Pavement and Transportation Research Group (PTRG) from the School of Civil Engineering (SKA) had conducted a two- day pavement assessment on 3rd and 4th May 2019 at Jalan Tanjung Resang (JT183), Mersing, Johor. The team was led by Dr. Azman bin Mohamed together with 31 participants including students, academic and technical staff from various departments i.e. Department of Geotechnics and Transportation, Department of Water and Environmental and Survey Unit of School of Civil Engineering. Apart from JKR Mersing, their partners, Leader Scope Sdn Bhd and TETO Engineering Sdn Bhd also participated in the site survey. All the participants were involved with various investigations for the pavement assessment such as road surface mapping (Thermal mapping Infrared imaging), bearing capacity of materials (Mackintosh Probe and Dynamic Core Penetrometer), Geophysical method, Asphalt coring and water table.

Pavement assessment is the most effective way to manage and maintain asphalt pavement. It prioritizes preventative maintenance according to condition, treatment and costs of the project. The assessment begins with an inventory of pavement, the type and intended use, which are mapped, measured and recorded in a database that becomes the source for future condition ratings, treatment recommendations and cost projections. The goal is to identify problem areas before they deteriorate to a level requiring expensive rehabilitation or reconstruction.

According to Mersing District Engineer, Ir Mohd Idham bin Mokhtar, using the approach, it can provide all the necessary information for the Public Works Department in order to select the right maintenance treatments at the right time and cost for preserving the life of asphalt pavements under Mersing jurisdiction. This program is significant to provide an excellent collaboration platform for linkages between the industry and university to formulate more strategic and structured academic and research cooperation plans.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Norhidayah Abdul Hassan
Head of Research, Pavement and Transportation Research Group
School of Civil Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.