Department of Geotechnics & Transportation

Department of Geotechnics and Transportation comprises the areas of geotechnical engineering, transportation and highway engineering. Geotechnical engineering uses principles of soil mechanics and rock mechanics to investigate subsurface conditions and materials.  It is a useful knowledge to evaluate stability of slope, design of earthwork and foundation of structure as well as monitoring site condition and assess risk of failure.

The combination of geotechnical engineering and the transportation sections enable the department to provide a wide range of multi-disciplinary training and services in soil-related and transportation-related problems. Graduates specialize in geotechnics and/ or transportation find careers in the broad range of disciplines that draw heavily on the elements of rock and soil mechanics, highway materials and traffic design, and environmental geotechnics. Transportation is a broad based profession that encompasses infrastructure, transport mode, traffic and control system. It is concerned not only with planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and control of transportation facilities, but also with safety of users. It drives the economy through the provision of safe, economic, efficient, effective and environmentally sustainable delivery of transport services. Transportation draws strength from other allied professions and usually not treated in isolation. Its compatibility with geotechnical engineering is seamless.

Besides 30 academic staff, there are 13 dedicated technical staff involve in assisting academic staff in laboratory sessions or research works for undergraduate and postgraduate students.