Regulations And Guidelines Of Minor Programme

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1.0 Registration of Minor Programme
  1.1 Continuing students who have been approved to follow a Minor programme must register for the programme at the students’ Faculty according to the specific date set by the University.
  1.2 Students are not allowed to change the Minor programme that has been registered.
  1.3 Students are not allowed to have more than TWO (2) Minor programmes during their course of study.
2.0 Registration of Minor Programme’s Courses
  2.1 Students can register for any course that is offered in the Minor programme with the permission of the students’ Academic Advisor and the Faculty which offering the Minor programme.
  2.2 Students are required to register for each Minor course that they plan to take for that particular semester according to the existing Regulations and Procedures and within the duration specified by the offering faculty.
  2.3 Minor courses cannot be registered as Audit Status (HS).
  2.4 Item 5.4 (ii) to item 5.4 (x) in Section 5 can be used except for Item 5.4 (v).
3.0 Passing Credit for Minor Programme and Duration of Study
  3.1 Students must pass all the required courses for the registered Minor programme.
  3.2 The faculty that offers the Minor programme, with the University’s approval, determines the total number of credits passed for that particular Minor.
  3.3 Additional semester beyond the specified maximum duration of study will not be granted to those students who register for any Minor programme.
4.0 Exemption and Transfer of Credit for Minor Programme
  4.1 Exemption and Transfer of Credits will not be allowed for Minor programme.
5.0 Academic Standing
  5.1 The results of the Minor programme courses will be counted in the students’ GPA and CGPA.
  5.2 Failed Minor courses are not required to be repeated but the credits and credit points earned will be counted in the students’ GPA and CGPA.
6.0 Minor Conferral
  6.1 Students will only be recorded a Minor in a particular course, in their transcript, after having:
    i. Passed all the courses required by the registered Minor programme.
    ii. Applied for Minor conferral and with approval from the offering faculty.
  6.2 Application for Minor Conferral.
    a) Students who have fulfilled all the requirements for their Minor programme must submit the application together with the application for their degree conferral.
    b) Application for Minor conferral cannot be done after the award of any degree.
    c) Students who do not apply for their Minor conferral together with their degree conferral will not be awarded a Minor.