Day 1
On 5th April. Upon arrival, immediately go straight to Dewan Sultan Iskandar for registration. You will be guided for a night stay in the campus by our crew. Registration will start at 2pm.

Day 2
On 6th April. Go to basement of Masjid Sultan Ismail for a briefing at 8.30 am. After 30 minutes technical briefing, you will be instructed to start a model making, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.You may make your own break for refreshment, lunch or dinner. Advisor and teacher, please stay away from the participant, they are ours. We already prepare 60 UTM volenteer to assist the participant.

At 5.30 pm you will be instructed to bring your model to Dewan Sultan Iskandar. We will inspect and tag your model, so that there is no switching with other pre-made model. The model stay overnight for next day exibition, load test and judgement. Wear anything suitable for model building. Bring ALL the necessary tools for model making. At 6pm, the hall will be closed and no one allowed in.

Day 3
On 7th April. This is where you wear your smartest dressing for the exibition, test, judgement and presentation. Come as early as 8.00 am for final preparation. The day event start at 8.30 am. Prepare your speech if you want to present your model on stage. Act normal and do not nervous. Test will be carryout for school participant and also some on university participant.

Day 4
On 8th April. The model strength test will start at 8.30am. The prize giving ceremony will start at 2.30pm. There is an extra surprise prize for these 4 days event as well.

See you at UTM, drive carefully, do not rush.

Additional Note:

1. For multimedia, we suggest Sketchup software, once completed, convert to avi. Kalau tak boleh …(he he.. ) use microsoft power point, make it self running for three minutes. From sketchup, print it for poster.

2. Do not use staple, it is metal.

3. No members across the deck hole, plan your bridge shape, if we check that any bridge element crossing the hole, we will cut it.

4. Do not try to switch the ready made model during the competititon, it is not honest.

5. Do not embed metal, in any members,… we can see it

6. Test your prototype bridge at home first, put 5 kg weight for 30 second (sugar bag, salt bag or brick) on the deck and see what happen. Redo if necessary.

Dr Kadir



The Faculty of Civil Engineering, UTM has been organizing the bridge model competition since late nineties.  The overwhelming support and interest shown by the students have encouraged the faculty to organize the competition this year. This will be the ninth time such event is organised. The aim of the competition is to encourage students to use knowledge and creativity to solve practical problems. 


Open to undergraduate students from any colleges, matriculations, universities, and also to Form 4, 5 & 6 secondary schools.


  • Submission of entry form, project brief and drawings 1st March 2015.
  • Notice of acceptance from the organizer 6th March 2015.

Rules and Regulations


  • The number of students in a group must not be more than five.
  • Each group should be supervised by an academic staff / advisor.
  • Models must be displayed during the exhibition.
  • Entries not complying with the rules and regulations of the competition will be disqualified.
  • Decisions by the judges are final.


  • The models should be made from Balsa wood with the cross section of (5mm x 5mm) and (1.5mm x 100mm) as provided by the organizer.
  • Participant should bring their own glue and relevant tools.
  • Other materials such as paper, thread, straws, masking tape may be used but are not provided by the organizer

Model Construction

  • The bridge must be constructed on 6th April 2015 at the place provided by the organizer in UTM

Model Specification

  • Clear span between supports should be 1000 mm. The overall length should not be less than 1200 mm
  • The model must be simply supported
  • The deck slab of the bridge should be horizontal and must be part of the model bridge structure
  • Maximum deck width is 110 mm and can be accommodate dual carriageway of at least 30 mm wide each.
  • Two voids with dimensions of (10mm x 150mm) should be provided at locations as shown in the diagram (refer figure)
  • Maximum height is 300 mm.
  • Base area at both ends must not be greater than 100 x 100 mm.
  • Connection : glue or tie (thread)
  • Ample space for placing dial gauge below the bridge at mid span should be provided
  • The model will be tested for 5 kg loading for a duration of 30 seconds.

 ** Click to enlarge image

Poster and Multimedia

Each model must be accompanied by one (1) A3 poster and a multimedia presentation (3 minutes) during the exhibition. A3 is the size of two A4 paper size.

The A3 poster must have the following information:

  • Name of institution / school
  • Group name
  • Group members
  • Advisor
  • Model description

Assessment of Model

Category Marks (%)
Lightness and least deflection 50
Creativity and Buildability 30
Poster and Multimedia presentation 20


Category First (RM) Second (RM) Third (RM)
Lightness + Strength 1000 750 500
Creativity + Buildability 1000 750 500
Poster + Multimedia 1000 750 500
Overall 1500 1000 750


The participation fee is RM200 per entry upon successful acceptance. However the participants have to bear their own expenses for the traveling, accommodation etc.


Accommodation for the participants is not provided. However it can be arranged upon request at nominal cost (subject to availability).

Entry Form

For more details please access our website and download the application form at or click here.


General enquiries:

Dr. Mariyana Aida Binti Abdul Kadir
Tel: +607 5533059 or +6013 4239006

Technical enquiries :

Associate Professor Dr. Abdul Kadir Marsono
Tel: 07-5531734, 018 7707240 (wassapp only)

Ir. Mohamad. Salleh Yassin
Tel: 07-5531603


Things to bring

1. Sandpaper for smoothing the model surface (but not crucial)
2. Pencil and eraser for drawing a model to a big and long drawing paper. This is to create a template for gluing the balsa model.
3. Steel ruler preferably one meter long or longer
4. Notebook 1 unit for multimedia presentation. Presentation is at your booth for the judges and visitors.

5. Super Glue 502 (or any brand) , 10 bottles                                    6. Cutter : 5 units and spare blades for
and pin, for punch in the hole in glue nozzle                                           balsa cutting

Super glue 502                                                                          cutter

7. One 3 way 3 pin socket adapter to recharge your PC                       8. Cable tie for securing poster to camera tripod

3 point socket                                                                           cable tie

9. Camera Tripod to place the A3 poster

20150329_102845  20150329_102907


Poster Brochure Brochure Entry Form

** Click to download documents

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