Updated : 23/12/2015

Dr Noor Baharim received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from University of Texas at El Paso. Later he received his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy from Mississippi State University in Computational Environmental Hydraulics and water Resources.

During his study he was appointed as research assistant and visiting research scholar to help develop watershed, hydrodynamic, and water quality models for several rivers and estuaries in the State of Mississippi such as Back Bay of Biloxi, St Louis Bay, Escatawpa River and Big Sunflower River.

Currently, his involvement in several projects with Indah water konsortium sdn Bhd,  Iskandar Investment Bhd, Iskandar Waterfront, Danga Bay Sdn Bhd, Tebrau Teguh sdn bhd and Alam Sekitar Malaysia Sdn Bhd and the support from government grants such as Esciencefund, FRGS, and UTM help him and his students to study and develop watershed, hydrodynamic, and water quality models for Johor Straits. Several agencies have provided support in terms historical data such Department of Environment, Drainage and Irrigation Department, and Department of Survey Malaysia.

The model development will focus on the following scopes:

  1. To investigate the controlling factors of phytoplankton growth in Johor Straits
  2. To investigate the effects of storm events on water age and  residence time in Johor Straits
  3. To investigate the effects of physical biological, and chemical factors on aquatic life (mussels, fish)
  4. To develop a realtime hydrodynamic and salinity model (flood study and fresh water plume)
  5. To develop a realtime water quality quality model