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Updated : 01/02/2017

  1. Structural Performance of Cold-Formed Steel with Self-Compacting Concrete in a Composite Beam System : Mustapha Muhammad Lawan
  2. Binder and Micro-Filler Characterization and Properties of Palm Oil Fuel Ash Polymer Concrete : Nur Hafizah Binti Abd Khalid
  3. Aerated Concrete From Agro-Industrial Waste For Improvement Of Thermal Insulation In Buildings : Eeydzah Aminudin
  4. Behaviour Of Cold-Formed Lipped C-Channel With Ferrocement Jacket Composite Columns Under Axial Compression : Khaled Kh D Sh O Alenezi
  5. Damage Based Reliability Of Smart Industrialised Building System For Residential Units (Restricted) : Wong Jing Ying
  6. Effects Of Palm Oil Fuel Ash And Metakaolin Blend On Properties Of Geopolymer Mortar : Taliat Ola Yusuf
  7. Estimation Of Compression Strength Of Concrete With Drillability Test : Wail Asim Mohammad Hussain
  8. Evaluation Of Multistory Buildings Using Performance Seismic In Life Safety Level : Mohammad Ahmadi
  9. Long Term Prediction Of Pipeline Corrosion Under Tropical Seabed Sediment : Ahmed Mokhtar Albshir Budiea
  10. Modelling Of External Corrosion Growth Of Steel Pipeline In Soil For Tropical Climate : Siti Rabe’ah Othman
  11. Multistage Artificial Neural Network In Structural Damage Detection : Goh Lyn Dee
  12. Performance Evaluation Of Tuned Liquid Column Dampers With Embedded Baffles And Rotatable Screens (Restricted) : Hamid Pesaran Behbahani
  13. Performance Of Light Steel Framing With Bolted Top-Seat Flange Cleat Connection : Lee Yeong Huei
  14. Performance Of Steel Sections Strengthened With Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Plate Under Tropical Climate : Mehran Gholami
  15. Performance Of Ternary Blended Cement Mortar Containing Palm Oil Fuel Ash And Metakaolin : Jamilu Usman
  16. Performance Of Tuned Liquid Damper With Baffle In Reduction Of Structural Dynamic Response : Hossein Shad
  17. Seismic And Progressive Collapse Assessment Of New Proposed Steel Connection : Iman Faridmehr
  18. Self Consolidating High Performance Palm Oil Fuel Ash And Pulverised Burnt Clay Blended Concrete : Hassan Ibrahim Ogiri
  19. The Characteristics Of Structural Concrete Using Bacteria Improvement : Ramin Andalib
  20. Thermal Performance Of Axially Restrained Steel Beams With Slant End-Plate Connections : Farshad Zahmatkesh
  21. Ultimate Behaviour Of Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls With Octagonal Openings : Somaieh Hatami