Updated : 09/02/2014

Industrial Attachment And Training Programme
Industrial training programme for civil engineering students is a compulsory course whereby all students are required to pass before they graduate. The normal duration of training is no less than 10 weeks. During the training program, students are attached either in the public or private sectors which may include the relevant government department and agencies, consultant firms as well as contractors.

Students with diploma and working experience prior to continuing their study at bachelor level is allowed to request for exemption from this program. The exemption would be considered according to the requirements set by the faculty as follows;

Students attending the industrial training either in government or private sectors must comply with the procedures enforced by their respective employers. On leave approval must be obtained from the respective head department. Students are advised to consult the Faculty on any unclear issues related to on leave procedures

Discipline During Training
During the whole training period, students must maintain high discipline standard. Student must always polite, adhere to proper dress code and maintain good behaviour to other staff in the organisation. This is to uphold the good name of the university, as well as the student.

Students must always abide to all procedures enforced by the organisation. Students are adviced not to get involve in any activities organized by the worker’s association or in any activities which are against the university act. Regardless of any situations occurred in the organisation, students are advice not to argue and always refer to the Faculty.

Indemnity Letter
UTM will provide students with indemnity letters that give coverage for the whole 10 weeks period of training. This letter will be sent directly by the faculty to the respective employer (Example of indemnity letter is shown in Appendix A)

Address During Training
Students are required to inform the faculty on the detail address of the training place not later than 10 working days after the training commenced using the Training Organisation Information form – FKA.B.PG.LI.04.Ed.0 as shown in Appendix B. Failure to comply with this requirement, students may not be visited by the faculty supervisor, leading to failure of the industrial training program.

Students are not allowed to change the training place or move to other firm or organization without the consent and official approval from the Faculty. Nevertheless, diversifying the job scopes during the training is strongly encouraged.

The student’s performance undertaking industrial training for 10 weeks will be assessed according to following four criteria;

No. Criteria Mark

Assessment by Faculty Supervisor as given in Industrial Training Assessment Report by Faculty Supervisor form FKA.B.PG.LI.06 Ed.0 shown in Appendix C.  For the whole period of training, the faculty will arrange for one visit only.



Assessment by Industrial Supervisor as given in Industrial Training Assessment Report by Industrial Supervisor form FKA.B.PG.LI.07 Ed.0 shown in Appendix E. This form is to be sent to the Faculty by the supervisor after the students have completed the training.



Industrial Training Report prepared by student after undergoing training. This report is to be sent to the Faculty at least one week after training ends and will be checked by the Faculty Supervisor.



Log Book assessment by both Industrial Supervisor and Faculty Supervisor.


Total :


Condition For Passing Industrial Training
The passing mark for industrial training is 60 % of the overall marks, and a minimum of 50% from each Industrial and Faculty supervisor.

The final grade given to students uses the pass or fail format of HL or HG respectively. The faculty will issue a certificate for students as recognition to their success in undergoing the industrial training. Achievement grade will be stated in the certificate

Post Industrial Training Survey
Faculty will conducting a survey to assess the effectiveness of the Industrial Training programme as a commitment towards providing a quality graduates. Students who have completed the training are invited to participate in this survey, by responding to the questionnaires given in Post Industrial Training Survey by Student form FKA.B.PG.LI.10 as shown in Appendix F.