Undergraduate Student

Updated : 23 June 2013

The Faculty of Civil Engineering offers a full-time 4-year undergraduate programme leading to the award of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) degree.  The curriculum has been developed with the following aspirations;

i) To enhance the quality of learning and teaching in the academic environment;
ii) To disseminate  engineering sciences which focused on quantitative, problem solving, design and engineering practice
To incorporate the generic skills which include communication skill, leadership, social and environmental responsibilities awareness.
iv) To embed research attributes in courses

The curriculum provides competence graduates that satisfy the needs of industry. The effectiveness and quality of the curriculum is enhanced with proper assessment techniques on every course.  The curricular approach, the educational content and the teaching-learning and assessment methods are appropriate, consistent with, and support the attainment to achieve the Programme Learning Outcomes (LO), as described in the Section 3 and the preceeding paragraphs.