Master of Project Management

Updated : 14 Feb 2017

The aim of Master of Project Management is to produce knowledgeable, independent and dynamic type of person in the aspects of project management. The skills and expertise can also be used to carry out research in related fields and be able to analyse and make decisions on related aspects of project management to generate changes to the organization.

Admission Requirements
Candidates should hold bachelor degree or other qualification equivalent, with at least 3 (three) years experience in a related field recognised by the UTM Senate.

Credit Requirements
A student must complete a minimum of 46 credits, consisting of:
CR MKAZ 2015

University General Elective Subject
Code: UXX XXX3 (Total: 6 Credits)
Project University General Elective Subject

Core Courses
Students are required to take all core courses (Total: 16 Credits)
Project Core Course

Elective Subjects
Choose any five from the following list (Total: 15 Credits)
Project Elective Subjects

Masters Project
Take these two courses (Total: 6 Credits)
Project Masters Project

Duration of Study:
Full Time: 4-8 Semesters



Further information should be directed to:
Coordinator, Project Management