About US

SKA and UTMSPACE are committed to provide the highest standards of quality in delivering the part-time civil engineering programmes to achieve the mission and vision of the faculty and university. SKA and UTMSPACE are responsible to ensure that procedures and processes in the management system are carried out in-line with the EAC requirements. In addition, the effectiveness of systems is monitored for continual improvement. One of the main criteria for the success of the programme is the structure of the organisations involved in carrying out the programme.

Since 1995, this part-time programme is fully supported by the highest management in the university. At the second level of management, SKA, the owner and SPACEUTM, the manager of the programme, work together in running the daily activities. To improve the quality of the programme, SKA has a few integrated mechanisms to check the implementation of the programme and to review the academic programme with inputs from external examiners, IAP panels and other stakeholders.