Daily Log Book

Updated : 09/02/2014

The Purpose Of Daily Log Book
It should be reminded that the daily log book is considered as a mobile library in which all kinds of information obtained during the training are stored. Hence, it is very important that the book is kept in order for future reference during the preparation of the report. The filled-up log book is of student’s property and need not be submitted to the faculty.

Things To Be Reported In The Log Book
Only important items should be included in the log book. For instance;

  1. The check-in and check-out time, being specified by the organisation
  2. All events or type of tasks carried out during morning and afternoon hours
  3. Problems that arise if any
  4. Weather conditions; sunny, cloudy, flooded, etc
  5. All kinds of technical aspect such as the number of workers, different types of machines used, construction materials, etc
  6. Name of supervisor on duty
  7. In case of student absence, a medical certificate or letter of request should be attached accordingly

Example Of Filled Log Book

Date /Day       :  17 September 2011 – Tuesday

Weather         :  Morning – Good,   Evening – Heavy Rain

Project           :  Construction of sedimentation tank for sewerage scheme at Skudai

Activity           :

  • Depart from home at 7.30am.
  • Reach the office at 8.00am. On-site supervision on sewerage pipeline at Taman Universiti.
  • Total number of general workers = 140. Machine used –overhead crane (1), wheel barrow (15), Grader (3), concrete mixture (2)
  • Cement – Ordinary Portland cement, Sand, Aggregate and gravel from Ulu Choh quarry.
  • Inspection begins at 9.00am: All reinforcement fixing according to plan. Concrete mix: 1:2:4
  • Lunch at site.
  • After lunch, conduct test on concrete workability and prepare cubes for strength tests.
  • Total number of cubes prepared = 6 (label with CW1, CW2, CW3, CW4, CW5 and CW6)
  • Slump test: True slump about 25mm
  • Heavy downfall at 3.30pm, The works postponed – the specimens covered with gunny sack for protection and preservation
  • Go home at 5.00 pm

Supervisor      : Ir. Saniman
                         BABTIE Jurutera Perunding Sdn. Bhd. Taman Universiti.

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