Procedures For Application Of Degree Conferral

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1. Final semester students who are completing their studies must apply for the conferral of their Degree. Students who have applied for the conferral of their Degree but unable to complete their study on time are required to re-apply for the conferral. The application submitted in the previous semester is invalid.
2. Students who are not eligible to apply (besides those mentioned in Item 1) will be fined RM50.00 if they submitted an application.
3. The application must be made using the Application of Degree Conferral Form (in three copies) within a specified period set by the University. Students must bring all forms to the Faculty for endorsement. The first copy of the form must be submitted to the Faculty, the second copy to the Academic Advisor and the third copy for their record keeping. If the student fails to submit a copy to the Faculty, this will be considered that the student has not submitted his application form
4. The closing date for the application is THIRTY (30) days before the start of the final examination. Application received within TWO (2) weeks after the closing date will be fined RM50.00.
5. Students who do not submit the application form to the Faculty within the specified period will not be conferred in that semester. Nevertheless, they can submit their application within the specified period of the following semester.
6. Only students who have applied for the degree conferral within the specified period will be recommended by the Faculty to the Senate to be verified as eligible recipients of the Degree.
7. Students who have not applied for the conferral of Degree could not be considered for registration of a postgraduate study at the University.
8. Application for the conferral of Degree must be submitted not later than FIVE (5) years after the completion of study. Application submitted to the Faculty after the stated duration will not be entertained and the student is not eligible for conferral.