Our Pledge

FKA Vision
“To be a world-class education and
research centre in Civil Engineering”

FKA Mission
“To spearhead excellence in academic and
technology development
through creativity.

FKA Motto
“Always Ahead”


FKA Quality Objectives

  1. To produce quality graduates through the implementation of an integrated curriculum that meets market requirements.
  2. To enhance and provide professional service in Civil Engineering.
  3. To expand the strategic partnerships between the university and the industry.
  4. To enhance research output and the quality of writing.
  5. To enhance the planned continuing education system.
  6. To enhance the skills and professional human capital development.
  7. To embrace the effective team-work culture in a conducive environment.


FKA is proud to be a world class centre of Undergraduates and  Postgraduate study and research in civil engineering producing holistic and highly employable graduates. In doing so, we have set clear and specific outcomes or attributes that the students should attain upon graduation, known as Programme Learning Outcomes (PO). In the long run we also expect the students to possess the attribute listed as the Programme Educational Objectives (PEO). The PEO’s and PO’s for Under Graduates and Post Graduates are as follows:


PEO 1 Graduates are competent, creative and innovative in acquiring and applying knowledge towards solving civil engineering problems.
PEO 2 Graduates possess good leadership qualities, able to work in a team and serve the society.
PEO 3 Graduates demonstrate professionalism and uphold ethical values with integrity.
PEO 4 Graduates are able to communicate effectively and possess strong self confidence.



PO1 (Acquire Knowledge) Ability to acquire knowledge of science, civil engineering principles and other relevant field of studies.
PO2 (Use Technique) Ability to use tools to solve civil engineering problems.
PO3 (Analyse & Development) Ability to analyse, interpret, develop and conduct experiments; and design components, systems, or processes.
PO4 (Critical Thinking & Problem Solving) Ability to resolve problems by providing critical, creative and innovative solutions through the integration of knowledge.
PO5 (Communication Skills) Ability to communicate effectively and with confidence. 
PO6 (Entrepreneurship) Ability to identify business opportunities and embark on entrepreneurship.
PO7 (Team Working) Ability to function effectively as an individual in a team to achieve common goals. 
PO8 (Life Long Learning) Ability to perpetually seek and acquire contemporary knowledge. 
PO9 (Leadership) Ability to lead, communicate and manage effectively with confidence.
PO10 (Ethics & Integrity) Ability to apply high ethical standards in professional practice and social interactions for sustainable development.



PEO 1 Mastery of competencies and integration of knowledge required in the profession.
PEO 2 An appreciation of the value of lifelong learning and possessing enthusiasm and strong commitment to continued acquisition of new knowledge and skills.
PEO 3 Advanced leadership and team working skills that allow professionals to become visionary and inspirational leaders.
PEO 4 Highly developed oral and written communications skills that fit at all level, appropriate to the field of profession.
PEO 5 An appreciation of the ethics and integrity in management, leadership and good governance, and responsibility to their professions and community.



PO 1 Advanced knowledge
PO 2 Critical Thinking and Research
PO 3 Communication
PO 4 Professional Ethics and Integrity
PO 5 Life-long learning
PO 6 Management and Entrepreneurship
PO 7 Teamwork and Leadership