Webometrics: UTM at Malaysia Second Highest of July 2017 Ranking | UTM NewsHub

29 July: UTM website ranks the second highest among Malaysian University listed by the Webometrics Ranking Web of Universities July New Edition.– Regarding PRESENCE. Size (number of pages) of the main webdomain of the institution. It includes all the subdomains sharing the webdomain and all the file types including rich files like pdf documents. Weight:5%– Regarding VISIBILITY. Number of external networks (subnets) originating backlinks to the institutions webpages.After normalization, the maximum value between the two sources is selected. Weight: 50%– Regarding OPENNESS. Number of citations from Top authors according to the source Weight: 10%– Regarding EXCELLENCE. Number of papers amongst the top 10% most cited in 26 disciplines. Data for the five year period (2010-2014) New Weight: 35%(source: Webometrics)UTM is currently at the second place at the national level after UM, followed by USM, UPM and UKM

Source: Webometrics: UTM at Malaysia Second Highest of July 2017 Ranking | UTM NewsHub

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