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1 Relationship of mathematics anxiety and mathematics confidence among engineering students Advanced Science Letters Firouzian, F., Fadaei, M., Ismail, Z., Firouzian, S., Yusof, Y.M. Scopus Mohammadreza Vafaei
2 Prioritization of reputation loss factor subject to pipeline explosion Asian Journal of Scientific Research Zardasti, L., Hanafiah, N.M., Noor, N.M., Yahaya, N. Scopus Norhazilan Md Noor
3 Relationship between in-situ measurement of soil parameters and metal loss volume of X70 carbon steel coupon Asian Journal of Scientific Research Mior Mohd Tahir S.N.F., Noor N.M., Yahaya N., Sing L.K. Scopus Norhazilan Md. Noor
4 Waterproof performance of concrete: A critical review on implemented approaches Construction and Building Materials Muhammad, N.Z., Keyvanfar, A., Abd. Majid, M.Z., Shafaghat, A., Mirza, J. Scopus Ali Keyvanfar
5 Determination of failure zone of vane shear test using artificial transparent soil Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering Hussin, N.B., Rashid, A.S.B.A., Mohamad, H.B., Samuri, A.R.B. Scopus Ahmad Safuan A Rashid
6 Effects of tunnel depth and relative density of sand on surface settlement induced by tunneling Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering Marto A., Sohaei H., Hajihassani M. Scopus Aminaton Marto
7 Experimental study on the axial behavior of perforated cold-formed steel wall frames Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering – Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on GreenBuilding, Materials and Civil Engineering, GBMCE 2014 Mohsan, N.M., Sulaiman, A., Tahir, M.M. Scopus Arizu Sulaiman
8 Evaluation of rutting potential and skid resistance of hot mix asphalt incorporating electric arc furnace steel slag and copper mine tailing Indian Journal of Engineering and Materials Sciences Oluwasola, E.A., Hainin, M.R., Aziz, M.M.A. Scopus Mohd Rosli Hainin 
9 Effect of temperature in SRB growth for oil and gas pipeline Indian Journal of Science and Technology Rasol, R.M., Noor, N.M., Din, M.M. Scopus Norhazilan Md Noor
10 Effect of chemical warm asphalt additive on wettability of aged binder incorporating waste engine oil International Journal of Applied Engineering Research Kamaruddin N.H.M., Hainin M.R., Hassan N.A., Abdullah M.E. Scopus Mohd. Rosli Hainin
11 Statistical investigation on anaerobic sulphate-reducing bacteria growth by turbidity method International Journal of Biological Chemistry Ismail, M., Noor, N.M., Yahaya, N., Bakar, A.A., Ali, M.K.F.M., Abdullah, A. Scopus Norhazilan Md Noor
12 Effective training factors for competency of demolition operatives in Malaysia International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues Ganjbakhsh, H., Abdullah, A.B., Sadi, M.K., Yadollahi, M. Scopus Mohammadreza Yadollahi
13 Performance of lime-treated marine clay on strength and compressibility chracteristics International Journal of GEOMATE Yunus, N.Z.M., Marto, A., Pakir, F., Kasran, K., Jamal, M.A.A., Jusoh, S.N., Abdullah, N. Scopus Nor Zurairahetty Mohd Yunus
14 Strength, modulus of elasticity and shrinkage behaviour of concrete containing waste carpet fiber International Journal of GEOMATE Abdul Awal, A.S.M., Mohammadhosseini, H., Hossain, M.Z. Scopus A.S.M. Abdul Awal
15 Groundwater resource evaluation in the western part of Kushtia district of Bangladesh using vertical electrical sounding technique ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering Haque M.N., Keramat M., Shahid S. Scopus Shamsuddin Shahid 
16 Weak imposition of essential boundary conditions in isogeometric analysis of depth averaged advection dispersion equation Journal of Applied Sciences Hekmat A., Yassin A.Y.B.M., Yusop Z.B., Kashefizadeh M. Scopus Airil Yasreen Mohd Yassin
17 Comparison study on human health and safety loss for rural and urban areas in monetary value subjected to gas pipeline failure Journal of Environmental Science and Technology Hanafiah, N.M., Zardasti, L., Yahaya, N., Noor, N.M., Hassan, N., Valipour, A. Scopus Nordin Yahaya
18 A combined sensitivity analysis of seven potential evapotranspiration models Jurnal Teknologi Askar, M., Mustafa, M.A., Setiawan, B.I., Soom, M.A.M., Harun, S., Abidin, M.R.Z., Yusop, Z. Scopus Muhamad Askar
19 A multivariate methodology for determining the optimal highway alignment candidate based on geographic information system and analytic hierarchy process Jurnal Teknologi Mohd Yunus, M.Z., Che Puan, O., Sajjadi, S.M. Scopus Mohd Zulkifli Mohd Yunus
20 A preliminary study of environmental noise in public university Jurnal Teknologi Haron, Z., Han, L.M., Darus, N., Lee, Y.L., Jahya, Z., Abdul Hamid, M.F., Yahya, K., Shek, P.N. Scopus Zaiton Haron
21 A prototyping model of intelligent hearing protection device Jurnal Teknologi Han L.M., Haron Z., Jahya Z., Darus N., Hamid M.F.A. Scopus Zaiton Haron
22 A review of performance asphalt mixtures using bio-binder as alternative binder Jurnal Teknologi Mamat, R., Hainin, M.R., Hassan, N.A., Rahman, N.A.A., Warid, M.N.M., Idham, M.K. Scopus Mohd Rosli Hainin
23 A review of the corrosion behavior of metallic heritage structures and artifacts Jurnal Teknologi Darain, K.M., Jumaat, M.Z., Nazimuddin, S.M., Ahsan, A., Rashid, R., Aziz, M.M.A., Obaydullah, M., Islam, A.B.M.S. Scopus Md Maniruzzaman A.Aziz     
24 A review of utilization of coconut shell and coconut fiber in road construction Jurnal Teknologi Lay Ting, T., Putra Jaya, R., Abdul Hassan, N., Yaacob, H., Sri Jayanti, D. Scopus Ramadhansyah Putra Jaya
25 A review on the application of bio-oil as an additive for asphalt Jurnal Teknologi Raman N.A.A., Hainin M.R., Hassan N.A., Ani F.N. Scopus Mohd Rosli Hainin
26 A review on the exploration of nanomaterials application in pavement engineering Jurnal Teknologi Abdullah M.E., Zamhari K.A., Buhari R., Kamaruddin N.H.M., Nayan N., Hainin M.R., Hassan N.A., Jaya R.P., Yusoff N.I.M. Scopus Mohd Rosli Hainin
27 Aggregate angularity effect on porous asphalt engineering properties and performance Jurnal Teknologi Tarmuzi N.A., Jaya R.P., Yaacob H., Hassan N.A., Aziz M.M.A. Scopus Ramadhansyah Putra Jaya
28 An expert system to remedy concrete imperfections and their effects on rigid pavements Jurnal Teknologi Mosa, A.M., Ismail, N.N., Md. Yusoff, N.I., Mubaraki, M.A., Memon, N.A., Taha, M.R., Hainin, M.R. Scopus Mohd Rosli Hainin
29 An overall review: Modified asphalt binder containing sasobit in warm-mix asphalt technology Jurnal Teknologi Hainin M.R., Aziz M.M.A., Feizabadi S.M., Jaya R.P., Hassan N.A., Jakarni F.M. Scopus Mohd Rosli Hainin
30 An overview of moisture damage in asphalt mixtures Jurnal Teknologi Hamzah M.O., Kakar M.R., Hainin M.R. Scopus Mohd Rosli Hainin
31 Applicability of electrical resistivity tomography in subsurface utilities engineering Jurnal Teknologi Alel, M.N.A., Saad, R., Abdullah, R.A., Wei, L.I. Scopus Rini Asnida Abdullah
32 Application of nanotechnology in asphalt binder: A conspectus and overview Jurnal Teknologi Wan Azahar, W.N.A., Bujang, M., Putra Jaya, R., Hainin, M.R., A. Aziz, M.M., Ngadi, N. Scopus Ramadhansyah Putra Jaya
33 Assessment index tool for green highway in Malaysia Jurnal Teknologi Balubaid, S., Bujang, M., Aifa, W.N., Seng, F.K., Rooshdi, R.R.R.M., Hamzah, N., Mohd Yazid, Y.S., Abd Majid, M.Z. Scopus Muhd Zaimi Abd. Majid 
34 Assessment of cost escalation factors for building and civil engineering projects in Nigerian construction industry: A multiple regression approach Jurnal Teknologi Muhammad N.Z., Keyvanfar A., Majid M.Z.A., Shafaghat A., Magana A.M., Lawan H., Balubaid S. Scopus Ali Keyvanfar
35 Assessment of weathering effects on rock mass structure Jurnal Teknologi Abad S.V.A.N.K., Mohamad E.T., Komoo I., Kalatehjari R. Scopus Edy Tonnizam Mohamad
36 Bond stress in grouted spiral connectors Jurnal Teknologi Abd Rahman, A.B., Mahdinezhad, M., Ibrahim, I.S., Mohamed, R.N. Scopus Ahmad Baharuddin Abd Rahman 
37 Causes of variation order in building and civil engineering projectsin Nigeria Jurnal Teknologi Muhammad, N.Z., Keyvanfar, A., Majid, M.Z.A., Shafaghat, A., Magana, A.M., Dankaka, N.S. Scopus Muhd Zaimi Abd. Majid 
38 Comparative study of eight metallic yielding dampers Jurnal Teknologi Aghlara, R., Tahir, M.M., Adnan, A. Scopus Mahmood Md Tahir
39 Comparison of building existing partitions through building information modeling (BIM) Jurnal Teknologi Mohandes S.R., Marsono A.K., Omrany H., Faghirinejadfard A., Mahdiyar A. Scopus Abdul Kadir Marsono
40 Comparison of soil index properties value for different pre-drying conditions on clayey soil Jurnal Teknologi Yoon, T.C., Yunus, N.Z.M., Marto, A., Hezmi, M.A., Jusoh, S.N., Ahmad, K. Scopus Nor Zurairahetty Mohd Yunus
41 Comparisons on the response of shallow geothermal energy pile embedded in soft and firm soils Jurnal Teknologi Marto, A., Makhtar, A.M., Amaludin, A. Scopus Aminaton Marto 
42 Compensation process for noise induced hearing loss Jurnal Teknologi Mazlan A.N., Yahya K. Scopus Khairulzan Yahya
43 Composite construction of cold-formed steel (CFS) section with high strength bolted shear connector Jurnal Teknologi Lawan, M.M., Tahir, M.M., Osman, M.H. Scopus Mahmood Md Tahir
44 Conceptual design of malaysia geopostcode system Jurnal Teknologi Othman W.M.N.W., Yusof Z.M., Amerudin S. Scopus Zainab Mohamed Yusof
45 Construction noise annoyance among the public residents Jurnal Teknologi Darus N., Haron Z., Bakhori S.N.M., Han L.M., Jahya Z., Hamid M.F.A. Scopus Zaiton Haron
46 Contractor selection at prequalification stage: Current evaluation and shortcomings Jurnal Teknologi Rashvand, P., Abd Majid, M.Z., Baniahmadi, M., Ghavamirad, F. Scopus Muhd Zaimi Abd. Majid 
47 Correlation between seismic refraction and borehole data for subsurface evaluation Jurnal Teknologi Mohamad, E.T., Alel, M.N.A., Masdi, N.F. Scopus Mohd Nur Asmawisham Alel
48 Deformation model of deep soil mixing using finite element method Jurnal Teknologi Rashid A.S.A., Faizi K., Armaghani D.J., Nazir R. Scopus Ahmad Safuan A Rashid
49 Demand analysis of parking at Machap Northbound Rest and service area Jurnal Teknologi Abd Wahab, M.S., Ramli, I., Hassan, S.A., Hainin, M.R., Minhans, A. Scopus Sitti Asmah Hassan
50 Developing methodology for cradle to grave cost planning for industrialised building system (IBS) In Malaysia Jurnal Teknologi Shamsuddin, S.M., Zakaria, R., Mohamed, S.F., Saleh, A.L., Utomo, C., Majid, M.Z.A., Yahya, K. Scopus Rozana Zakaria
51 Distributed optical-fibre strain sensing in reinforced concrete structures Jurnal Teknologi Mohamad H., Kueh A.B.H., Rashid A.S.A. Scopus Hisham Mohamad
52 Effect of bio-oil from empty fruit bunch on penetration index of asphalt binder Jurnal Teknologi Raman, N.A.A., Hainin, M.R., Hassan, N.A., Ani, F.N., Warid, M.N.M., Idham, M.K., Mamat, R. Scopus Mohd Rosli Hainin
53 Effect of ceramic aggregate on high strength multi blended ash geopolymer mortar Jurnal Teknologi Ariffin, M.A., Hussin, M.W., Samadi, M., Abdul Shukor Lim, N.H., Mirza, J., Awalluddin, D., Othman, N. Scopus Mohd Azreen Mohd Ariffin
54 Effect of particle size on cadmium removal by banana peels Jurnal Teknologi Mohd Said M.I., Sabri S., Azman S. Scopus Mohd Ismid Mohd Said
55 Effect of post-curing regime on density, compressive strength and crosslinking of polymer concrete Jurnal Teknologi A. Khalid, N.H., Hussin, M.W., Ismail, M., A. Ismail, M., Mohamed, A., Ariffin, N.F., Abdul Shukor Lim, N.H., Samadi, M. Scopus Mohd Warid Hussin
56 Effect of sodium silicate as liquid based stabilizer on shear strength of marine clay Jurnal Teknologi Pakir, F., Marto, A., Yunus, N.Z.M., Tajudin, S.A.A., Tan, C.S. Scopus Aminaton Marto
57 Effect of styrene-butadiene on rheological properties of asphalt emulsion Jurnal Teknologi Warid, M.N.M., Hainin, M.R., Yaacob, H., Aziz, M.M.A., Idham, M.K., Raman, N.A.A., Mamat, R. Scopus Mohd Rosli Hainin
58 Effect of viscoelastic behavior of cellulose oil palm fiber (COPF) modified 60-70 asphalt binder for deterioration for roads and highways Jurnal Teknologi Aziz, M.M.A., Hamad, A.W., Maleka, A.M., Jakarni, F.M. Scopus Md Maniruzzaman A Aziz
59 Effect of weathered surface crust layer on stability of muar trial embankment Jurnal Teknologi Sobhanmanesh, A., Nazir, R., Saadatkhah, N. Scopus Ramli Nazir
60 Effectiveness of ultraviolet light for mitigating risk of microbiologically influenced corrosion in steel pipeline Jurnal Teknologi Ali M.K.F.M., Md. Noor N., Yahaya N., Bakar A.A., Ismail M. Scopus Norhazilan Md Noor
61 Effects of nanoparticle filler on thermo-physical properties of rattan powder-filled polypropylene composites Jurnal Teknologi Nikmatin, S., Syafiuddin, A., Kueh, A.B.H., Purwanto, Y.A. Scopus Ahmad Kueh Beng Hong
62 Estimating uniaxial compressive strength of tropically weathered sedimentary rock using indirect tests Jurnal Teknologi Liang M., Mohamad E.T., Khun M.C., Alel M.N.A. Scopus Edy Tonnizam Mohamad
63 Evaluation of effects of extended short-term aging on the rheological properties of asphalt binders at intermediate temperatures using respond surface method Jurnal Teknologi Hamzah M.O., Omranian S.R., Golchin B., Hainin M.R. Scopus Mohd Rosli Hainin
64 Evaluation of major causes of road accidents along north–east highway, nigeria Jurnal Teknologi Yero A.S., Ahmed T.Y., Hainin M.R. Scopus Mohd Rosli Hainin
65 Evaluation on the performance of aged asphalt binder and mixture under various aging methods Jurnal Teknologi Idham, M.K., Hainin, M.R., Warid, M.N.M., Raman, N.A.A., Mama, R. Scopus Mohd Rosli Hainin 
66 Excavation assessment in wet tropically sedimentary rock Jurnal Teknologi Liang, M., Mohamad, E.T., Komoo, I., Chau-Khun, M. Scopus Edy Tonnizam Mohamad
67 Feasibility assessment of the implementation of solar and wind energy technologies in the current context of Iran-case study: Kerman Jurnal Teknologi Parapari D.M., Taslim S., Shafaghat A. Scopus Arezou Shafaghat
68 Finite element modelling of compartment fire using Jurnal Teknologi Mariyana A.A.K., Abdul Awal A.S.M., Tahir M.M. Scopus Mariyana Aida Ab Kadir
69 Flexural behaviour of reinforced slab panel system with embedded cold-formed steel frames as reinforcement Jurnal Teknologi Tan C.S., Lee Y.L., Mohammad S., Lim S.K., Lee Y.H., Lim J.H. Scopus Tan Cher Siang
70 Flexural strength of special reinforced lightweight concrete beam for Industrialised Building System (IBS) Jurnal Teknologi Yip, C.-C., Marsono, A.K., Wong, J.-Y., Amran, M.Y.H. Scopus Abdul Kadir Marsono
71 Impact of multilane median openings zone on travel speed Jurnal Teknologi Rahman R., Ben-Edigbe J. Scopus Johnnie Ben Edigbe
72 Improvement in properties of expansive clay by stabilizing with Buton rock asphalt Jurnal Teknologi Rusbintardjo G., Rosli Hainin M., Yusoff N.I.M. Scopus Mohd Rosli Hainin
73 Incorporation of homogenous ceramic tile waste to enhance mechanical properties of mortar Jurnal Teknologi Mohd Sam, A.R., Samadi, M., Hussin, M.W., Lee, H.S., Ismail, M.A., Abdul Shukor Lim, N.H., Ariffin, N.F., Khalid, N.H.A., Abd Majid, M.Z., Mirza, J. Scopus Abdul Rahman Mohd Sam
74 Influence of rectangular steel splice-sleeve for precast concrete connection Jurnal Teknologi Abd Rahman, A.B., Kee Hong, T., Ibrahim, I.S., Mohamed, R.N. Scopus Ahmad Baharuddin Abd Rahman
75 Instrumented pile load testing with distributed optical fibre strain sensor Jurnal Teknologi Mohamad, H., Tee, B.P. Scopus Hisham Mohamad
76 Interface shear strength of concrete-to concrete bond with and without projecting steel reinforcement Jurnal Teknologi Mohamad M.E., Ibrahim I.S. Scopus Izni Syahrizal Ibrahim
77 Investigating the environmental impacts of green roof installation Jurnal Teknologi Mahdiyar, A., Abdullah, A., Tabatabaee, S., Mahdiyar, L., Mohandes, S.R. Scopus Arham Abdullah
78 Laboratory evaluation on the effect of clogging on permeability of porous asphalt mixtures Jurnal Teknologi Abdul Hassan, N., Mohamed Abdullah, N.A., Mohd Shukry, N.A., Mahmud, M.Z.H., Mohd Yunus, N.Z., Putrajaya, R., Hainin, M.R., Yaacob, H. Scopus Norhidayah Abdul Hassan
79 Liquefaction resistance of sand matrix soils Jurnal Teknologi Tan, C.S., Marto, A., Makhtar, A.M., Chong, S.Y., Pakir, F. Scopus Aminaton Marto
80 Load-deformation behaviour of eccentrically loaded SSTT-confined high strength concrete columns Jurnal Teknologi Khun M.C., Awang A.Z., Omar W. Scopus Abdullah Zawawi Awang
81 Long term studies on compressive strength of high volume nano palm oil fuel ash mortar mixes Jurnal Teknologi Hussin, M.W., Abdul Shukor Lim, N.H., Sam, A.R.M., Samadi, M., Ismail, M.A., Ariffin, N.F., Khalid, N.H.A., Majid, M.Z.A., Mirza, J., Lateef, H. Scopus Mohd Warid Husin
82 Low-velocity impact of composite sandwich plate with facesheet indentation description Jurnal Teknologi Drahman, S.H., Kueh, A.B.H., Abidin, A.R.Z. Scopus Ahmad Kueh Beng Hong
83 Malaysian transverse rumble strips: A review and recommendations for practice Jurnal Teknologi Othman M.H., Haron Z., Hainin M.R., Yahya K., Yaacob H., Sanik M.E. Scopus Zaiton Haron
84 Mechanical properties and self-healing mechanism of epoxy mortar Jurnal Teknologi Ariffin, N.F., Hussin, M.W., Mohd Sam, A.R., Seung Lee, H., A. Khalid, N.H., Abdul Shukor Lim, N.H., Samadi, M. Scopus Mohd Warid Husin
85 Mechanical properties prediction for cold-formed steel angle connection with various flange cleat thickness Jurnal Teknologi Lee Y.H., Tan C.S., Mohammad S., Lee Y.L. Scopus Tan Cher Siang
86 Midblock U–turn facilities on multilane divided highways: An assessment of driver’s merging gap and stop delays Jurnal Teknologi Che Puan, O., Ismail, C.R., Hainin, M.R., Minhans, A., Muhamad Nor, N.S.. Scopus Othman Che Puan
87 Modeling the potential risk of building vulnerability towards tsunami hazard in Ulak Karang and Pasir Jambak sub-district, Padang Jurnal Teknologi Honesti L., Majid M.Z.A., Djali N., Muchlian M. Scopus Muhd Zaimi Abd Majid
88 Modelling of pedestrian speed-density and volume-density relationships in outdoor walkways Jurnal Teknologi Alhassan H.M., Mashros N. Scopus NORDIANA  MASHROS
89 Modelling the effect of wind forces on landslide occurrence in Bududa district, Uganda Jurnal Teknologi Nelson, O., Kassim, A., Yunusa, G.H., Talib, Z.A. Scopus Azman Kassim
90 Numerical and physical modelling of Kaolin as backfill material for polymer concrete retaining wall Jurnal Teknologi Arefnia, A., Kassim, K.A., Sohaei, H., Ahmad, K., Rashid, A.S.A. Scopus Khairul Anuar Kassim
91 Numerical investigation of performance of capillary barrier system with transport layer Jurnal Teknologi Haruna Yunusa, G., Kassim, A., Abu Talib, Z., Mohamed Yoosoof, S.J. Scopus Azman Kassim
92 Optimizing irrigation and drainage rates in sri paddy fields Jurnal Teknologi Setiawan, B.I., Arif, C., Rudiyanto, Askari, M. Scopus Muhamad Askari
93 Pavement technology elements in green highway Jurnal Teknologi Aifa W.N., Hainin M.R., Abd. Majid M.Z., Mohamadzin R., Yaacob H., Zakaria R., Bujang M. Scopus Mohd Rosli Hainin
94 Performance of epoxy resin as self-healing agent Jurnal Teknologi Mohd Sam, A.R.M., Ariffin, N.F., Hussin, M.W., Lee, H.S., Ismail, M.A., Abdul Shukor Lim, N.H., Khalid, N.H.A., Samadi, M., Mirza, J., Majid, M.Z.A. Scopus Abdul Rahman Mohd Sam
95 Performance of modified asphalt binder with tire rubber powder Jurnal Teknologi Hainin M.R., Aziz M.M.A., Adnan A.M., Hassan N.A., Jaya R.P., Liu H.Y. Scopus Mohd Rosli Hainin
96 Performance prediction of prefabricated vertical drain in soft soil using finite element method Jurnal Teknologi Huan, T.Z., Abdullah, R.A., Amin, M.F.M., Hezmi, M.A., Rashid, A.S.A., Alel, M.N.A. Scopus Rini Asnida Abdullah
97 Performance-based pushover cyclic test for innovative prefabricated hybrid industrialised building system sub-frame Jurnal Teknologi Wong J.-Y., Marsono A.K., Tap M.M., Yip C.-C. Scopus Abdul Kadir Marsono
98 Physical field characterization of boulders in tropical weathering profile – A case study in Ulu Tiram, Johor Malaysia Jurnal Teknologi Md Dan, M.F., Mohamad, E.T., Tan, S.N.M.A., Komoo, I. Scopus Edy Tonnizam  Mohamad
99 Polyester grout incorporating fly ash as potential infill material for grouted connections Jurnal Teknologi S. Mohammed, N., Abdul Rahman, A.B., A. Khalid, N.H. Scopus Ahmad Baharuddin Abd Rahman
100 Polymer concrete to normal concrete bond strength: Mohrcoulomb theory Jurnal Teknologi Hussin, M.W., Khalid, N.H.A., Ismail, M., Ismail, M.A., Mohamed, A., Rashid, A.S.A., Ariffin, N.F., Abdul Shukor Lim, N.H., Samadi, M. Scopus Mohd Warid Husin
101 Potentials of kenaf fibre in bio-composite production: A review Jurnal Teknologi Ezekiel Babatunde, O., Mohamad Yatim, J., Ishak, M.Y., Masoud, R., Meisam, R. Scopus Jamaludin Mohamad Yatim
102 Prediction of paddy irrigation requirements by using statistical downscaling and cropwat models: A case study from the Kerian Irrigation Scheme in Malaysia Jurnal Teknologi Hamidon, N., Harun, S., Malek, M.A., Ismail, T., Alias, N. Scopus Sobri Harun
103 Prediction of unconfined compressive strength of rocks: A review paper Jurnal Teknologi Momeni, E., Nazir, R., Armaghani, D.J., Mohd Amin, M.F., Mohamad, E.T. Scopus Ramli Nazir
104 Preparation and characterization of activated carbon from oil palm empty fruit bunch wastes using zinc chloride Jurnal Teknologi Wirasnita R., Hadibarata T., Yusoff A.R.M., Mat Lazim Z. Scopus Tony Hadibarata
105 Prioritizing occupants understanding level on residential building energy consumption Jurnal Teknologi Suleiman, J.H., Keyvanfar, A., Zin, R.M., Balubaid, S., Mansur, S.A. Scopus Ali Keyvanfar
106 Properties of mortar containing ceramic powder waste as cement replacement Jurnal Teknologi Samadi, M., Hussin, M.W., Seung Lee, H., Mohd Sam, A.R., A. Ismail, M., Abdul Shukor Lim, N.H., Ariffin, N.F., A. Khalid, N.H. Scopus Mohd Warid Hussin
107 Quantitative hazard analysis for landslides in Hulu Kelang area, Malaysia Jurnal Teknologi Saadatkhah N., Kassim A., Lee L.M., Yunusa G.H. Scopus Azman Kassim
108 Removal of brilliant green and procionred dyes from aqueous solutionby adsorption using selected agricultural wastes Jurnal Teknologi Mohd Nor N., Hadibarata T., Yusop Z., Lazim Z.M. Scopus Tony Hadibarata
109 Removal of cresol red and reactive black 5 dyes by using spent tea leaves and sugarcane baggase powder Jurnal Teknologi Lazim Z.M., Zulkifli N.S., Hadibarata T., Yusop Z. Scopus Tony Hadibarata
110 Risk classification and barrier of implementing risk management in oil and gas construction companies Jurnal Teknologi Dehdasht, G., Zin, R.M., Keyvanfar, A. Scopus Rosli Mohamad Zin
111 Rock slope assessment using kinematic and numerical analyses Jurnal Teknologi Mohammed Al-Bareda, M.A., Abdullaha, R.A., Yunusa, N.Z.M., Amina, M.F.M., Awang, H. Scopus Rini Asnida Abdullah
112 Segment’sjointin precast tunnel lining design Jurnal Teknologi Jusoh, S.N., Mohamad, H., Marto, A., Yunus, N.Z.M., Kasim, F. Scopus Siti Norafida Jusoh
113 Shear capacity evaluation of reinforced concrete beams: Finite element simulation Jurnal Teknologi Azimi, M., Ponraj, M., Bagherpourhamedani, A., Tahir, M.M., Razak, S.M.S.A., Pheng, O.P. Scopus Mahmood Md Tahir
114 Simulation of linear and non-linear soil water deficit due to tree water uptake Jurnal Teknologi Kian, O.C., Ali, N. Scopus Nazri Ali
115 Soft soil improvement using chemical-rubber chips mixture Jurnal Teknologi Marto, A., Aziz, N., Jahidin, M.R., Yunus, N.Z.M., Kasim, F., Tan, C.S. Scopus Aminaton Marto
116 Soil water characteristic curves of compacted Kaolin for various initial moisture content Jurnal Teknologi Hezmi, M.A., Saari, R., Zahari, M.Z., Abdullah, R.A., Yunus, N.Z.M., Rashid, A.S.A. Scopus Muhammad Azril Hezmi
117 Spatial and temporal pattern of road accidents and casualties in peninsular Malaysia Jurnal Teknologi Shahid, S., Minhans, A., Che Puan, O., Hasan, S.A., Ismail, T. Scopus Shamsuddin Shahid
118 Static response on lime column and geotextile encapsulated lime column (GELC) stabilised marine clay under vertical load Jurnal Teknologi Chong, S.Y., Kassim, K.A., Chiet, K.T.P., Tan, C.S. Scopus Khairul Anuar Kassim
119 Steel slag as a road construction material Jurnal Teknologi Hainin M.R., Aziz M.A., Ali Z., Jaya R.P., El-Sergany M.M., Yaacoba H. Scopus Mohd Rosli Hainin
120 Steel weight saving developed from semi-continuous construction in multi-storey braced steel frame based on euro-code 3 Jurnal Teknologi Taher, T.Y., Tahir, M.M., Sulaiman, A., Ngian, S.P., Saggaff, A. Scopus Mahmood Md Tahir
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