He graduated in Civil Engineering at University of Leeds, United Kingdom in 1983. He joined the Public Works Department of Malaysia (PWD) as a civil engineer at its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur for a year and later he moved to a remote area at East-West Highway between Jeli, Kelantan and Grik in Perak. He was involved in the reconstruction and maintenance of the highway at a mountainous and difficult terrain in a very heavy rainfall region.

After 3 years with the PWD, he then joined Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and soon went to study highway engineering at masters level at University of Birmingham, UK and completed in 1987. He came back to teach highway engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, UTM. After a few years, he started his PhD programme in the study of bituminous materials at UTM in collaboration with Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) and obtained his PhD in 1994.

His interest and expertise is in pavement, road and highway materials and construction. His main research at the moment is concrete block pavement (CBP). He is looking into the improvement of  concrete blocks and improvement of the pavement. He and his team have fabricated concrete blocks making machines and several pavement loading apparatuses.