The committee members of Civil Engineering Society  had successfully organized an event called Civil Engineering Festival (CEF’19) from 5th and 6th of April 2019. The event, which lasted for two days, featured industrial talks, 3 educational and entertaining competition and exhibitions from engineering companies based on Civil Engineering. This event recorded a total of 210  participants for the competitions from School of Civil Engineering. The prizes for the competition amounted up to RM 1155. This event ran successfully by the crews which totaled up to 53 members.

The competitions that were held included Floating Bridge competition, Autocad Survival Speed competition and MightyMind Explorace competition. On the 5th of April, Floating Bridge competition and Autocad Survival Speed test were held. For Floating Bridge competition, this competition had an overwhelming participation of 95 students (19 groups). This competition was held at the School of Civil Engineering, block M47. As for Autocad Survival Speed competition, the participants totaled up to 23 participants. This event was held at the Computer Lab. On the 6th of April, MightyMind Explorace took place which amounted to 92 participants, a total of 23 groups. This event had taken place at the School of Civil Engineering.

The industrial talk was given by Puan Siti Norul Ain Binti Ariff, the assistant manager of Eastern Pretech Company. This talk was held to give an insight for the third and fourth year students for them to know the companies better. As for the second talk, it was given by Prof. Dr. Muhd. Zaimi, an experienced Civil Engineer and lecturer. He shared useful experiences and tips for the students. Eastern Pretech company opened up a booth as well as SPC industries. Students were allowed to drop their resume at their booth as the companies were searching for fresh young graduates. Both of the talks and the booths were held at Dewan Sri Resak, KTDI.

This is the first time ever Civil Engineering Society organized CEF as to bring a new breathe of fresh air to the School of Civil Engineering. This programme aimed to train Civil Engineering students to be able to think critically and to improve their soft skills for their own benefits in the coming future. Below are the pictures of the activities throughout our programme.

Source by Nur Zakiah binti Mohd Faudzi