Computing laboratory of the Faculty include class rooms for teaching on computer-based learning and various civil engineering softwares. There are 5 computer laboratories dedicated to teaching ICT to undergraduates and these laboratories are maintained by 7 technicians during office hours. All PCs are connected to the central computing network of the University. A postgraduate computer laboratory has also been established in 2006 which provides 11 shared networked PCs. The Faculty also provide 100% wireless coverage for the students with own mobile PC within computing laboratory. In addition, we facilitate 50% wireless coverage within the academic buildings. Part of the improvement plan is to install additional 16 wireless access points to achieve 100 % wireless coverage by the end of 2008.

Accessing e-Learning, online academics management as well as online banking has become a norm to FKA students. The latest connectivity technology using Virtual Private Networking (VPN) deployed by the University has enabled students to connect to university library even during off semester from home. This is particularly useful for students undertaking final year projects or industrial training outside campus.