Research 2013

Updated : 09/02/2014

1. 4F201 Relationship of Tack Coat Application Factors In Assessing the Bonding Characteristics for Asphalt Pavement Surfacing Layers Dr. Haryati Yaacob MOHE 72,300.00
2. 00K27 Advanced Modelling Of Steel Beams with Web Openings Dr. Ahmad Razin Zainal Abidin @ Md. Taib UTM 20,000.00
3. 00K37 Development of a stability chart for rock slope assessment. Dr. Rini Asnida Abdullah UTM 20,000.00
4. 4S072 Shallow Geothermal Energy Pile Bearing Capacity in Clay Prof. Dr. Aminton Marto MOSTI 213,200.00
5. 4L089 Adaption of Dempster-Shafer Evidence Theory for Reliability and Safety Enhancement of Aging Oil Rig Equipment Dr. Lim Meng Hee MOHE 105,000.00
6. 4L098 Exploration of Woodpecker’s Head Mechanics for Development of A New Structural Impact Resistance Dr. Ahmad Kueh Beng Hong MOHE 112,000.00
7. 4L097 Assessment of Disturbance Impact of Hydraulic Jack in Pile Penetration in Clay using Transparent Soil and Particle Image Velocimetry Dr. Ahmad Safuan A Rashid MOHE 121,500.00
8. 4L130 Determination of Failure Mechanism for Pile Uplift Capacity in Sand using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Ramli Nazir MOHE 113,600.00
9. 4L090 Hybrid Soliwave Mitigation Technique of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion in Steel Containment Structure Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Norhazilan Md Noor MOHE 129,000.00
10. 4L101 Statistical Coordinate-based Simulated Anealing to Consider Uncertainties for Sensor Placement Dr. Norhisham Bakhary MOHE 105,000.00
11. 4S077 Application of Shallow Foundation for Construction in Industrialized Building System Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Ramli Nazir MOSTI 178,700.00
12. 00K42 Determination of Electromagnetic Properties of Bitumen Emulsion Dr. Md. Maniruzzaman A.Aziz UTM 30,000.00
13. 00K40 Assessing the Role of Density on Influencing the Level of Sociability in Urban Neighbourhoods for Livable City Dr. Wan Nurul Mardiah Wan Mohd Rani UTM 20,000.00
14. 01G44 UTM Imperial College Collaborative Research in Non-Destructive Detection Techniques Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd Salman @ Leong Yew Mun UTM 500,000.00
15. 4L505 Kenaf Biokomposit sebagai Bahan Pembinaan Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jamaludin Mohamad Yatim MOHE 182,860.00
16. 4L620 Development of testing to establish the relationship between undrained shear strength and consolidation ratio (CR) of soil Dr. Ahmad Safuan A Rashid MOHE 60,000.00
17. 4S084 Optimized Quantitative Method of Risk Allocation Sharing Between Partners in Public-Private Partnership Projects in Malaysia Prof. Dr. Nordin Yahaya MOSTI 102,500.00
18. 4S085 Development of Assessment Model for Energy-efficient Building Construction Systems Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Rosli Mohamad Zin MOSTI 171,000.00
19. 00K52 Malaysian Rice Husk Ash: Improving the Durability and Properties of Concrete Pavement Dr. Ramadhansyah Putra Jaya UTM 30,000.00
20. 00K65 Bearing Capacity of Reinforced Sand Embankment Under Static Loading Dr. Nor Zurairahetty Mohd Yunus UTM 19,000.00
21. 00K68 Fire Resistance of Earthquake Damaged Reinforced Concrete Columns Dr. Mariyana Aida Ab Kadir UTM 20,000.00
22.   Fundamental Effect of Fines and Plasticity Towards Liquefaction Susceptibility Through Critical State Soil Mechanics Framework Prof. Dr. Aminaton Bte Marto MOHE 74,000.00
23.   Formulated Elementary Strength and Stability Equations for Thin-walled Behaviour of Cold-formed Steel Joints in Rapid Building-in-box System (RaBiB) Prof. Dr. Shahrin Bin Mohammad MOHE 67,000.00
24.   Parametric Study of the Fundamental Relationship Between Soil Corrosiveness and Soil Content Prof. Dr. Nordin Yahaya MOHE 65,500.00
25.   Engineering Characteristics of Boulders Formed in Tropical Weathered Rock Mass Assoc. Prof Dr. Edy Tonnizam Bin Mohamad MOHE 76,000.00
26.   Behavior and Seismic Performance of Inoxydable Steel in Reinforced Concrete Structural Elements Dr. Sophia C. Alih MOHE 79,800.00
27.   Fundamental Performance of Precast Reinforced Concrete Connections using Steel Fibre Self-Compacting Concrete for IBS Application. Dr. Roslli Bin Noor Mohamed MOHE 83,700.00
28.   Fundamental Study on Cyber-Physical Systems Approach for Construction Industry Dr. Mohamad Syazli Bin Fathi MOHE 103,500.00
29.   Uncertainties handling in vibration based damage detection using hybrid subspace algorithm and envelope subtraction method Dr. Norhisham Bin Bakhary MOHE 79,000.00