Books 2009

Updated : 09/02/2014

1. Steelwork Design Guide To BS 5950-1:2000
  • Mahmood Tahir, Shahrin Mohammad
  • Mohamed Ismail, A. Aziz Saim
  • Sariffudin Saad, Hanim Osman
  • Airil Yasreen Mohd Yassin, Yusof Ahmad
2. Sistem Fast-Track Wall (FTW)
  • Muhd Zaimi Abd. Majid,
  • Rosli Mohamad Zin,
  • Jamiah Mohd Salleh
3. Variation Of Malaysia Climate Due To Global Warming And ENSO Events
  • Ahmad Khairi Abdul Wahab
4. Introduction To Civil Engineering Materials
  • M.E Ismail
  • Abdul Rahman Mohd Sam
  • Salihuddin Radin Sumadi
  • Mohd Warid Hussin
  • Zaiton Haron
5. The Process Of Aerobic Granulation For Simultaneous Organics And Nutrients Removal In Wastewater Treatment, Chapter In Book : Advances In Water And Wastewater Treatment Technologies
  • Aznah Nor Anuar
  • Zaini Ujang
  • Mark Van Loosdrecht
  • Mohd Razman Salim
6. Disinfection – Chapter In Book : MWA Design Guidelines For Water Supply Systems, Section 27 : Specific Water Treatment Processes
  • Aznah Nor Anuar
7. Reuse And Recycling – Chapter In Module : Introduction To Cleaner Production
  • Aznah Nor Anuar
8. Procedure Development For Determination Of Aerobic Granular Sludge (AGS) Strenght
  • Aznah Nor Anuar
9. Development Of Mixing Criteria For Aerobic Granular Sludge (AGS) Reactor Operations
  • Aznah Nor Anuar
10. Development Of Aerobic Granular Sludge Technology For Domestic Wastewater Treatment In Hot Climates
  • Aznah Nor Anuar
11. Self Assessment Report For Accreditation Of An Engineering Programme, Chapters In Books
  • Nazri Ali
12. Ground Stabilization By Tree Induced Water Uptake, Chapters In Books
  • Nazri Ali