Students Code Of Attire

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1. Students must be neatly, tidily and appropriately dressed according to the common practice of Malaysian society.
2. Students must dress decently (shirts, T-shirts with collar, shoes, slacks, long skirts below the knees) especially during lectures and official functions at the Faculty/administrative building.
3. Students should avoid dressing indecently in public by wearing inappropriate clothing such as:
a) Skirts or shorts that are at or above the knee level
b) T-shirts without collars
c) Sleeveless clothes
d) Tight trousers or skirts
e) Flip-flops/sandals/slippers
4. Male students attending formal university functions must dress neatly in clothes such as long sleeve shirt, necktie, slacks (not jeans), leather shoes or complete national attire. Female students are required to dress in Baju Kurung or in loose clothes such as long skirts that go below the knees or loose trousers.
5. Female students are not allowed to wear clothes that cover their faces (purdah).
6. During official University functions, students are not allowed to wear cap or bandana.
7. Male students are not allowed to keep long hair (reaching the collar, covering the ears and reaching the eye brows), have pony tails, dyed hair and untidy hairstyles.
8. Male students are not allowed to dress in female attire and vice-versa.
9. Male students are not permitted to wear bangles, ear studs, necklaces and ear rings or any jewelry whereas female students should not have pierced body parts other than the ones accepted as the norms of the Malaysian society.
10. Tattoos are not permitted on any part of the body.
11. Participation in the laboratories, sports and cultural activities require students to be appropriately dressed according to the Rules and Regulations set by the University.
12. Students are required to wear matriculation card within the vicinity of the University or university owned premises inclusive of rented premises. The card must be worn and displayed around the chest area.

“Students who do not abide by the Rules and Regulations

can be given warnings or fine of not more the RM50.00 (first offence)
and will be summoned by the Disciplinary Committee
for repeated offences.”