Career Summary

IR. DR. MOHD HANIM OSMAN, B.Eng.(Civil), M.Sc.(Struct.),PhD, P.Eng, MIEM.



This article is about my contribution and achievement at UniversitiTeknologi Malaysia (UTM) during my service from 1985 until present. I have served as an Associate Professor since 2000. The descriptions of the contribution and achievement are based on several categories namely, teaching and supervision, research, publication, consultancy, administrative and community services.


Academic and Career Overview

I completed my B.Sc. in Civil Engineering at UniversitiTeknologi Malaysia in1985. I completed my Structural Engineering at University of Surrey, United Kingdom in September 1987 and my PhD at University of Wales College of Cardiff, UK, in September1996. I completed my PhD in 36 months. In broad, my fields of interest are structural analysis, design, assessment, and experimental techniques.

Prior to bachelor degree, I did my diploma in Civil Engineering, also at UTM, completed in April 1980. After completing my diploma, I worked for two yearsin a construction site. I continued my study at degree level at UTM in 1982, after realizing that I need higher knowledge to be successful in my career.

My academic career at UTM started in August 1985 as Assistant Lecturer A at the Faculty of Civil Engineeringand was assigned to the Department of Structures and Materials. I was promoted as Lecturer in 1987, and as Associate Professor in 2000.

I was appointed as the Head of Postgraduate Studies in September 2008 until August 2011.  In 2011 I was promoted to become the Deputy Dean (Research and Postgraduate), and changed portfolio to Deputy Dean (Academic) in October 2012 until today.  As the Deputy Dean (Academic), my scope of responsibility in academic matters covers both postgraduates and undergraduates.I have to be familiar with the academic guidelines set by MQA as well as EAC. I also have to make sure that the academic records of all 1100 undergraduate students and 900 postgraduates students are recorded properly

I am currently a member of several professional organizations that include Malaysian Structural Steel Association (MSSA), Corporate member of Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM).

As a scholar, I wish to see the faculty keep on producing engineers who are not only excel in technical competency, but also having good moral and ethical conduct, and can serve as a good citizen, for the prosperity, peace and stability of the country.

Teaching and Supervision

I have been teaching at UTM since1985. Since then,I have taught 13structural engineering courses at undergraduate and graduate level, include cores and elective subjects i.e. Technical Drawing, Mechanics : Statics & Dynamics, Civil Engineering Materials, Strength of Materials, Construction Technology Theory of Structures, Concrete Design, Steel and Timber Design, Pretsressed Design, and Construction Technology,For postgraduate programme, I have experience in teaching Experimental Method and Analysis, Bridge Engineering, Structural Assessment and Repair and Research Methodology.

I enjoy teaching and work on improving my teaching. I make the effort to ensure that my teaching materials being understood by and motivate my students. I reflect myself by observing the students’ response and their achievement and try to vary my teaching methods as deemed appropriate. I always include real-world scenario in my teaching and give my students homework and projects based on real-world experiences that I have accumulated through my research and consultancy work. The feedback from students through student evaluation process reveals that my teaching performance can be considered as good.

The variety of teaching experiences enable me to supervise students final year project and master’s projects in any field of structural engineering and construction technology.  Until now, I have supervised and co-supervised about 110 undergraduates, 19 Masters and 10 Ph.D. students. Out of these, all masters students and threePh.D students, have graduated. Two of the Ph.D students are currently at their writing stage.  In addition, I was appointed as internal and external examiners for several Masters and Ph.D. students in UTM and other universities, i.e. three candidates at USM and another one from UiTM.

I am also involved in development, and review of curricular and syllabus of undergraduate and graduate programs. I have developed and become the coordinator of the course Experimental Method and Analysis for postgraduate programme. I was also one of the committee members in developing Masters of Forensic Engineering at UTM.

To date, I have been involved in more than 10 committees related to academic matters at Faculty and UTM level.



Research and publication

I strongly believe that research is the second nature of an academician after teaching. Hence, I have committed myself to research activities since the completion of my Masters degree.

I have headed 9research projects (cost about RM 840,000) and a research group member of 5 other research projects (about RM 1.6 million) since 1998. The research projects are funded by government, through UTM, Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), or Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB).

My research interests are mainly related to structural engineering.  These include brickwork, precast prestressed concrete, steel structures, concrete structures, steel-concrete composite and experimental methods.  My research on steel pile with trapezoid web profile received bronze award at Industrial Art & Technology Exhibition (INATEX) in 2012. Due to my active participation in research, I have been appointed as one of the panel reviewers for research proposal inthe Construction Research Alliance.

Publication is as important as research and teaching to an academician. It is one of the means to disseminate knowledge, a way to communicate with other researchers and an approach to benchmark the quality of our research.To date, I have authored and co-authored 25 journal articles. In addition, I have 42 papers presented in local and international conferences. I was also the editor of the publication of book chapter, which was the compilation of technical report and thesis based on my research project from 1999 to 2004.

I was involved as the main role in the writing of an academic book on structural steel design  which was co-authored by two other writers, and contributed one chapter of another book in the same field. The books have been published by PenerbitUTM,.

With regards to publication task, I was appointed a panel editorial member for IEM Bulletin from 1998-1999 for the area of Plated Steel Structures.  I was given task as an editor to a technical paper published by the IEM Bulettin in 2007, and another paper published by Malaysian Journal of Civil Engineering (MJCE), previously known as JurnalKejuruteraanAwam.

Professional Service and Academic Recognition

To be a professionally qualified engineer and lecturer is my utmost self satisfaction started from the beginning of my career as a lecturer.  In 1992, I went for the industrial training at a small engineering consultant firm in Johor Bahru. After gaining experiencethrough an adequate number of design project, I applied for professional exam and was qualified as professional engineer in 2001.  During the industrial training, I was given task on the design of more than 10 industrial and residential buildings, reinforced concrete and steel structures.After obtaining the professional qualification, I was more active involved in design and assessment of structures.  Many of the works were become the topics of my student’s final year and master’s project.

After obtaining the professional engineer status in 2001, I actively involved in giving shortcourses in the field of steel structures design to practicing engineers.  The shortcourses were organized byPewaja Steel SdnBhd,  Malaysian Structural Steel Associations (MSSA), Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), Shell (M) SdnBhd, Felda Engineering, Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), Petronas Engineering, and also Steel Technology Centre (STC).  Currently I am one of the speakers for MSSA training programme for the subject of Steel Structures and Portal Frame and Connection Design based on EC3, since 2000 till now. Few universitiesin Indonesia have also invited me to give a shortcourse on structural design.

My active involvement as the Technical Manager in the Civil Engineering Testing Unit has given me indepth knowledge and wide experience in works relating to laboratory accreditation to ISO 17025.I also involved in giving shortcourses to other university’s lecturers (USM, UniMAP, UM)  in the field of laboratory accreditation to ISO 17025. Recently, I am involved in giving a complete series of lectures and workshop to the lecturers of UTHM in their application for lab accreditation. My involvement in the shortcourses in Lab accreditation was after I was qualified as internal auditor for ISO 17025.

I was appointed as the internal and external examiner of masters and PhD oral viva at UiTM, and USM. The appointment was based on my good networking with peer research group members in other universities.

After having qualified as internal auditor for engineering program, I accept the appointment as External Examiner for Civil Engineering programme at the Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) for two years from 2010 to 2011.  Being the external examiner, it is not only giving advice to improve their program, but we could also gaining new information on how other institutions manage the program.

I served as thechairman of the Working Group (WG) for the development of standard test method of Roof and Wall cladding, and as Technical Committee Member of Steel Product, SIRIM,in 2007 to 2013. As a chairman, I was responsible to chair a series of 15 meetings, the member of which comprising engineers from industries and government agencies. The end product was a new standard that will be used by the construction industries.

In IEM Southern Branch, I served as a committee  memberin the publication committee ofin 1992.

Based on my professional qualification, experience in teaching and practice of structural concrete and steel design, and experimental and laboratory management, I was appointed by CIDB to be one of the panel member in the technical committee of board of tender for the construction of the heavy structures laboratory of CREAM in Kuala Lumpur, in 2006.


I belief that involving with the industry is very important for an academician to be excel in his teaching. Therefore, I took the challenge of being an engineer by engaging in a design project of a four storey municipal council building, in the first month of my job as assistant lecturer.

I have shared my knowledge, skill and experience through consultancy work with many agencies from government and private sectors.  Until now, I have involved in a total of 52 consultancy works, 24 on structural designand 28 on structural assessment and forensic investigation from as small as RM 500 renovation design work to RM 120,000 job.  This number does not include material and structural test in Civil Engineering Testing Unit lab, which could reach as high as 100 jobs.  These projects were fromgovernment and private agencies including Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), Department of Public Works (JKR), Johor Housing Department and IKRAM.In many of the projects, I played important role in the writing of report and responsible as signatory, based on my capacity as professional engineer and my experience in experimental works.

Many of the consultancy projects that I have involved in were ofpublic concern, such as the investigation of the collapse of Jaya Supermarket in Petaling Jaya, the collapse of Stadium Sultan ZainalAbidin, Terengganu, the collapse of a segment of the 2nd.bridge under construction in Penang.  There were few other forensic investigation of construction collapse, all involving fatal death of workers.

I took several other minor project, mostly renovation of factory building around Johor Bahru. The biggest design project I involved was a civil works in a housing project in Nusajayatownship.

By involving in consultancy project, it is not only to fulfill the requirement of continuous professional development (CPD) for the renewal of BEM professional engineer status, but more important is that I can share the experience with other colleges and students, reputation of the faculty, as a means of marketing of postgraduate programme.  Our previous investigation reports were given credit by DOSH when the department give trust and appoint only the civil engineering testing unit, FKA, to conduct investigation on the collapse of bridge segment under construction. Our reports are not only written professionally, but the investigation were conducted based on structured methodology.



At university level I was the key person together with three other volunteers from other faculties,  in the technical committee developing the course modules and assessment for PTK (PenilaianTahapKecekapan) for engineering category (J category) for all universities in Malaysia from 2002-2004. Modules were developed for all categories, from J17, J22, J26, and J41.  I also involved in the committee of MingguSainsdanTeknologi, 1999.I was also the key person preparing documentation for the establishment of Steel Technology Centre (STC) in 1993.

I was the Head of Instrumentation Labin 1997-1998.  I am now the Technical Manager (Structures) of Civil Engineering Testing Unit (CETU) since 1999. One of the tough jobs in the testing unit was to get the accreditation ISO 17025, which we was successfully achieved in 2004. CETU was the only civil engineering lab in the country awarded ISO 17025 by the Department of Standard Malaysia.

My major administrativecontributions at UTM was being the Head of Postgraduate Studies (9/2008 until 2/2012), Deputy Dean (Research and Graduate Studies (2/2012 to 10/2012), and Deputy Dean (Academics) from October 2012 till now.

I have received several awards during my service at UTM.  The awards include five excellence awards (1997, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2010), one publication award (1998), one research award in INATEX UTM (silver, 2012),andJasaBakti award (2006).

Community Services

I am also involved in community service. I am the committee member of BadanKebajikan, SekolahAgama AnnurSkudai, since 2009 and is now the TimbalanPengerusi of the committee since 2011.


This year will be my 29th.year of service at UTM. During this period,- I have tried my best to fulfil the responsibilities set by the university in terms of teaching, research and publication, consultancy, administrative and community services. If Allah will, I will have another 5 years more to contribute to my faculty, UTM, Malaysia, and the world in general. With the knowledge, understanding and expertise that I have in the field of structural engineering, I look forward to contribute to the sustainability of the world in years to come.

25th.April 2014