PhD students

Updated : 22/06/2016

PhD Students – Completed

1.    Supiah Shamsuddin. “Non-Point Phosphorus Loadings Estimation And Reduction Amplification For Sg. Layang Reservoir”, Graduated 2003, Professor at UTM Campus, Kuala Lumpur (retired 2016).

2.   Nor Irwan Ahmat Nor, “Modelling Of Rainfall-Runoff Relationship Using ANN”, Graduated 2005, Entrepreneur.

3.   Marlinda Abdul Malek. “Rainfall Data Infilling Model with Expectation Maximization and Artificial Neural Network” (part-time student from Universiti Tenaga Nasional) – Graduated 2008, Professor at Universiti Tenaga Nasional, UNITEN, Selangor.

4.   Masimin. (Indonesian) “Rainfall Variability and Design Storm Prediction Using Block Peak Method ”, (full-time student from Universiti Un Syiah, Aceh, Sumatra) – Graduated 2008,  Professor at Universiti Un Syiah, Aceh, Sumatra.

5.   Kuok King Kuok, “Optimization of Parameters for Tank Model and ANN model for Rainfall-Runoff Modelling”, Graduated 2010, Senior Lecturer at Swirnburne University of Technology, Kuching, Sarawak.

6.   Nurul Adzura Ismail, “Statistical Downscaling of Precipitation for Impact Assessment on Hydrology”, Graduated 2011.

7.   Tarmizi Ismail, “Optimal Water Supply Reservoir Management in the Framework of Climate Change” Graduated 2013. Senior Lecturer at UTM Skudai.

8.   Milad Jajarmizadeh (Iranian), “Streamflow Modelling in a Large Arid Catchment Using Semi-Distributed Hydrological Model and Modular Neural Networks” Graduated 2013.

9.   Nurul Nadrah Aqilah Tukimat, “Reservoir System Modelling Using Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm in the Framework of Climate Change” from 2010, Graduated 2014, Senior Lecturer at UMP Kuantan.

10.   Zulkiflee Ibrahim, “Hydraulic Characteristics along Vegetated Floodplain Zone in Compound Channels”, from 2008, Graduated 2015, Senior Lecturer at UTM Skudai.

11.    Zulkarnain Hassan, “Streamflow Optimization Using Statistical Downscaling and Analytical Probabilistic Models Under Climate Change Scenario” Graduated 2016, Senior Lecturer at UNIMAP..

12.   Sahar Hadipour (Iranian), “Robust Statistical Downscaling Methods for Reduction of Climate Change Uncertainty on River Flow” Graduated 2016.

13.  Nuramidah Hamidon, ““Future Reservoir Performance Projection Using Integrated Models in the Framework of Climate Change” Graduated 2016, Lecturer at UTHM.

14. Kamel Ahmed (Pakistan), “Modelling Seasonal Meteorological Droughts in a Data Scarce Arid Region under Climate Change Scenarios”. Graduated 2016. Academic Staff, at Lasbela University of Agriculture Water and Marine Sciences, Uthal Balochistan, Pakistan.

15. Nadeem Nawaz (Pakistan), “Dynamic Neuro-Fuzzy Systems for Rainfall-Runoff Modelling” Graduated 2017. Academic Staff and Dean, at Lasbela University of Agriculture Water and Marine Sciences, Uthal Balochistan, Pakistan.

16. Mohd Fairuz Bachok, “Artificial Neural Networks for Predicting Windstorm and Damages” Graduated 2018. Academic Staff, at Universiti Teknologi Mara, UiTM.


 PhD Students – Ongoing

1.  Shairul Rohaziawati Samat, “Statistical Modelling of Hydrological Data in the Climate Change Variability” from 2011  ongoing, main supervisor

2.  Mohd Khairul Idlan Muhammad, “Improved Methods on Hydrologic Losses Estimation” from 2012 ongoing, co supervisor

3.  Nor Farah Atiqah Ahmad, “Modelling of the Evapotranspiration Estimation Methods” from 2014 ongoing, main supervisor

4.  Tam Tze Huey, “Flood Modelling Using GIS and Satellite Data” from 2015,  co-supervisor

5.  Abdul Jalil Hassan, “Flood Simulation and Risk Management” from 2016, main supervisor

6.  Mohamad Rajab Houmsi, “Hydrological  Modelling” from 2016, co-supervisor