Procedures For Appeal Of Course Grade

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1. The faculty offering the course will display the results of the examination (grades only) of every course and programme. Students’ identity will only be revealed by their Identity Card number (MyCard/Passport).
2. The faculty offering the course would display the posted list of the examination results mentioned above not later than seven (7) days after the semester examination week ended. The results must be displayed for a minimum of seven (7) days on the notice board for students’ appraisal, subject to a closing date set by the University. The University will also display the posted list on the University’s website during that period.
3. Students can directly contact the lecturer if they feel that a mistake has been made. They are also allowed to review the examination answer script and to discuss with the lecturer if they did not satisfy with the grade awarded. If the students still did not satisfy after reviewing the script, they can apply for Appeal of Course Grade Results. The appeal is made for the answer script to be reviewed and re-marked. Students are however not allowed to make an Appeal of Course Grade Results without reviewing the examination answer script and discussing it with the lecturer.
4. The Appeal of Course Grade Results has to be made within and not later than two (2) weeks after the final examination period ends.
5. Students can obtain the Appeal of Course Grade Results form (Form UTM.E/5-1) at the Faculty. After the form has been filled in 4 copies, the student must make the necessary payment to the Bursar’s Office based on the following procedures:
5.1 The fees for an appeal is RM50.00 for each course;
5.2 The Payment Instruction form can be obtained from the Academic Office of the Faculty;
5.3 The payment has to be made in the form of cash, money order or postal order. Personal cheques are not accepted; and
5.4 All payments must be made personally by the student at the Bursar’s Office. Payment made through mail will not be accepted and considered.
6. Students have to personally submit the completed copies of the forms to the respective faculty that offer the course. One copy of the form has to be kept by the student. When submitting the copies of the form to the respective faculty, the student will have to enclose the payment receipt.
7. If the appeal was made based on Item 3 above, the Faculty will review and re-mark the examination answer script of the student.
8. For servicing course, the respective faculty offering the course must submit a report on the review and the re-mark made as stated in Item 7 to the student’s faculty.
9. Based on the review and re-mark made, a new mark based on the result of the re-mark will be awarded. If the result of the re-mark is lower than the original mark, the original mark will be retained. The faculty offering the course must update the student’s examination records in the computer system.
10. The faculty offering the course needs to inform the student about the result of the review and/or the result of the appeal.