PhD students



  1. Baba Musta. Effect of leaching on lime stabilized contaminated soil and mining waste. (Graduated: May 2003) (Main Supervisor)
  2. Kamarudin Hj Ahmad. Improvement of a tropical residual soil by electrokinetic process. (Graduated : April 2004) (Main Supervisor)
  3. Edy Tonnizam bin Mohamad. Engineering properties of weathered granite for excavation purposes. (Graduated : Mac 2007) (Main Supervisor)
  4. Amin Eisazadeh Otaghsaraei. Physico – chemical properties of stabilised soil. (Graduated : August 2009) (Main Supervisor)
  5. Muhardi. Engineering properties of PFA and its application for embankment construction. (Graduated: Mac 2010) (Co-Supervisor)
  6. Hamed Niroumand. Uplift response of symmetrical horizontal anchor plate into grid-fixed reinforced (GFR) cohesion less soil. (Graduated: January 2013) (Main-Supervisor)
  7. Mahdy Khari. Dynamic structure of the soil deformation modeling. (Graduated: February 2014) (Main Supervisor)
  8. Khitam Abdul Hussein Saeed. Physico-chemical behavior of contaminated soil stabilized with lime. (Graduated: Jun 2014) (Main Supervisor)
  9. Ali Arefnia. Effect of shred tire on the soil properties as fill material behind retaining wall. (Graduated: September 2014) (Main Supervisor)
  10. Payman Alimohammadi. New approach in soil improvement using expanding piers technique. (Viva on 15 October 2014) (Main Supervisor)
  11. Chong Siaw Yah. Performance of geotextile encapsulation on lime column stabilized Pontian marine clay. (Viva on 27 November 2014) (Main Supervisor)
  12. Harnedi Maizir. Intelligent prediction on axial bearing of single pile based on pile driving analyzer data. (Viva on 17 December 2014) (Main Supervisor)
  13. Felix Ling Ngee Leh. A study on Zeolite as catalyst in lime stabilisation for organic soils. (On-Going) (Main Supervisor)
  14. Kenny Tiong Ping Chiet. Biomediated Soil Improvement. (On-Going) (Main Supervisor)
  15. Sayyed Yaghoub Zolfeghari Far. Micro-structural and strength properties of lateritic soil stabilized with waste tyre crumbs. (On-Going) (Main Supervisor)
  16. Osman El Husain Mohamed Idris. Effect of Pile- Soil Interaction using low strain pile integrity test. (On-Going) (Co-Supervisor)