Guidelines For Short Semester

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1.0 Duration of Study
1.1 Short Semester is an optional semester for students and will not be counted as a part of the Duration of Study set for a particular programme.
1.2 The Short Semester commences a week after the end of Semester II and it is conducted over eight (8) weeks.
1.3 The duration of the Short Semester including final examination period and no specific provision is given for semester break and revision week.
2.0 Courses Offered
2.1 Any course can be offered in the Short Semester.
2.2 The maximum number of credits that can be registered by students is limited to six (6) credit only.
2.3 Courses which have high percentages of failures students are encouraged to be offered in the Short Semester.
3.0 Registration of Courses
3.1 Students are required to register each course taken during the Short Semester according to the existing regulations or procedures and within the specific period set by the University.
3.2 Students are allowed to withdraw any registered course, except for courses taken upon directive of the University. Course withdrawal (TD) must be carried out before the middle of the semester according to the procedures mentioned in Item 15 of Appendix I.
3.3 Faculties are required to decide on the total number of students who can register for a Section of each course that is offered.
4.0 Method of Computing Academic Achievement Results
4.1 The students’ GPA and CGPA will be calculated for the Short Semester. However, the academic standing of the students will not be determined.
4.2 The examination results of the Short Semester will be combined with the examination results of Semester I of the following session to determine the academic standing of the student.
4.3 The existing Regulations and Procedures for notifying examination results and Appeal of Course Grade will be applied for the Short Semester.
5.0 Tuition Fees
5.1 The tuition fee chargeable to the students for the Short Semester is as follows:
5.1.1 Rates for Tuition Fee
Rates for Tuition Fee
5.1.2 Service Charge
A service charge of RM110.00 is applied to respective students.
5.2 Method of Payment
5.2.1 Students must pay all their fees for the Short Semester before or during course registration of that particular semester. Course registration of only those who have fully paid their fees will be accepted.
5.2.2 Students who fail to make full payment of the fees are strictly not allowed for course registration. In addition, students who have paid the fees but withdraw from the courses are not entitled for any refund after the official deadline of the course registration