Open-ended Project Report

The format of the report will generally be as follows:
Front Page (Title, team members)

second page : Ruberic for lab report assesment, 

Logbook discussion 

  • Content may include Items of discussion, action items, design calculation, experimental procedure, referencing etc

  • Discuss purpose of work with relevant background information
  • Summarize the procedures
  • Design mix  method and experiments are clearly stated and described

Data Collection and Recording


  • Data collected is clearly written and appropriately tabulated; Data is within the expected norms.
Analysis (Calculations and Results)

  • All required calculations are present and performed correctly;Results (with % error where appropriate) are clearly stated.

  • Result and conclusions are clearly stated,
  • Thorough discussion on what results mean and implications of results.
  • Provide consistently accurate information.

Conclusions – are clearly stated


  • Attach any references that help you to solve the problem