Master of Engineering (MEng) (Hydraulics and Hydrology)

Updated : 14 Feb 2017

The program aims to provide an integrated knowledge of Hydraulic Engineering, Hydrology, Coastal Processes and Water Resources Engineering. Attention is paid to applied numerical methods. The role of applied hydraulics and hydrology is to help analyze the problems involved in flood control, river and coastal development, and planning and management of water resources.

Admission Requirements
Candidates should hold a good bachelor degree in civil engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia or equivalent. A lower grade degree with working experience will also be considered for admission. Holders of degrees other than civil engineering may also apply but pre-requisites may be imposed.

Credit Requirements
A student must complete 46 credit hours for graduation.
CR MKAG 2015

University General Elective Courses
(Total: 6 Credits)
Hydro University General Elective Subject

Core Courses 
Students are required to take all core courses (Total: 18 Credits)
Hydro Core Courses

Elective Courses
Choose any two from the following list (Total: 6 Credits)
Hydro Elective Courses

Free Elective Courses 
Choose any two courses offered by other programmes, by other faculties (Total: 6 Credits)

Masters Project
Take these two courses (Total: 10 Credits)
Hydro Masters Project

Duration of Study:
Full Time: 3-8 Semesters



Further information should be directed to:
Head, Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology

Coordinator, Hydraulics and Hydrology Programme