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Updated : 01/02/2017

  1. Modeling Sewer Overflow of Karbala City with Large Floating Population : Hussein Abed Obaid
  2. Disaggregation Of Daily Into Hourly Rainfall Using Bartlett Lewis Rectangular Pulse Model And Multi Layer Perceptron : Harisaweni
  3. Flow Behaviour Due To Floodplain Roughness Along Riparian Zone In Compound Channels : Zulkiflee Ibrahim
  4. Impact Of Freshwater Inflow On First-Oder Transport Timescales In A Narrow Strait : Ziba Kazemi
  5. Modelling Of Road Surface Pollution Buildup And Washoff Using Rainfall Simulator : Mahadi Lawan Yakubu
  6. Nitrate Movement Simulation In Saturated Porous Media In The Presence Of Kaolin Particles : Morteza Mohsenipour
  7. Spatial And Temporal Distributions Of Water Physicochemical Properties, Sediment Quality And Sedimentation In Sembrong Reservoir : Nor Bakhiah Baharim