KUALA LUMPUR – Two School of Civil Engineering researchers won 2 Gold medals at the International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX) 2019. The three day exhibition which began on May 2nd 2019, was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). Organised by the Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS), ITEX is an exhibition aimed to cultivate the ability to think critically – a quality separating innovators from followers. Awards conferred to inventions were judged based on the following criteria: novelty; inventiveness; usefulness and application; presentation and demonstration; market and commercial potential; and environmental friendliness. Celebrating its 30th year, ITEX is the region’s leading exhibition to showcase new inventions, technologies and products, targeted at securing investment, manufacturing and commercialisation prospects and partners. The event featured exhibitions across 15 categories related to innovation or technology which aim was to make everyday life easier.

The two researchers were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Mohd Sam and Dr. Nor Hasanah Abdul Shukor Lim. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Mohd Sam achieved Gold Medal for his products, namely, Indigenous Bacteria to Prolong Concrete Lifespan. This smart self-healing concrete product was formulated based on the selected local soil bacteria. It shows high capability as a self-healing agent to enhance concrete performance. It increases concrete strength by 20% and effectively healed and filled concrete crack with microbial calcium carbonate.

Another Gold Medallist was Dr. Nor Hasanah Abdul Shukor Lim with her eco-Lightweight Concrete Panel product. Her product is the solution to advanced concrete technology. Eco-lightweight concrete panel is a product of composite materials that utilizes coal waste which is abundantly available at low cost. It is cost effective, durable, high performance and ecogreen for construction industry thus reducing the rising demand for affordable residential housing.