UPDATED : 27 JUNE 2013

UAB 0013 Principles of Engineering Management
MAM 1013 Construction Project Management
MAM 1023 Construction Site Management and Safety Control
MAM 1043 Construction Law and Contract
MAM 1053 Project Planning and Scheduling
MAM 1103 Financial Management
MAM 1033 Construction Technology
MAM 1123 Construction Plants Management
MAM 1133 Sustainability and Environmental Management in Construction
MAM 1083 Construction Management Information System
MAM 0013 Master Pre-Project
MAE 1013 Advanced Structural Analysis
MAE 1163 Theory of Plate and Shell
MAE 1133 Advanced Mechanics of Materials
MAE 1073 Advanced Design of Steel Structures
MAE 1183 Design of Pre-Stressed Concrete
MAE 1023 Analysis and Design of Structural System
MAE 1033 Structural Assessment and Repair
MAE 1043 Advanced Construction Materials
MAE 1113 Structural Wind and Earthquake Engineering
MAE 1153 Advanced Concrete Technology
MAE 0013 Master Pre-Project
MAJ 1013 Advanced Soil Mechanics
MAJ 1023 Advanced Geotechnical Analysis and Design
MAJ 1033 Advanced Foundation Engineering
MAJ 1043 Geotechnical Modelling
MAJ 1063 Dynamic of Soil and Foundation
MAJ 1073 Advanced Rock Mechanic and Engineering Geology
MAJ 1093 Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
MAI 1033 GIS for Civil Engineers
MAJ 0013 Master Pre-Project
MAP 1013 Highway and Infrastructure Design
MAP 1023 Road Material and Pavement Evaluation
MAP 1043 Traffic and Transport Planning
MAP 1053 Pavement Design and Construction
MAP 1063 Public Transport System
MAP 1083 Traffic Management and Analysis
MAP 1093 Transport Safety
MAP 1113 Pavement Management System
MAP 0013 Master Pre-Project
MAG 1023 Advanced Hydraulics
MAG 1043 Coastal Processes with Engineeing Applications
MAL 1033 Groundwater Hydrology
MAG 1343 Hydraulic Structure
MAL 1043 Urban Stormwater Management
MAG 0013 Master Pre-Project
MAA 0013 Master Pre-Project
MAB 2273 Inter personal Skill and Cross Culture Management
MAB 2204 Fundamental of Project Management
MAB 2313 Quantitative Analysis
MAB 2283 Strategic and Change Management
MAB 2363 System Thinking
MAB 2374 Project Quality Management
MAB 2392 Capstone Pre-Project