World Congress of the International Association of Landscape Ecology (IALE) takes place every 4 years. The 8th World Congress of  IALE   was held in Beijing – China, from 18 to 23 August, 2011 with the theme of landscape ecology for sustainable environment and culture.  Being the first Congress IALE held in Asia and in the developing world,  the conference brought together over 845 participants from 42 countries to share their experiences, to publish their findings, to learn from each other and to discuss the future of sustainable landscape ecology.

While welcoming the gathering, the IALE meeting benefited from the presence of renowned researchers such as Richard Foreman (Professor of Landscape Ecology at Harvard University, the father of landscape ecology), Paul Opdam (Senior Researcher at ALTERRA research institute, Wageningen University), Robert Costanza (Director of the Institute for Sustainable Solutions at Portland State University), Jianguo Wu (Professor of Landscape Ecology and Sustainability Science at Arizona State University) and  Prof. Bojie Fu (Chairman of IALE-China chapter, co-chair of the 8th IALE congress).

Seven plenary presentations were given with focusing on landscape ecological principles, landscape services and planning, urban landscape ecology, ecological design, sustainable landscape, and bio-cultural diversity, respectively. More than 520 oral presentations in 35 symposia and 9 open sessions were presented, in combination with 140 posters sorted into 10 themes.

There were 11 participants along with me from Hiroshima University; Professor Nobukazu Nakagoshi and his lab members of 6 PhD students and 4 Master students. My oral presentation title ‘Urban municipal solid waste recovery through regional collaborative research between Malaysia and Japan as alternative to landfill dependency’ was registered under Symposium of Low Carbon Society.Abstract of the presentation can be find under conference proceeding menu.