Supervisor Visit

Updated : 09/02/2014

Faculty will assign supervisors from among the academic staff to visit students during the training. The objective of the visits is to provide some guidance and advice to students on matters related to the training program. Among the responsibilities of the faculty supervisors are;

  1. Meet and discuss with the industrial supervisors on any problem that arise during the training as well as to establish a good relationship between industries and university on mutual benefits.
  2. Meet and discuss with the students regarding their progress and provide guidance to students on any issues related to the student’s industrial training.
  3. Putting effort in helping to solve student problem during the training session. In case of an unsolved problem, the academic supervisor must provide a report to the faculty.
  4. Check and endorse the student’s daily log book.
  5. Assessing the students performance during the visit by completing Industrial Training Assessment Report by Faculty Supervisor form FKA.B.PG.LI.06.Ed.0  as shown in Appendix C
  6. Assessing the training report produced by the students upon completion of their training period and recording the marks in the Industrial Training Report Assessment form FKA.B.PG.LI.11.Ed.0,as shown in Appendix D