Course Registration Guidelines

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      1. Students who have already registered for a study programme in a particular semester are required to register all courses that they intend to take for that particular semester. Course registration is not allowed for students who have not registered for a study programme.
      2. Students can only register for courses that are offered for a particular semester subject to the Regulations set by the Faculty. Course registration is not allowed for courses that are not offered in that semester.
      3.  Each course to be taken in any particular semester must be registered correctly with accurate course code, section number, number of course credits and the status such as Replacement Course (RC)[UM], Replacement Grade (RG)[UG], Audit Course (AC)[HS]. Compulsory Audit Course (CAC)[HW]/HWUM (Compulsory Attandance/Repeat Course) or Minor Course (MC)[MN].
4. An error in registration of a course may result in the student being awarded zero (0) mark for that particular course.
5. Any course that needs to be repeated by a student must be registered as Replacement Course (RC)[UM] or Replacement Grade (RG)[UG]. This course will be calssified follows:
  • Replacement Course (RC)[UM] or HWUM for repeated course with Failed grade in the previous semester;
  • Replacement Grade (RG)[UG] for repeated course with grade B- and below upon Faculty’s approval for purpose of improving academic achievement. A non-refundable fee of RM50.00 for each credit will be imposed for this purpose.
6. The original course code must be used in the course registration stated in Item 5 above.
7. Course registration is conducted at the Faculty and can be made using the Course Registration Form. The form must be verified by the student’s Academic Advisor or any other officers appointed by the Dean. Each course to be registered must be endorsed by the course’s Lecturer or by his/her representative.
8. Students are encouraged to carry out Pre-registration of Courses. Pre-registration of Courses for a particular semester is normally conducted in the last two (2) weeks of the previous semester.
9. The registration of courses is conducted within two (2) working days of the last week prior to the beginning of a semester, as set by the University. Students are allowed to make changes to their course registration until Friday of the first week of the semester. The changes that can be made include addition of course, deletion of course, and amendment of code, section and status of the registered courses. Changes can be made by using the Course Registration Amendment Form and certified by the Academic Advisor.
    10. Item 8, Item 9 and Item 10 can be done on-line by abiding to the procedures mentioned earlier.
11. Late course registration or registration amendment beyond the stated time period is not accepted, except for cases that can be considered by the University. For registration beyond the last day of registration i.e. Friday of the second week of the semester, a late registration/amendment fee of RM50.00 per course will be imposed subject to a maximum of RM300.00.
12. A Course Registration Slip will be issued to each student through his/her Faculty. Students must collect the slip from the Faculty after every registration or amendment of course registration.
13. Students should review and ensure that all information printed on the Course Registration Slip is correct. Should there be any error on the slip, students are required to make necessary changes according to the rules and regulations within the predetermined period as mentioned in Item 10 and Item 12 above.
14. Students can withdraw (TD) any courses registered for a particular semester. Application to withdraw must be made using the Course Withdrawal Form starting from week THREE (3) and not later than Friday of week NINE (9) of the semester. Application to withdraw is not accepted after this period.
15. The registration of courses must be made according to the procedures set by the University. Registration that is carried out not in accordance with the procedures will not be considered or accepted.
16. If a student fails to carry out the course registration within the specified period as mentioned above, except with valid reasons accepted by the University, he/she will be dismissed from the University.