Noteworthy Projects

1-Semporna Bridge Feasibility Study” (2013) – PWD Malaysia

Directly involve in the analysis of bridge against wind load.


2-Seismic Hazard and Risk Study in Malaysia” (2008) – Akademi Sains Malaysia

Development of seismic map for selected cities in Peninsular, Sabah, & Sarawak


3- “Development of Seismic Design Guidelines for Concrete Buildings in Malaysia” (2007) – PWD Malaysia

Developing a standard guideline procedure of seismic design for concrete buildings and preparation of handbook containing a complete design steps


4- “Vulnerability Study of Public Buildings Subjected to Earthquake by ATC-21, ATC-22, and Finite Element Modeling” (2006) – PWD Malaysia

Modeling and analysis of selected buildings from 13 cities and districts throughout Malaysia (Peninsular, Sabah, and Sarawak) to determine their performance under different seismic intensity