal cable stresses in cable-stayed bridges Scientific World Journal Asgari, B., Osman, S.A., Adnan, A. 23566140 2014   WOS 1.219
6. A Novel Approach for Blast-Induced Flyrock Prediction Based on Imperialist Competitive Algorithm and Artificial Neural Network Scientific World Journal Marto, Aminaton; Hajihassani, Mohsen; Armaghani, Danial Jahed; Mohamad, Edy Tonnizam; Makhtar, Ahmad Mahir 1537-744X     WOS 1.219
7. A review into traffic signal improvement at pedestrian signalised crossings Jurnal Teknologi Hassan, S.A., Puan, O.C., Mashros, N., Abdul Sukor, N.S. 1279696 70 4 Scopus 0.000
8. A review of crumb rubber modification in dry mixed rubberised asphalt mixtures Jurnal Teknologi Hassan, N.A., Airey, G.D., Jaya, R.P., Mashros, N., Aziz, M.A. 1279696 70 4 Scopus 0.000
9. A review of porous concrete pavement: Applications and engineering properties Applied Mechanics and Materials Ramadhansyah, P.J., Mohd Ibrahim, M.Y., Mohd Rosli, H., Mohd Haziman, W.I. 16609336 554   Scopus 0.000
10. A review on methods of predicting tunneling induced ground settlements Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering Yahya, S.M., Abdullah, R.A. 10893032 19 T   Scopus 0.000
11. A short review of the factors influenced lime-clay reactions Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering Yunus, N.Z.M., Wanatowski, D., Stace, R., Marto, A., Abdullah, R.A., Mashros, N. 10893032 19 X Scopus 0.000
12. A short review of the factors influencing lime-clay reactions Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering Mohd Yunus, N.Z., Wanatowski, D., Stace, R., Marto, A., Abdullah, R.A., Mashros, N. 10893032 19 V   Scopus 0.000
13. A study on large scale cultivation of Microcystis aeruginosa under open raceway pond at semi-continuous mode for biodiesel production Bioresource Technology Ashokkumar, V., Agila, E., Salam, Z., Ponraj, M., Din, M.F.M., Ani, F.N. 9608524 172   WOS 5.039
14. Activated carbon production from agricultural biomass using response surface method (RSM) for Cd (II) removal Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering) Musa, M., Kikuchi, A., Majid, Z.A., Jaafar, J., Salim, M.R. 1279696 69 3 Scopus 0.000
15. Adsorption of phosphate from domestic wastewater treatment plant effluent onto the laterites in a hydrodynamic column Chemical Engineering Journal Fulazzaky, M.A., Khamidun, M.H., Din, M.F.M., Yusoff, A.R.M. 13858947 258   WOS 4.058
16. Aggregation and surface hydrophobicity of selected microorganism due to the effect of substrate, pH and temperature International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation Muda K., Aris A., Salim M.R., Ibrahim Z., van Loosdrecht M.C.M., Nawahwi M.Z., Affam A.C. 9648305 93   WOS 2.235
17. An assessment of a proposed hybrid neural network for daily flow prediction in arid climate Modelling and Simulation in Engineering Jajarmizadeh M., Harun S., Salarpour M. 16875591 2014   Scopus 0.000
18. An enhanced multi-objective optimization approach for risk allocation in public-private partnership projects: A case study of Malaysia Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering Alireza V., Mohammadreza Y., Zin R.M., Yahaya N., Noor N.M. 3151468 41 2 WOS 0.407
19. An investigation into qualitative differences between bus users and operators for intercity travel in Malaysia Jurnal Teknologi Minhans, A., Shahid, S., Ahmed, I. 1279696 70 4 Scopus 0.000
20. Analytic network process approach to risk allocation of EPC projects case study: Gas refinery EPC projects in Iran Applied Mechanics and Materials Valipour, A., Sarvari, H., Yahaya, N., Norhazilan, M.N., Khoshnava, S.M. 16609336 / 978-303835123-8 567   Scopus 0.000
21. Analytical study of slant end-plate connection subjected to elevated temperatures Steel and Composite Structures Zahmatkesh, F., Osman, M.H., Talebi, E., Kueh, A.B.H. 12299367 17 1 WOS 0.719
22. ANP experiment for demolition plan evaluation Journal of Construction Engineering and Management Chen Z., Abdullah A.B., Anumba C.J., Li H. 7339364 140 2 WOS 0.867
23. Application of a grounded group decision-making (GGDM) model: A case of micro-organism optimal inoculation method in biological self-healing concrete Desalination and Water Treatment Keyvanfar A., Majid M.Z.A., Shafaghat A., Lamit H., Talaiekhozan A., Hussin M.W., Lee C.T., Zin R.B.M., Fulazzaky M.A. 19443986 52 19-21 WOS 0.988
24. Application of design experiments to evaluate the effectiveness of climate factors on energy saving in green residential buildings Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering) Zahraee, S.M., Khademi, A., Khademi, S., Abdullah, A., Ganjbakhsh, H. 1279696 69 5 Scopus 0.000
25. Application of ion chromatography for the assessment of cadmium adsorption in simulated wastewater by activated carbon Desalination and Water Treatment Musa M., Kikuchi A., Ismail N.E., Jaafar J., Abdul Majid Z., Salim M.R., Tanaka K. 19443986 52 19-21 WOS 0.988
26. Application of moving car observer method for measuring free flow speed on two-lane highways Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering) Puan, O.C., Ibrahim, M.N., Abdurrahman, U.T. 1279696 69 6 Scopus 0.000
27. Application of Proteus mirabilis and Proteus vulgaris mixture to design self-healing concrete Desalination and Water Treatment Talaiekhozani A., Keyvanfar A., Andalib R., Samadi M., Shafaghat A., Kamyab H., Majid M.Z.A., Zin R.M., Fulazzaky M.A., Lee C.T., Hussin M.W. 19443986 52 19-21 WOS 0.988
28. Architect critical challenges as a project manager in construction projects: A case study Advances in Civil Engineering Yadollahi, M., Mirghasemi, M., Zin, R.M., Singh, B. 16878086 2014   Scopus 0.000
29. Assessment of fatigue and corrosion fatigue behaviours of the nitrogen ion implanted CpTi International Journal of Fatigue Ali N., Fulazzaky M.A., Mustapa M.S., Ghazali M.I., Ridha M., Sujitno T. 1421123 61   WOS 1.694
30. Assessment of green inhibitor on the crystal structures of carbonated concrete Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering) Abdulrahman, A.S., Ismail, M. 1279696 69 3 Scopus 0.000
31. Assessment of greenhouse gas emission reduction measures in transportation sector of Malaysia Jurnal Teknologi Shahid, S., Minhans, A., Puan, O.C. 1279696 70 4 Scopus 0.000
32. Assessment the behavior of seismic designed steel moment frames subjected to progressive collapse Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology Adnan A.B., Faridmehr I., Faramanbordar B., Hodjati R., Shirazi M.G., Rahman A.B.A. 20407467 7 10 Scopus 0.000
33. Automated safety planning approach for residential construction sites in Malaysia International Journal of Construction Management Zolfagharian, S., Irizarry, J., Ressang, A., Nourbakhsh, M., Gheisari, M. 15623599 14 3 Scopus 0.000
34. Bearing capacity of shallow foundation’s prediction through hybrid artificial neural networks Applied Mechanics and Materials Marto, A., Hajihassani, M., Momeni, E.  16609336 / 978-303835123-8 567   Scopus 0.000
35. Beneficial effects of commercial Assam green tea infusion on the microbial growth and oxidative stability of cooked beef International Food Research Journal Kristanti, R.A., Hadibarata, T., Punbusayakul, N. 19854668 21 4 Scopus 0.000
36. Binary Effect of Fly Ash and Palm Oil Fuel Ash on Heat of Hydration Aerated Concrete Scientific World Journal Mehmannavaz, Taha; Ismail, Mohammad; Sumadi, Salihuddin Radin; Bhutta, Muhammad Aamer Rafique; Samadi, Mostafa; Sajjadi, Seyed Mahdi 1537-744X     WOS 1.219
37. Bioaugmentation involving a bacterial consortium isolated from the rhizosphere of Spirodela polyrhiza for treating water contaminated with a mixture of four nitrophenol isomers RSC Advances Kristanti, Risky Ayu; Toyama, Tadashi; Hadibarata, Tony; Tanaka, Yasuhiro; Mori, Kazuhiro 2046-2069 4 4 WOS 3.708
38. Bio-composite materials potential in enhancing sustainable construction Desalination and Water Treatment Yazdi M.F.A., Zakaria R., Mustaffar M., Abd. Majid M.Z., Zin R.M., Ismail M., Yahya K. 19443986 52 19-21 WOS 0.988
39. Biofiltration potential of macroalgae for ammonium removal in outdoor tank shrimp wastewater recirculation system Biomass and Bioenergy Lavania-Baloo, Azman S., Mohd Said M.I., Ahmad F., Mohamad M. 9619534 66   WOS 3.411
40 Biofiltration process as an ideal approach to remove pollutants from polluted air Desalination and Water Treatment Fulazzaky M.A., Talaiekhozani A., Ponraj M., Abd Majid M.Z., Hadibarata T., Goli A. 19443986 52 19-21 WOS 0.988
41 Biological pre-treated oil palm mesocarp fibre with cattle manure for biogas production by anaerobic digestion during acclimatization phase International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation Saidu, M., Yuzir, A., Salim, M.R., Salmiati, Azman, S., Abdullah, N. 9648305 95 PA Scopus 0.000
42 Bio-Mimic Optimization Strategies in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey Sensors Adnan, Md Akhtaruzzaman; Razzaque, Mohammd Abdur; Ahmed, Ishtiaque; Isnin, Ismail Fauzi 1424-8220 14 1 WOS 2.048
43 Biosorption and biotransformation of fluoranthene by the white-rot fungus Pleurotus eryngii F032 Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry Hadibarata T., Kristanti R.A., Hamdzah M. 14708744 61 2 WOS 1.322
44 Building energy consumption in Malaysia: An overview Jurnal Teknologi Hassan, J.S., Zin, R.M., Majid, M.Z.A., Balubaid, S., Hainin, M.R. 1279696 70 7 Scopus 0.000
45 Calibration of Hydrodynamic Modeling in Western Part of Johor Strait, Malaysia International Journal of Environmental Research Kazemi, Z.; Hashim, N. B.; Aslani, H.; Liu, Z.; Craig, P. M.; Chung, D. H.; Ismail, M. 1735-6865; 2008-2304 8 3 WOS 1.818
46 Carbon balance impacts of land use changes related to the life cycle of Malaysian palm oil-derived biodiesel International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment Hansen, Sune Balle; Olsen, Stig Irving; Ujang, Zaini 0948-3349; 1614-7502 19 3 WOS 3.089
47 Carbon matrix as a surrogate measure for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon pollution in road sediments Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering) Lawan Yakubu M., Yusop Z. 21803722 69 2 Scopus 0.000
48 Catastrophe theory to assess water security and adaptation strategy in the context of environmental change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change Xiao-jun W., Jian-yun Z., Shahid S., Xing-hui X., Rui-min H., Man-ting S. 13812386 19 4 WOS 2.019
49 Ceramic industry wastewater treatment by rhizofiltration system – Application of water hyacinth bioremediation IIOAB Journal Elias S.H., Mohamed M., Nor-Anuar A., Muda K., Mat Hassan M.A.H., Othman M.N., Chelliapan S. 9763104 5 1 Scopus 0.000
50 Challenges of Integrated Water Resources Management in Indonesia WATER Fulazzaky, Mohamad Ali 2073-4441 6 7 WOS 1.291
51 Characterisation of micro-structural damage in asphalt mixtures using image analysis Construction and Building Materials Abdul Hassan N., Airey G.D., Hainin M.R. 9500618 54   WOS 2.265
52 Characteristics and performance of aerobic granular sludge treating rubber wastewater at different hydraulic retention time Bioresource Technology Rosman N.H., Nor Anuar A., Chelliapan S., Md Din M.F., Ujang Z. 18732976 161   WOS 5.039
53 Characteristics and utilization of steel slag in road construction Jurnal Teknologi Oluwasola, E.A., Hainin, M.R., Aziz, M.M.A.  01279696 70 7 Scopus 0.000
54 Characteristics of continuous unidirectional kenaf fiber reinforced epoxy composites Materials & Design Mahjoub, Reza; Yatim, Jamaludin Mohamad; Sam, Abdul Rahman Mohd; Raftari, Mehdi 0261-3069 64   WOS 3.171
55 Characterization and source identification of stormwater runoff in tropical urban catchments Water Science and Technology Chow, M. F.; Yusop, Z. 0273-1223; 1996-9732 69 2 WOS 1.212
56 Climate change and water resources management in Tuwei river basin of Northwest China Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change Wang Xiao-jun; Zhang Jian-yun; Wang Jian-hua; He Rui-min; ElMahdi, Amgad; Liu Jin-hua; Wang Xin-gong; King, David; Shahid, Shamsuddin 1381-2386; 1573-1596 19 1 WOS 2.019
57 Coagulation of the Suspended Organic Colloids Using the Electroflocculation Technique Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology Moayedi H., Kazemian S., Vakili A.H., Ghareh S., Nazir R. 1932691 35 2 WOS 0.705
58 Collapse/Swell Potential of Residual Laterite Soil Due to Wetting and Drying-wetting Cycles National Academy Science Letters – India Kholghifard, Mehrdad; Ahmad, Kamarudin; Ali, Nazri; Kassim, Azman; Kalatehjari, Roohollah 0250-541X 37 2 WOS 0.240
59 Combination effects of ultrasound wave and biocide treatment on the growth of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) Desalination and Water Treatment Mohd Rasol R., Md Noor N., Yahaya N., Abdullah A., Abu Bakar A., A Rashid A.S. 19443986 52 19-21 WOS 0.988
60 Comparative experimental study of full-scale H-subframe using a new industrialized building system and monolithic reinforced concrete beam-to-column connection Strustural Design of TaTRUCTURAL DESIGN OF TALL AND SPECIAL BUILDINGS Moghadasi, Mostafa; Marsono, Abdul Kadir 1541-7794; 1541-7808 23 8 WOS 0.957
61 Comparative study on the behaviour of buckling restrained braced frames at fire Journal of Constructional Steel Research Talebi, E., Md Tahir, M., Zahmatkesh, F., Kueh, A.B.H. 0143974X 102   WOS 1.370
62 Comparison of sand patch test and multi laser profiler in pavement surface measurement Jurnal Teknologi Yaacob, H., Hassan, N.A., Hainin, M.R., Rosli, M.F. 1279696 70 4 Scopus 0.000
63 Consolidation characteristics of lime column and geotextile encapsulated lime column (GELC) stabilized pontian marine clay Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering Chong S.Y., Kassim K.A. 10893032 19 A   Scopus 0.000
64 Conventional methods and emerging wastewater polishing technologies for palm oil mill effluent treatment: A review Journal of Environmental Management Liew, W.L., Kassim, M.A., Muda, K., Loh, S.K., Affam, A.C. 3014797 149   Scopus 0.000
65 Critical criteria on client and customer satisfaction for the issue of performance measurement Journal of Management in Engineering Rashvand P., Zaimi Abd Majid M. 0742597X 30 1 WOS 1.111
66 Critical State of Sand Matrix Soils Scientific World Journal Marto, Aminaton; Tan, Choy Soon; Makhtar, Ahmad Mahir; Leong, Tiong Kung 1537-744X     WOS 1.219
67 Decolorization and degradation mechanism of Amaranth by Polyporus sp. S133 Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering Hadibarata, T., Nor, N.M. 16157591 37 9 WOS 1.823
68 Detection of damage to bending structures using a crack index Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Structures and Buildings Adhami B., Ghafory-Ashtiany M., Khanlari K., Niroumand H. 17517702 167 3 WOS 0.282
69 Determining the quality of highway service caused by rainfall Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Transport Mashros, N., Ben-Edigbe, J.  0965092X 167 5 Scopus 0.000
70 Development and utilization of aerobic granules for soy sauce wastewater treatment: Optimization by response surface methodology Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering) Harun, H., Nor-Anuar, A.  01279696 69 5 Scopus 0.000
71 Development of a risk assessment model for Oman construction industry Jurnal Teknologi Yafai, K.N., Hassan, J.S., Balubaid, S., Zin, R.M., Hainin, M.R. 1279696 70 7 Scopus 0.000
72 Development of p-y Curves of Laterally Loaded Piles in Cohesionless Soil Scientific World Journal Khari, Mahdy; Kassim, Khairul Anuar; Adnan, Azlan 1537-744X     WOS 1.219
73 Development of splice connections for precast concrete structures Advanced Materials Research Rahman, A.B.A., Ling, J.H., Hamid, Z.A., Osman, M.H., Mohammad, S., Saim, A.A. 10226680 / 978-303835158-0 980   Scopus 0.000
74 Direct stiffness model of slant connection under thermal and non-symmetric gravity load Journal of Constructional Steel Research Zahmatkesh, F., Osman, M.H., Talebi, E., Kueh, A.B.H. 0143974X 102   WOS 1.370
75 Dominant weathering profiles of granite in southern Peninsular Malaysia Engineering Geology Alavi Nezhad Khalil Abad, S.V., Mohamad, E.T., Komoo, I. 137952 183   Scopus 0.000
76 Double layer concrete paving blocks using waste tyre rubber as aggregate replacement  Applied Mechanics and Materials Jusli, E., Md Nor, H., Ramadhansyah, P.J., Zaiton, H.     16609336 554 2014 Scopus 0.000
77 Drivers’ perceptions of unsafe driving behaviors and their countermeasures: A study in Saudi Arabia Jurnal Teknologi Hasan, T., Ahmed, I., Al-Bar, H.O. 1279696 / 978-303835109-2 70 4 Scopus 0.000
78 Economic design issues of RC structures against progressive collapse Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology Adnan A.B., Osman M.H., Faridmehr I., Hodjati R., GharehzadehShirazi M., Sajjadi S.M., Rahman A.B.A. 20407467 7 10 Scopus 0.000
79 Effect of confining layers of steel straps confined high-strength concrete cylinder under uniaxial cyclic compression Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering) Lee, H.-P., Awang, A.Z., Omar, W. 1279696 70 1 Scopus 0.000
80 Effect of nodes solving sequence on incline multilayer soils under RCC dam Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering Marto A., Shamsai A., Jalalpour H., Tabandeh M., Latifi N., Yunus N.Z. 10893032 19 I   Scopus 0.000
81 Effect of Non-Traditional Additives on Engineering and Microstructural Characteristics of Laterite Soil Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering Marto, Aminaton; Latifi, Nima; Eisazadeh, Amin 1319-8025; 2191-4281 39 10 WOS 0.367
82 Effect of pH and temperature on corrosion of steel subject to Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria Journal of Environmental Science and Technology Ismail M., Noor N.M., Yahaya N., Abdullah A., Rasol R.M., Rashid A.S.A. 19947887 7 4 Scopus 0.000
83 Effect of rainfall and groundwater level on sandy beach profile Applied Mechanics and Materials Wahab, A.K.A., Othman, N., Jamal, M.H., Samat, S.R. 16609336 / 978-303835123-8 567   Scopus 0.000
84 Effect of rainfall intensity and road crossfall on skid resistance of asphalt pavement Jurnal Teknologi Yaacob, H., Hainin, M.R., Baskara, S.N.A.L. 1279696 70 4 Scopus 0.000
85 Effect of rice husk ash fineness on the properties of concrete Applied Mechanics and Materials Dewi, S.J., Ramadhansyah, P.J., Norhidayah, A.H., Md. Maniruzzaman, A.A., Hainin, M.R., Mohd Haziman, W.I. 16609336 554   Scopus 0.000
86 Effect of road lighting on the quality of dual carriageway road service Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology Johnnie B.-E., Nordiana M., Rahman R. 20407459 / 978-303835109-2 7 5 Scopus 0.000
87 Effect of single face compaction on stability and flow of asphalt specimen Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering) Chang, F.-L., Yaacob, H., Hainin, M.R. 1279696 69 3 Scopus 0.000
88 Effective thickness of bedding sand layer for shell groove-underside shaped concrete blocks for pavement Jurnal Teknologi Azman, M., Hasanan, M.N., Hainin, M.R., Hafizah, N.A.K. 1279696 70 4 Scopus 0.000
89 Effects of nitrogen source on enhancing growth conditions of green algae to produce higher lipid Desalination and Water Treatment Kamyab H., Tin Lee C., Md Din M.F., Ponraj M., Mohamad S.E., Sohrabi M. 19443986 52 19-21 WOS 0.988
90 Effects of soil model on site response analyses Asian Journal of Scientific Research Khari, M., Kassim, K.A.B., Adnan, A.B., Moayedi, H.   19921454 7 1 Scopus 0.000
91 Efficiency of aerobic granulation technology in treating high strength soy sauce wastewater Sains Malaysiana Harun, H., Nor-Anuar, A., Ujang, Z., Othman, I., Rosman, N.H. 1266039 43 10 Scopus 0.000
92 Electrochemical assessment of concrete ternary inhibitors used in retarding corrosion of steel reinforcement ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences Abdulrahman A.S., Ismail M. 18196608 9 5 Scopus 0.000
93 Elements of green highway assessment: Social and safety Jurnal Teknologi Mazlan, A.N., Zin, R.M., Zakaria, R., Majid, M.Z., Hainin, R., Yazid, Y.S., Ismail, M.A., Ismail, H.H. 1279696 70 7 Scopus 0.000
94 Encapsulation of nonmetallic fractions recovered from printed circuit boards waste with thermoplastic Journal Of The Air & Waste Management Association Muniyandi, Shantha Kumari; Sohaili, Johan; Hassan, Azman 1096-2247; 2162-2906 64 9 WOS 1.171
95 Energy efficiency factors for existing toll plazas Jurnal Teknologi Balubaid, S., Abdul Majid, M.Z., Zakaria, R. 1279696 70 7 Scopus 0.000
96 Enhanced degradation of pyrene and metabolite identification by Pleurotus eryngii F032 Water, Air, and Soil Pollution Teh Z.C., Hadibarata T. 15732932 225 5 WOS 1.685
97 Evaluating accidents in the offshore drilling of petroleum: Regional picture and reducing impact Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation Ismail Z., Kong K.K., Othman S.Z., Law K.H., Khoo S.Y., Ong Z.C., Shirazi S.M. 2632241 51 1 WOS 1.526
98 Evaluation of factors influencing strength of foamed bitumen stabilised mix Jurnal Teknologi Hainin, M.R., Matori, M.Y., Akin, O.E. 1279696 70 4 Scopus 0.000
99 Evaluation of kaolin slurry properties treated with cement Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation Raftari M., Rashid A.S.A., Kassim K.A., Moayedi H. 2632241 50 1 WOS 1.526
100 Evaluation of macrocomposite based sequencing batch biofilm reactor (MC-SBBR) for decolorization and biodegradation of azo dye Acid Orange 7 International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation Lim C.K., Aris A., Neoh C.H., Lam C.Y., Abdul Majid Z., Ibrahim Z. 9648305 87   WOS 2.235
101 Evaluation on performance characteristics of superpave asphalt mix design under tropical climatic conditions International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology Ahmad, J., Md Yusoff, N.I., Hainin, M.R., Abd Rahman, M.Y., Hossain, M. 19966814 7 5 Scopus 0.000
102 Excellent Performance of Earth Dams under Resonance Motion Using Isolator Damping Layer Shock And Vibration Gordan, Behrouz; Adnan, Azlan 1070-9622; 1875-9203     WOS 0.608
103 Experimental and numerical modeling of uplift behavior of rectangular plates in cohesionless soil Geomechanics and Engineering Niroumand H., Kassim K.A. 2005307X 6 4 WOS 0.350
104 Experimental Investigation on SSTT confined concrete with low lateral pre-tensioning stresses Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering) Lee, H.-P., Awang, A.Z., Omar, W. 1279696 69 3 Scopus 0.000
105 Factors influencing natural frequencies in a prestressed concrete panel for damage detection Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering) Goh, L.D., Rahman, A.A., Bakhary, N., Ahmad, B.H. 1279696 69 3 Scopus 0.000
106 Feasibility study of grouted splice connector under tensile load Construction and Building Materials Ling J.H., Abd. Rahman A.B., Ibrahim I.S. 9500618 50   WOS 2.265
107 Fenton and photo-fenton oxidation of sulfidic spent caustic: A comparative study based on statistical analysis Environmental Engineering and Management Journal Abdullah, S.H.Y.S., Hassan, M.A.A., Noor, Z.Z., Noor, S.F.M., Aris, A. 15829596 13 3 WOS 1.258
108 Flow characteristics of ternary blended self-consolidating cement mortars incorporating palm oil fuel ash and pulverised burnt clay Construction and Building Materials Hassan I.O., Ismail M., Forouzani P., Majid Z.A., Mirza J. 9500618 64   WOS 2.265
109 Green Bambusa Arundinacea leaves extract as a sustainable corrosion inhibitor in steel reinforced concrete Journal of Cleaner Production Asipita S.A., Ismail M., Majid M.Z.A., Majid Z.A., Abdullah C., Mirza J. 9596526 67   WOS 3.590
110 Headway distributions based on empirical erlang and pearson type III time methods compared Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology Ben-Edigbe, J., Rahman, R., Mashros, N. 20407459 7 21 Scopus 0.000
111 Impact of bitumen binder: Scope of bio-based binder for construction of flexible pavement Jurnal Teknologi Rahman, M.T., Aziz, M.M.A., Hainin, M.R., Bakar, W.A.W.A. 1279696 70 7 Scopus 0.000
112 Impact of direct soil moisture and revised soil moisture index methods on hydrologic predictions in an arid climate Advances in Meteorology Jajarmizadeh, M., Harun, S.B., Shahid, S., Akib, S., Salarpour, M. 16879309 2014   WOS 1.348
113 Impact of hydraulic retention time on the performance and archaea populations of an anaerobic reactor treating synthetic Tylosin wastewater Desalination and Water Treatment Chelliapan S., Yuzir A., Din M.F.M., Anuar A.N., Ponraj M., Sallis P.J. 19443986 52 19-21 WOS 0.988
114 Impact of plants and equipment management in construction industry of Iran Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology Aadal H., Fard A.B., Rad K.G., Sabet P.G.P., Morshedi. E. S.R. 20407467 7 11 Scopus 0.000
115 Impact of rainfall condition on traffic flow and speed: A case study in Johor and Terengganu Jurnal Teknologi Mashros, N., Ben-Edigbe, J., Hassan, S.A., Hassan, N.A., Yunus, N.Z.M. 1279696 70 4 Scopus 0.000
116 Improvement of Peat Using Portland Cement and Electrokinetic Injection Technique Arabian Journal For Science And Engineering Moayedi, Hossein; Kassim, Khairul Anuar; Kazemian, Sina; Raftari, Mehdi; Mokhberi, Mehdi 1319-8025; 2191-4281 39 10 WOS 0.367
117 Indirect measure of shale shear strength parameters by means of rock index tests through an optimized artificial neural network Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation Jahed Armaghani, D., Hajihassani, M., Yazdani Bejarbaneh, B., Marto, A., Tonnizam Mohamad, E. 2632241 55   WOS 1.526
118 Influence of active filler, Curing time and moisture content on the strength properties of emulsion and foamed bitumen stabilized mix Jurnal Teknologi Sufian, Z., Aziz, N.A., Matori, M.Y., Hussain, M.Z., Hainin, M.R., Oluwasola, E.A. 1279696 70 4 Scopus 0.000
119 Influence of darkness on motorway traffic flow characteristics Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology Ben-Edigbe, J. 20407459 7 22 Scopus 0.000
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