Journals 2007

Updated : 31/01/2014

1. Muhd. Zaimi Abd. Majid, Mushairry Mustaffar, Zubair Ahmed Memon (2007) “A Systematic Procedure for Developing The 3D Model to Evaluate The Construction Project Progress”, Construction Innovation Information, Process, Management
2. Salihuddin Radin Sumadi (2007) “Study of Flowability and Strength Forrcement Mortar”, Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro, Pakistan
3. Redzuan Abdullah (2007) “Determination of Composite Slab Strength Using a New Elemental Test Method”, Journal of Structural Engineering
4. R. Narayanan (2007) “Gradually Expanding Hydraulic Jump In a Trapezoidal Channel”, Journal of Hydraulic Research
5. Zaini Ujang, Mohd. Razman Salim, Mohd. Fadhil Md. Din, Salmiati “Intracellular Biopolymer Productions Using Mixed Microbial Cultures From Fermented POME”, Water Science & Technology
6. Mohd. Razman Salim, Salmiati “Application of Biochemical Products as a Bioremediation Technique for Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants”, Water Science & Technology
7. Mohd. Razman Salim “The Effect of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) Fractions on Fouling Characteristics and Flux Recovery of Ultrafiltration Membranes”, Journal of Desalination
8. Mohd. Razman Salim “Fabrication, Fouling and Foulant Analyses of Asymmetric Polysulfone (PSF) Ultrafiltration Membrane Fouled With Natural Organic Matter (NOM) Source Waters”, Journal of Membrane Science
9. Airil Yasreen Mohd. Yassin “Cross-Sectional Properties of Complex Composite Beams”, Engineering Structures
10. Fadil Othman, Johan Sohaili, Moh Faiqun Ni’am, Zulf Fauzia “Enhancement Of Suspended Solids Removal From Wastewater Using Electrocoagulation Process With Iron Electrodes”, Water Science & Technology
11. Fadil Othman, Johan Sohaili, Moh Faiqun Ni’am, Zulf Fauzia “Electrocoagulation Technique in Enhancing COD and Suspended Solids Removal to Improve Wastewater Quality”, Water Science & Technology
12. Azmi Aris “Treatment of Acidic Water of Bekok River Using Open Limestone Channel”, Water Science & Technology : Water Supply
13. Fadil Othman, Johan Sohaili, Moh Faiqun Ni’am, Zulf Fauzia “Removal of COD and Turbidity to Improve Wastewater Quality Using Electrocoagulation Technique”, The Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences
14. Othman Che Puan, Mushairry Mustaffar, Tung Chai Ling “Automated Pavement Imaging Program (APIP) for Pavement Cracks Classification and Quantification”, Malaysian Journal of Civil Engineering
15. Faridah Jaffar Sidek, Muhammad Al-Jeffry Abdul Wahab “The Effects of Porosity of Submerged Breakwater Structures on Non-Breaking Wave Transformations”, Malaysian Journal of Civil Engineering
16. Azmi Aris “Evaluation of Photo-Fenton Degradation of Reactive Black 5 Using Response Surface Method”, Malaysian Journal of Civil Engineering
17. Mohd. Warid Hussin, Fadhadli Zakaria “Engineering Properties of High Volume Slag Cement Grout in Tropical Climate”, Malaysian Journal of Civil Engineering
18. Ayob Katimon “Moisture Retention Curve of Tropical Sapric and hermic Peat”, Malaysian Journal of Civil Engineering (Technical Note)
19. Mohd. Razman Salim “Ultrafiltration of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) : Effect of NOM Characteristics on Membrane Rejection Mechanisms in Drinking Water Process”, Malaysia Journal of Science