Previously ITUCE was established to provide information technology services to FKA. Presently, ITUCE is a department that offer  IT related subjects for civil engineering students. ITUCE is headed by Information Technology Manager. The organization of ITUCE are devided into four divisions namely :

– ITUCE: Services
– ITUCE: Academics
– ITUCE: Laboratory
– ITUCE: Training
– ITUCE: Resource Centre

with each divison is headed by Deputy IT Manager.

Currently, ITUCE provide maintenance of 500 PC’s, 15 various type of internet and intranet server. The web, mail and intranet services are designed and maintained by ITUCE. We also provide graphics design for the FKA for presentation of various ocassion. We headed several innovative projects such as ITUCE-TV, public-kiosk etc. Since year 2003, FKA Resource Centre has been managed by ITUCE, headed by Deputy IT Manager: Resource Centre.

Beside IT related services in FKA, ITUCE are offering subjects for undergraduate and postgraduate to follow our latest IT roadmap for civil engineers.

At the same time we are also a designer for IT networking security and IT system development.