Dr. Mushairry holds a first degree in Suveying Science from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Upon graduation in 1985, he joined Universiti Teknologi Malaysia as an assistant lecturer. He then pursued his higher degrees at masters and PhD levels in England (Univeristy of Newcastle upon Tyne – 1989) and Australia (Newcastle University – 1997) respectively.

He was the head of the Surveying Unit (1998-2011), an arm of the faculty that oversees the surveying or geomatc needs of the lecturers and students. He teaches Engineering Surveying and supervises students taking professional practices project at undergraduate level. At postgraduate level, he supervises Masters and PhD students who are undertaking civil based research work that incorporate surveying.

His area of expertise is digital photogrammetry. He research interests are focused on the applications of close range photogrammetry to solve problems in civil engineering. To date he has applied photogrammetry in the field of structures, rock mechanics, geotechnic, hydrology and transportation.

In Nov 2011 he was appointed as the Deputy Dean (Academics). A year later, he was entrusted as the Deputy Dean (Development) , a position that he held until 2014. During his tenure as the Deputy Dean (Academics) he was responsible in overseeing that the undergraduate programme satisfy the requirements of the EAC (the engineering accreditation body). As such, a concerted effort was made to ensure that the sustainability of the programme, amongst others, is the implementation of  the ISO standard in the faculty’s teaching and learning activities.