On 5th of March 2019, the Pavement and Transportation Research Group (PTRG) has conducted a one-day training on Geophysical Methods for Road Construction and Maintenance. A total of 23 participants joined the training including students, academic and technical staff from the Department of Geotechnics and Transportation, School of Civil Engineering, UTM. This training was facilitated by Ts. Mohd Nur Asmawisham bin Alel, an expert in Geophysical for Civil Engineering application. Geophysical methods have been widely applied and accepted in the civil engineering field mainly in the investigation of complex subsurface as a base for large engineered structure such as dams, bridges and buildings. The methods allow civil engineers to collect valuable data in a large area without intrusive investigations such as with boreholes which help to minimize environmental stresses and construction costs.

During the session, two geophysical methods were introduced which are Electrical Resistivity and Seismic Refraction. The main objective of this program is to promote and facilitate technology transfer and knowledge sharing of this exploratory geophysics studies among the researchers while the outcome of this program is to support the UTM policy that encourages research collaborations among researchers from various disciplines. The Faculty of Civil Engineering is fully committed to conduct interdisciplinary research and to create a supportive environment for technology transfer within the faculty.

Source : Dr. Norhidayah Abdul Hassan