How To Write Laboratory Report

Guideline for writing lab report (SAB 1042, 2012, 3011 & SAU 3052) 
Lab reports should be hand written. It should begin with a cover page containing the lab title, number, the date, team members names, and the name of your lab lecturer and teaching assistant (if any). Lab report should be neat, in order, well-formatted, very readable and in good physical condition. It must has your actual/original work (Be careful not to copy text from the other members of the group). See FormatThe report should have the following sections:
The introduction should introduce the reader to the topic of the lab, the objective  and provide any technical background material that is required to make the laboratory report complete. The introduction should discuss concepts rather than procedure or results. Include the summarized procedure using your own word. The intro section should be a few paragraphs and no longer than two pages. Remember to use past tense since you are reporting on the procedure you followed.
Data Collection/recording
Data collected is clearly written and appropriately tabulated; Data is within the expected norms.
You should perform all required calculations correctly with % error (where appropriate). All figures and graphs must be are correctly drawn and numbered. Use the numbers to refer to these results when you discuss them.
Discussion/ conclusion
All results must be explained/interpreted and discussed. Identify sources of error, their impact upon the results and how those errors may be overcome in future attempts. All assigned questions must be answered and discussed. In this section you should write about the concepts that you learned in the laboratory. If you experienced problems or obtained data that was incorrect, here is where you might elaborate on the causes and ideas for solutions.