Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology


Water is the most abundant substance on earth, the principal constituent of all living beings, and a major force constantly shaping the surface of the earth. It is also a key factor in air-conditioning the earth for human existence and in influencing the progress of civilization. Natural and artificial changes affect the distribution, circulation and quality of water in nature. The scientists and engineers engaged in planning and management of water resources have been facing numerous problems to control water resources worldwide. The ravages of floods and droughts enhanced by man-made changes are discernible in Malaysia, and the waste products of different industries have been posing a serious threat to our environment continuously and our water supplies in particular. The planning, development, control and management of water resources generally require a multi-disciplinary approach to solve these problems efficiently and optimally.

The Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, has been conducting undergraduate and postgraduate courses and researches in the field of water resources engineering since its establishment in 1972. Our qualified academic staffs and visiting experts from other universities and industries throughout the world also conduct various training and short courses relating to water resources. The department is closely involved with several prominent water industries, water resources related organizations and universities worldwide through academic links and consultancy projects. In the department, excellent laboratory and computational facilities are available for teaching and research purposes.

Currently, there are 30 qualified academic staffs in the department.  All the academic staffs are dedicated to their academic and professional works relating to water resources engineering, hydraulics and hydrology, including teaching, research, consultancy, publications and other services. The department is also supported by a group of competent and experienced laboratory technicians.