The laboratory of Structures and Materials Department are equipped with sophisticated testing equipments. There are various specialized testing sections in the laboratory, include heavy and light structures, reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, seismic lab etc. This laboratory is housed in a building covering a floor space area of 5,560 square meters. Some of the major equipment and facilities available in the laboratory are:


500 tonne Universal Testing Machine: with a capacity of 5,000 kN and 2,000 kN in compression and tension respectively. Loading actuator is servo-controlled for consistent load increments used for static and dynamic testing on reinforced steel bars and other materials for bending, tension and compression.


25 tonne Dynamic Testing Machine : a smaller version of the Universal Testing Machine for testing of smaller materials such as fibres, threads, geotextiles, etc.


A 13 m x 27 m reinforced concrete strong floor with 1 metre grid anchor points, is one of the largest strong floor area in the region.


Universal testing frame for full scale testing with 200 tonne capacity. Frame height 5.2 m and testing clear height of 2.5 m.


Equipment for Non-Destructive Testing on Reinforced Concrete.