Department of Water and Environmental Engineering

Updated : 07/12/2017


Prof. Dr. Azmi Aris
Director of Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Water Security
Tel.: 07-5531506 Email:


Prof. Dr. Mohd Razman Salim
Deputy Director of Institute of Environmental and Water Resource Management
Tel.: 07-5532505 Email:


Assoc. Professor

Dr. Khalida Muda
Head, Department of Water and Environmental Engineering

Tel.: 07-5531522 Email:


Dr. Johan Sohaili
Director fo Occupational Safety, Health And Environment Unit
Tel.: 07-5531512 Email:


Dr. Mohd Ismid Mohd Said
Associate Professor
Tel.: 07-5531514 Email:


Ir. Dr. Mohd Fadhil Md. Din
Associate Professor
Tel.: 07-5531530 Email:


Senior Lecturers & Lecturers

Dr. Shamila Azman
Senior Lecturer
Tel.: +607-5532508/ 31532 Email:


Dr. Mohd Badruddin Mohd Yusof
Senior Lecturer
Tel.: 07-5531520 Email:


Dr. Muzaffar Zainal Abideen
Senior Lecturer
Tel.: 07-5531519 Email:


Dr. Mohd Hafiz Puteh
Senior Lecturer
Tel.: 07-5531637  Email:


Dr. Salmiati
Senior Lecturer
Tel.: 07-5532596 Email:



Dr. Yong Ee Ling
Senior Lecturer
Tel.: 07-5531516 Email:


Dr. Norelyza Binti Hussein
Senior Lecturer
Tel.: 07-5531679 Email:


Dr. Tony Hadibarata
Senior Lecturer
Tel.: 07-5531760 Email:;


Mr. Mohd Nor Othman
Senior Lecturer
Tel.: 07-5531621 Email:


Mrs. Normala Hashim
Senior Lecturer
Tel.: 07-5531516 Email:



Technical Staff

Miss Nurul Syuhada Sadikon
Science Assistant Officer


Mr. Zafril Sofian
Asisstant Engineer


Mr. Razale Ismaun
Technical Support Attendent